PASRR Release 2


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PASRR Release 2

  1. 1.  CHOW Policy 1. Notify DADS PASRR unit via the PASRR inbox ( that the facility is going through a CHOW. Provide the following information:  Former NF name  Former NF address  Former NF vendor/contract number  New NF name  Date CHOW process was initiated  The number of current residents 2. Maintain a list of all newly admitted residents after the CHOW was initiated. 3. Once TMHP LTC portal access is reinstated the NF must enter a PASRR Level I Screening Form (PL1) for every resident in the NF. 4. Each NF will have 90 days to enter the PL1 for every resident in the facility. Additional PASRR CHOW information DADS PASRR unit will contact the NF going through CHOW weekly to obtain a list of all newly admitted residents after the CHOW was initiated. At the end of 90 days the PASRR unit will verify in the TMHP LTC portal that a PL1 has been entered for every resident, those residing in the NF pre-CHOW and those admitted, post-CHOW.  NF Alerts A new systematic alert is being generated to notify the Nursing Facility when the NF has not indicated whether it is able to serve the individual on the PL1, so action can be taken. This ability to serve the individual is indicated by field D0100N on the PL1. The Nursing Facility must click on the “Able to Serve Individual” or “Unable to Serve Individual” button in the yellow Form Actions bar on the LTC Online Portal in order for this field to be populated. Alerts and the ability to serve the individual are describedin the LTC Nursing Facility/Hospice User Guide available on TMHP website.  MDS rejection If a PL1 has not been submitted prior to the submission of the MDS LTCMI, the LTCMI will not be accepted on the LTC Online Portal. Providers will have the ability to save the LTCMI as a draft and attempt resubmission once the PL1 is submitted on the LTC Online Portal.  MN on PE The PE will be used to determine MN for PASRR positive individuals; the initial MDS assessment will inherit the medical necessity determination from the PE. The MDS LTCMI will be rejected waiting for the MN determination on the PE.  IDT and certification NFs must take 2 final steps to complete the PASRR admission process:  Certify the ability to meet the individual’s needs by answering 2 questions in Section D of the PL1  D0100N. NF is willingand able to serve individual
  2. 2.  D0100O. NF Admitted the individual (only the admitting NF should complete this field)  Invite the LA to participate in the care planning meeting (IDT) Once the NF has certified their ability to meet the individual’s needs, the NF must invite the LA to the first comprehensive care plan meeting for the newly admitted PASRR positive individual. The LA must be contacted by the NF and informed of the date and time of the meeting. The LA can participate in this meeting via telephone and do not need to be physically present to participate. The LA must participate in the first comprehensive care plan meeting for all newly admitted PASRR positive individuals regardless of service array. The LA specialized services should be included in the NF’s comprehensive care plan. All finalized specialized services must be initiated for deliverywithin 30 days after the specialized services are identified in the comprehensive care plan.