Organization management of medical records departmentpart-2


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Organization management of medical records departmentpart-2

  2. 2. ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT OF MRDMedical record services are to be provided efficiently and effectively attentionmust be directed to organizational structure functions,procedures,staff,spaceequipment supplies, communication and transportation system the important ofeach of the points depending on type of facility. Organizational Structure. How the medical records department relates to the organization as a whole. How the internal activities of the department are organized. Medical record is a technical activity and such the chief of the departmentshould be responsible to the Director of the Institution. The date of processed bythe MRD are useful to Administration, branch of the institution the relationshipmust be maintain between the MRD and Medical staff and other health careprofessional are such that it is advisable that the department will be gripped withthe other technical department. How the MRD itself is organized depend on the members of the MRD staff . Thefunction assigned to the department the location of the officers etc., organizationchart for the both establishment as the whole of the MRD should kept up-to-dateand should available to show staff members how they relate to other employees inthe organization. T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  3. 3. STAFFAs per Medical Council of India Requirement Existing staff in MRD areOne Medical Record Officer.Four MRTsSix Medical record clerks of Junior MRTsOne StatisticianOne Steno typistTwo DaftariesTwo PeonsTotally 17 Members in MRD staffsAccording to Dr.G.D.Mogli Senior MRO & W.H.O Consultant. Need for MRD staffare each 30 beds hospital need for 1 MRT and 2 Asst.MRTAnd 100 beds hospital needs for 1 MRO & 2 MRTs and 10 Asst MRTs T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  4. 4. Staff Staff should be sufficient in quantity and quality to perform the assignedmedical record performance. It is important to maintain continues vigilance toensure that the sum of the tasks assigned does not exceed what one person canaccomplish, training in the correct completion and processing of records andreports should be provided. The qualified MRD staff will vary depending on the functions of thedepartment ie,. Work load , hours of service procedures, equipments, layoutsetc,. A position classification and remuneration scheme which will be help toattract and retain competent staff , should also encouraged. T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  5. 5. SPACE Medical Record Department should be locate in near by OPD. The efficiencywith which the MRD function is greatly influenced by its location within thefacility and by the amount of space it has available. In hospital space and locationassume greatest significance with regard to the file areas as this oftendetermines whether a medical records is possible or not. The amount of filespace needed should be based on the maximum quantity of records that must bemaintained in the file room at any give time. This normally would be volume ofrecords on hand at the end of the year plus the estimated expansion to beaccumulated during the coming year. The maximum quantity of records is a function of the policies, which establishhow long Medical record will be retain. The file area should be free from dangerOf flooding, leaks, or other source of excessive humidity. The construction shouldbe such ie,. Discourage us invasion by insects. Only authorized personnel shouldallowed to access the file, which should be locked when it is attended. T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  6. 6. SPACE REQUIREMENT FOR MRD FOR 500 BEDDED HOSPITAL1. Medical Record officer 14 square meter2. Asst Medical Record Officer 10 square meter3. Medical Record Filing room 200 square meter4. Computer section 14 square meter5. Statistical Section 10 square meter6. Doctors Conference room 20 square meter7. Working area for MRD staff 40 square meter8. Class Room 20 square meter9. New forms storage area 22 square meter10. Rest room for MRD staff 10 square meter Total MRD Space 360 square metersAdmission Officer 15 sq mtrOP registration 50 sq mtrCasuality registration 10 sq mtr T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  7. 7. MRD Equipments Proper and sufficient equipment contributes to the efficiency with which medicalrecord activities are performed. The possibility or impossibility of obtaining equipmentsuch as typewriter or computers will influence form design and the type of staff skillsrequired. The usual chairs, desks, computers, worktables, stationary, filing cabinets,scanning machines or microfilm unit calculators,Almaras,Teleohones,Xerox machines, filing racks for storage of active and inactive records.EQUIPMENTS REQUIRED FOR 500 BEDDED HOSPITAL MRDMovable racksCupboards 5 nosStaff working tables 15Book shelf or glass cupboards-02Computers with Printers- 10 (MRD,OP,IP,Emergency)Ladder-01Notice board-016 digit Numbering Machines-05Xerox machine -01Chairs-30 T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  8. 8. Date Rubber stamps-02Expired Rubber Stamp-01Medico Legal Case Rubber stamp-01Cancelled Rubber stamp-01Duplicate case sheet rubber stamp-01Calculators-02Giant size Staplers-05Wall clocks-02Dust bins-10ICD 10th volume Books-2setsTelephone-01Surgical coding book-01Medical Dictionary-01 T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT OF MRDThe Medical Record officer is Head of the MRD. He will organize, develop,Improve & control over the staff of MRD. The Medical Record services classified into four categories1.OP Registration2. IP Registration3.Emergency(Casualty) registration4.MRD or MRLOP REGISTRATION Patients first meeting place is OPD. Usually OPD is situated in the entrance of the hospital. The medical records first begins with collection of identification information at OPD.There are 2 types of registrations1. New case registration2. Revisit case registration T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  10. 10. Duties and responsibility of OPD staffCollection of accurate patients identification data,Prepare the OP Record.Control the hospital numbers.Supply the OP Record for Concern DepartmentsMaintainance of Patient Alpha indexUses for New and Old registration.Hospital administration planning purpose.Calculate daily New & Old case attendance (monthly yearly sexwise,Service)MCI Inspection purpose.Care review meeting purpose. T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550
  11. 11. Accident and emergency & Casualty servicesThis department function around the clock.Functions of this department.Registration of the casualty/Medico legal cases.Collection of sociological dataPreparation of case sheets. T.Keshavarao Mob.9880569550