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Communication Studies 130
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Communication Studies 130


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This is a slide presentation for Comm 131 at CSU Long Beach.

This is a slide presentation for Comm 131 at CSU Long Beach.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. To make library research way easier
    • 2. What kinds of information do you need? Where is that information available? What is the easiest way to get it? Who is going to study the topic?
    • 3. Write down terms that relate to your subjectsDetermine vocabulary that may be used in a database
    • 4. Collect data or statistics that support your argument Search for books or articles that have both pro and con argumentsSearch for articles that are all pro or all con
    • 5. Narrows a search Both terms appear in same record Terms have different meanings example: infidelity AND culture AND ORBroadens a search Either term may appear in record Terms have similar meanings example: adultery OR cheating
    • 6. Can look for multiple endings of a word or plurals measure*measure measures asterisk Proximity Phrase Searching Allows you to specify how close you want your terms to appear in the record online w1interaction within ONE word “online interaction”
    • 7. connect your variables Fast Food and Obesity Prop* 47 and “crime rate” (college or university) and employment
    • 8. 2 One Search Databases by Topic or the databases on this course guide
    • 9. Workers Workplace Employees managers Concept A Concept B Aggression Violence Anger management Gun control Mental health
    • 10. Does the source: Help you answer your research question? Meet the requirements of your assignment? Include relevant information for your topic? Give the pro or con of an argument? Provide data or facts?
    • 11. Library terminology Library Terms Library Terminology library terminology Library Cite Now/Cite/Cited by: Look for these words to find the APA/MLA citations Get it at CSULB: Click on link to get full text BeachReach Request an article when it is not full text from Get it at CSULB
    • 12. Click on Get@CSULBto determine availability
    • 13. Takes 48-72 HOURS We deliver it to you via link in your email
    • 14. Web sites Web sites Websites Web sites Websites Websites Web sites Websites WebsitesWeb sites
    • 15. Statistics Statistics Data Statistics Data statistics
    • 16. Books Articles In-text citations Book Chapters Web SitesOWL Purdue Writing Guides This page provides links to a variety of online examples of citing in both MLA and APA styles
    • 17. Get a Library Password