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  • 1. All graphics created usingbitstrips.com app Library Research
  • 2. Library Citations:terminology of a book, article or elements website for reference listLibraryTerms Abstracts:Library Are a summary of an articleTerminology Research Databases:library Contain scholarly, popular, or newspaper articles from vettedterminology sources
  • 3. Start with a Research TopicWhat kinds of information do you need? Identify Keywords and Synonyms
  • 4. Translate your topic into keywords or segmentsWorkplace Violence aggression bullying employee stress worker
  • 5. WorkersConcept A Workplace Employees managers AggressionConcept B Violence Anger management Gun control Mental health
  • 6. Narrows a search Both terms appear in same recordAND Terms have different meanings example: workplace AND mental health Broadens a search Either term may appear in recordOR Terms have similar meanings example: aggression OR violence
  • 7. Can look for multiple endings of a word or pluralsasterisk homeless* homeless, homelessness, homeless people Allows you to specify how close you want your terms to appear in the recordProximity drug w1 abuse
  • 8. For Articles: Database by topic page For Books: COAST (CSULB)Tiffini got all her stuff full text on the computer and Diana had to use books!
  • 9. If the record isn’t full text Click on Get@CSULB to determine availability
  • 10. Get it @CSULB box pops up
  • 11. makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!"
  • 12. Take the stress out of citing sourcesAPA MLAAPA MLAAPA MLAAPA MLA In-text citationsAPA MLAAPA MLA References Footnotes All source typesOWL Purdue Writing GuidesThis page provides links to a variety of onlineexamples of citing in both MLA and APA styles
  • 13. Go to Coast Get a Library PasswordType in your https://coast.library.csulb.edu/patroninfo name, CSULB I.D. #, and a Make it Password of something you your choice will remember! Like your BFF’s name!Confirm Password by typing it twice moreIf the screen shows your name- it worked! If you forgot your password call: 562 985-5512 and get it erased so you can create a new one!
  • 14. Become a Fan of the Library on Facebook! Like Us NOW!
  • 15. Tiffini Travistiffini.travis@csulb.edu