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  1. 1. Want more custom?
  2. 2. Last month in the UK over one million people searched the internet for theirnew tyres...where you a listed result?
  3. 3. Why we know how to make sure customers find you:•Your customers use Google to find new tyres and save money. Weare the top listing on Google for tyre related searches meaning weare pretty hard to miss.•We invest thousands of pounds monthly into advertising onGoogle, all so you don’t have too.•Your national competitors spend over 70% of their marketingbudgets on targeting online customers. We give you the chance to compete fairly.
  4. 4. From Online Marketing to OfflineMarketing to Mobile Apps, we investmoney in the right areas so customers can find you with ease.
  5. 5. Online MarketingWith a dedicated team who ensurethe TyreQuote.com brand becomesrecognised nationally we haveimmediate access to online usersacross the UK.We understand and know how totarget the right customers, giving youplenty of quotes!
  6. 6. iPhone AppOur exclusive TyreQuote.com App can bedownloaded for free from any iPhone.Allowing customers to view your garage andquotes on the go from anywhere in the world.Currently rated at 4+ stars, the App containseverything your customer needs to book afitting with you along with advice from our tyreexperts.
  7. 7. Offline MarketingWe work with nationalnewspapers from the Sun tothe Mirror to smaller specialistmagazines.We advertise on national radio,on a regular basis and arebuilding a reputable nationalbrand. Be part of it. Play Advert
  8. 8. How does it work?1.Customers request quote
  9. 9. How does it work?2.You quote the customer
  10. 10. How does it work?3.Quote received by text/email
  11. 11. How does it work?4.Customers book tyres to be fitted
  12. 12. How does it work?5. YOU supply the tyre YOU fit the tyre Customer pays YOU direct You keep all the £££
  13. 13. Work with us Benefits Free Listing Sponsored ListingAccess to control panel to quote ✓ ✓customers liveQuotes sent via email ✓ ✓Accessible on customers control panel ✓ ✓TyreQuote.com telephone number ✓ ✓Access to tyre consumables ✓ ✓Telephone Support ✓ ✓£3-95 payable for every fitting won ✓ ×Landing Page (full SEO, Analytics, × ✓dedicated Google Ad ect)Direct customer requests × ✓Customer feedback × ✓Access to customers full details × ✓Personal network manager × ✓Discounted Tyre Consumables (by 30%) × ✓Online marketing support × ✓
  14. 14. Sponsored listing benefits What it means for youQuote all customers within an 8 mile radius of your depot Quote every customer within your radius as opposed to free listing where members can only quote when selected by a customer.Dedicated landing page submitted to Google Boost your garages SEO and rankings by joining with TyreQuote.comAccess to discounted consumables Save money against your suppliers. Up to 30% discountFull access to our marketing team Free Facebook/Twitter marketing driving customers in your area specifically to you. Share more offers rather than just tyres.Fully interactive control panel to quote from From your own desktop quote customers with no hassleDedicated network manager Giving you the support when you need the most3 months free telephone support with all quotes In the first 3 months we will give you the support when you need it at your requestAll quotes are sent by text or email All quotes sent to your customers direct so they can reply immediately and bookDepot listed on TyreQuote.com and our iPhone App Builds not only your SEO but your reputation too as customers can rate you and your service
  15. 15. So if you want to compete with the Big Boys...
  16. 16. Simply choose... Does the hard work for you