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  • 1. Finding Tests & Measures
  • 2. ConnectorsReview of the databasesFinding Tests
  • 3. Narrows a search Both terms appear in same recordAND Terms have different meanings example: infidelity AND culture Broadens a search Either term may appear in recordOR Terms have similar meanings example: adultery OR cheating
  • 4. Can look for multiple endings of a word or pluralsasterisk measure* measure measures Allows you to specify how close you want your terms to appear in the record ProximityPhrase Searching online w4 interaction “online interaction”
  • 5. Keywords Searches: title, abstract,Default fields subjects and in some cases the full text of the record Subject Searches: only the subjectDescriptor line-This makes your searches more specific and better defined
  • 6. PsycInfo & CMMC Suggested Keywords
  • 7. Search for tests by title or keywordSee the full text of the reviewsOrder information
  • 8. There are usually guidelines and copyright issueswhich prevent the posting of legitimate tests andmeasures on the Internet.You will be able to find a variety of Internet testswhich are not scientific and provided forrecreational usage.
  • 9. Primarily Education related measuresTIM in the title field searches the files available at CSULBDownloadable in the order option field searches for items available electronic (for a FEE)
  • 10. Location: Lower Level (accession number varies)Library has sets: A-Z (1975-2000) This is a set of testspublished by the ETS. This is the ONLY comprehensiveset of tests available in the library.
  • 11. Finding Tests & Measures inTheses and Dissertations
  • 12. Available electronicallyContains the FULL TEXT of some CSULBThesesSome dissertations/theses are requiredto include scales and measures in theappendices
  • 13. Become a Fan of the Library on Facebook!
  • 14. Help METiffini Travis Twitter: @CSULB_Library 9/15/2008 9/16/2008Yahoo/MSN IM: csulb_librarian AOL/GoogleTalk: csulblibrarian