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An outline of how I work with small business clients who are interested in starting, growing, or streamlining their solo business. I see small business success as a result of self-knowledge, which leads to good strategy, plus the use of good tools to reach your audience.

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  • Write Start Small Business Philosophy

    1. 1. + Small Business Philosophy Tabitha Martin
    2. 2. + A successful small business embraces a holistic view of the business owner and how you run your business
    3. 3. + You ARE your business and therefore influence how it works in a BIG way. Holistic => Taking a “big picture” view of a business & its owner as a whole
    4. 4. + Three Areas of Focus As I see it, three main areas need to be taken into account: Inner knowledge of the business owner, the goals of the business, and strategies designed to take that knowledge into account  AKA the “emotional” work of a venture
    5. 5. Success Strategies/ knowledge (emotional) 2 3
    6. 6. + Three Areas of Focus The systems that we develop (based on the knowledge gained in #1) to efficiently accomplish the goals of your business  AKA the “mental” work of a venture
    7. 7. Success Strategies/ knowledge (emotional) Systems (mental) 3
    8. 8. + Three Areas of Focus And then the tools, tactics, and training developed and used to achieve your goals, using the systems and knowledge gained from #1 and #2  AKA the “physical” work of a venture
    9. 9. Success Strategies/ knowledge (emotional) Systems (mental) Tactics & Tools (physical)
    10. 10. + Strategy&Knowledge  Business owners need to know things about themselves, to be able to learn how best to run their business  This information influences the best way to structure the business  This knowledge will also impact who their best target market(s) are, which in turn dictates how best to market to them
    11. 11. + Systems  By systematizing as much of your workflow as possible, you save time on mundane tasks and can focus your energy on business-building work  Self-knowledge is the key to developing and refining optimum work systems: by knowing when, where, and how you work best you can maximize your time and energy
    12. 12. + Tactics&Tools  Because the businesses I work with tend to be bootstrapped lifestyle solopreneurs (like me!), we are always on the lookout for free and low-cost tools that work together easily to accomplish our business goals  I continue to do research and use these tools to help you save time by recommending the best apps and websites I find that do the job—AND teach you how to use them in real, everyday language
    13. 13. + How it happens 1. I help you, the business owner, understand your needs and wants for your business, in order to establish goals 2. We create a business and marketing strategies roadmap 3. Then I help you leverage best-for-you tools to develop effective systems and marketing channels
    14. 14. + Initial consultation: To establish relationship & find out where you are Goals & Strategy: Where do you want to go? Roadmap & Metrics: How do we get there & how do we know we’re there? Implementation: Tools & Training (Walk the dusty road) Evaluation & Next Steps (Are we moving down the road?) What it looks like
    15. 15. + Bottom Line: Helping You Know What You Know  You have all of the knowledge; I can help get it out of your head so you can use it  You know who you are and what you want to do; I help you find the right tools to get there  You know you what you need to do and that you can be more efficient; I help you save time by working smarter
    16. 16. + Nothin’ But a Dream Newbie: Just Getting Started Struggling: Running in Circles Established & Ready to Grow So Where are You?
    17. 17. + @lifeoflanguage Facebook.com/WriteStartCons ulting Tell Me More: WriteStart Consultin g.com