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Communication200 (Social Science)
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Communication200 (Social Science)


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Tiffini Travis Communication Studies
    • 2. Citations: elements of a book, article or website Abstract: Summary of an article Get it @CSULB: links you to the full text of the article Research Databases: The ONLY place you should go for your scholarly articles
    • 3. Scholarly Sources
    • 4. Scholarly publications 10-15 pages long Published in an academic journal Contains words like: data, participants, results, methodology, discussion, further research 20-46 References Written by academics 5 ways to tell it’s a SOCIAL SCIENCE Article
    • 5. Empirical research Theory-based Studies are Conducted Data Gathered Artifact Analysis Metaphor Persuasive Speech Informative Speech
    • 6. Social science research Interpersonal communication Persuasion Intercultural Intercultural Social Media Gender Family Romantic Relationships
    • 7. You are looking at animal behavior It is not examining one of the main areas listed in the previous slide Your topic is psychological, social, or education without discussing communication research areas as variables
    • 8. Narrows a search Both terms appear in same record Terms have different meanings example: internet AND socialization AND OR Broadens a search Either term may appear in record Terms have similar meanings example: (viewing OR watching)
    • 9. “Q” Can look for multiple endings of a word or plurals punk* punk, punks, punker, punk rock, punk music asterisk Proximity Phrase Searching Allows you to specify how close you want your terms to appear in the record online w1 interaction within ONE word “online interaction”
    • 10. connect your variables Parent w1 child communication and mobile Speed dat* and attraction* (jealousy or envy) and relationship* Body w1 image and advertis*
    • 11. Finding
    • 12. 2 Ways to Search Not every search is alike! One Search Databases by Topic: Communication studies The new interface of the library allows you to find information in an expansive search. The databases by topic allow you to find articles in a specific discipline and use more advance terminology Searches for books, articles and reports across many databases USE THIS FOR TOPICS BIBLIOGRAPHY!!!!
    • 13. Type communication in the “journal” search box to eliminate psychology journals Formats your citations in APA style Use subjects to narrow your search Limit by publication type, methodology or age group
    • 14. ALWAYS click on the “Scholarly Peer Reviewed” option Try the “more like this” option Some full text
    • 15. Getting the Article Full Text HTML beachreach
    • 16. If the record isn’t full text Click on Get@CSULB to determine availability
    • 17. Get it @CSULB box pops up
    • 18. If it says… Look at the record and get it!
    • 19. makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!"
    • 20. Citing with EBSCOHOST Click here to get the APA Citation formatted
    • 21. Citing with EBSCOHOST
    • 22. Owl Purdue APA Guide This is the best cite for viewing sample APA paper formats
    • 23. I am still confused…
    • 24. Office Hours: Updated weekly Email: Put the course and your name in the subject line Instant Message: if the chat box says online- ask me a question! !!!