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Etec 110

  1. 1. ETEC 110 Tiffini Travis Email: Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-3pm Room: Library 307
  2. 2. You will learn how to: Identify key definitions and trends in educational technology Use technology tools to help you at CSULB, in the workplace and as a teacher Explore fun technology tools that are ideal for educational use Develop strategies for incorporating technology into the classroom
  3. 3. How the course is structured Earning Points Active participation in class 10 points Homework and Reading 10-15 points Final project 60 points I give extra credit randomly Losing Points Absence -10 points Tardiness -3 points Missing work NO late work accepted
  4. 4. Computing your grade Homework is due by 11am the day of next class Reading is due by 11am the day of next class Final assignment is due by Midnight the day of Final Exam Final on December 12 – come work on your final project
  5. 5. Why Use Technology In The Classroom? Tiffini and Char playing with technology Eliminates boredom, encourages interaction, creativity and most of all FUN
  6. 6. Key Terms: Hyperlink URL Link Embed Share Upload Folder
  7. 7. Logistics: Get a GMAIL email address Tips: create one gmail account to try all technology Create a Account Create a website to play with in class Tips: Your URL should be Etec110LASTNAME
  8. 8. ABOUT ME ABOUT YOU Go onto the internet and find a technology that represents you and tell us WHY Post it to the discussion group “About Me About You”
  9. 9. Technology and YOU Poll Everywhere Google Forms Make a poll using both tools – Ask your students two questions in each survey- post the links in the discussion thread called: 21 Questions
  10. 10. Final Project You will create these pages: 1. Home Page 2. Learners 3. Content Outline & Activities 4. Outcomes & Assessment 5. Reflections 6. Comments by Classmates Final Project Form Use this as a guide for what content should be in each section Sample Site
  11. 11. Homework and Reading Educause 7 Things Articles (3) Word Processing Book (assigned parts) Google Drive Reference Guide Word reference Guide Write a 300 Word Essay about your three 7 things articles- FULL instructions are located in the “Homework” section of course documents