ATX23 - "Why in heaven’s name am I doing what I am doing?"


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  • ATX23 - "Why in heaven’s name am I doing what I am doing?"

    1. 1. Successful Leaders Stand Out
    2. 2. Peg Tobin Tobin & Associates, Inc. 8233 Howe Industrial Parkway Canal Winchester, Ohio 43147
    3. 3. The depth of the roots will depend on the strength of the plant and the soil in which it is placed The history of Long Term Care has taught us that in spite of hardship survival is possible! For those of us involved in the Long Term Care Industry, our call remains the same as those that came before us …to carry on the legacy of care for those who cannot do for themselves
    4. 4. Knowing your ‘Why’ in life, will ignite Your ‘Passion’!
    5. 5. # 1 To figure out your ‘Why’ you need to know You
    6. 6. Let’s take a moment and get to know you better…
    7. 7. Now ask yourself O What did you like to do when you were a child? O What activities did you like to partake in when you were in high school? O What is your favorite activity now as an adult? _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ ___
    8. 8. Your Why 1. Was completely formed by the time you were in your teens. 2. Does not change. 3. Is what ignites your passion. _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ ___
    9. 9. Now that you know who you are, say hello to your self!
    10. 10. Scenario O You have a new associate call off in the second week. You take the call and you tell them you understand and that is the end of your conversation. O Next day the associate comes in. They do not mention their call off and neither do you. O The next week this associate calls off again. Again you want to appear that you are sympathetic and do not challenge this associate. Next day, again nothing is said.
    11. 11. O This associate calls off for their weekend. You tell the associate the two of you need to talk. They become irritated on the phone and state ‘you just do not understand’ and they hang up. O On Monday, you meet with this associate. You bring up the rules related to call offs. Their arms are crossed in front of them, they start to tell you how bad things are in their life and they do not always have a way to work and then there are times they do not have someone to help with the children, etc. O They challenge you by saying to you that you did not mention anything before, why are you bringing it up now? They accuse you of not understanding and helping them so they can be successful.
    12. 12. How do you handle this situation? Questions to ponder: O Why did you not say anything with the first call off? O Why did you wait until their third call off? O By waiting, what message did you give to the other team members? O Did you offer to help the staff member with their issues? _______________ _______________ _______________ ______ _______________ _______________ ____ _______________ _______________ ____ _______________ _______________ _______________
    13. 13. Scenario O You have a staff member that is very organized and analytic. Their work does get accomplished and it is done very well. However, the process is slow and budget is not being met because they cannot produce quickly. You need this staff member to speed up, how do you approach them? O _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _____
    14. 14. You steer the trip, so the trip only stops when you say so… Obstacles are just strengthening tools.
    15. 15. Speaking of tools, here are ten that will assist you in being an ‘Effective’ Leader
    16. 16. Number 1 Duct Tape… God gave us two ears and one mouth
    17. 17. Number #2 Clock Time is energy, schedule your time wisely or the ‘gotta minutes’ will eat you alive!
    18. 18. Number #3 Scale and a saw Stay balanced and stay refreshed! One’s view becomes blurred when one gets tired. Take breaks and sharpen your saw!
    19. 19. Number #4 Butterfly Net Dare to run after your dreams, catch them and then dream again
    20. 20. Number #5 Shoes in many styles Walk a mile in their shoes Before you judge me..
    21. 21. Number #6 A jar of honey! Make your words sweet just in case you have to eat them later
    22. 22. Number #7 Pair of Crutches For the times you put both feet in your mouth and you do not have a ‘leg’ to stand on!
    23. 23. Number # 8 A slice of humble pie To help you never forget it takes a team to succeed and ‘pride cometh before a fall’.
    24. 24. Number 9 Liquid eye drops To keep your vision clear Keep your vision so real you can taste it, smell it and touch it.
    25. 25. The next tool is the most important one.. Please do not lose it!
    26. 26. Number 10 Moral Compass
    27. 27. Extra tip…. Stack of Thank You cards You can never say thank you enough times…
    28. 28. Thank You Again for being Caring Professionals.