Synergy of cp and mediation


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Synergy of cp and mediation

  1. 1. COLLABORATIVE LAW – MEDIATION SYNERGY INITIAL PHONE CALL COLLABORATIVE LAW MEDIATION First Client Consultation First Mediation Consultation Convening Individual Private Planning Sessions Working Sessions Working Sessions 1. Agreement Readiness 1. Agreement Readiness 2. Smoothing Bumps 2. Smoothing Bumps 3. Late Stage Strategies 3. Late Stage Strategies 4. Drafting Closing Ceremony 4. Drafting Closing Ceremony 5. Termination 5. Termination LITIGATION or MEDIATION COLLABORATIVE LAW or LITIGATION Throughout Mediation – Collaborative Professionals Available Throughout Collaborative Law – Mediators and Neutrals AvailableForest S. Mosten © 2010
  2. 2. Mosten Mediation and Collaborative Training 11661 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 414, Los Angeles, CA 90049 Phone: 310-441-1454 Fax: 310-470-2625 www.mostenmediation.comSynergy of Collaborative Practice and Mediation Many of the most evolved Collaborative PracticeGroups require their members to complete a minimum of40 hours of Mediation Training. More and more mediatorsare obtaining Collaborative Training to serve as clientrepresentatives and neutrals within the CollaborativeProcess. In addition to the importance of learning basicconflict resolution skills and be introduced to a developedbody of literature to supplement conflict resolution books,articles, and training materials, through mediationtraining, you can gain perspectives and tools to combineMediation within the Collaborative Process and to useyour Collaborative training to provide services tomediation parties. Using the Synergy Flow Chart as well as the SevenWays that Collaborative Law and Mediation Intersect,attempt to answer the following questions about yourknowledge and use of mediation in your CollaborativeWork. 1. Do you have a set of talking points that you use to describe your preferred model of Collaborative Law to clients on your website, in phone calls, in a Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  3. 3. marketing packet, and in your first client consultation? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ________________________________________ 2. How do use express your talking points that describe Collaborative Law a. On Your Website____________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ b1. In the First Telephone Client With a Prospective Client if you conduct these phone calls yourself?___________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __ b2. If you employ a Secretary or Assistant to handle initial telephone calls,how do the talking points differ from how you handle your first telephone call? How do you train your Secretary/Assistant to handle initial client telephone calls?______________________________________ __________________________________________Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  4. 4. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ _ 3. What are the benefits of Collaborative Law that youdiscuss with yourclients?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. What are the risks of Collaborative Law that youdiscuss with yourclients?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Do you describe mediation as another favored non-court processes that is available to resolve their concernsinstead of or in conjunction with Collaborative Law? If so,what are your talking points to describe the benefits andrisks of mediation and how it compares to CollaborativeLaw in respect to control, cost, speed, impact on spousaland other adult relationships, and on thechildren?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. Do you have a standard protocol for screening clientsfor Collaborative Law? If you also offer mediationservices, how do does your screening for CollaborativeLaw differ from your screening for mediation? What areyour talking points/questions for 5 criteria that you useto screen clients as to whether Collaborative Law or Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  5. 5. Mediation is most appropriatethem?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________8.Do you have talking points to describe the 4 mostimportant provisions of your standard Collaborative LawParticipation Agreement? If so, please set them out. Howdo you describe the differences of these provisions withthe mediationprocess?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9. Do you have talking points to describe to your client atleast two ways of encouraging the other party toparticipate in your preferred model of Collaborative Law?What talking points do you have to help your clientdecide if encouraging the other party to participate inmediation would be more or less favorably received andmore or less lead to a satisfactory outcome for thefamily?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________10. Doyou have talking points and protocol to estimate yourfees for Collaborative Law. If so,please set them out andalso how you compare this estimate with an estimate of Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  6. 6. fees formediation?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________11. Assuming that your client opts for Collaborative Law,what is your protocol for determining whether it wouldhelp the process and be cost effective to engage amediator at the beginning of the Collaborative Process:Before the first joint Collaborative Session, at the firstjoint Collaborative Session, or prior to the second jointCollaborative Session?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12. Assuming that your client opts for Collaborative Law,what is your protocol for monitoring the processdetermining whether it would help the process and becost effective to engage a mediator during theCollaborative Process?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________13. Assuming that your client opts for Collaborative Law,what is your protocol for determining whether it wouldhelp the process and be cost effective to engage a Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  7. 7. mediator if one party or attorney terminates theCollaborative Process?14. Assuming that your client opts for mediation, what isyour protocol for determining whether it would help themediation process for you to serve as an unbundledcoach outside of mediation sessions? What services doyou perform in this role?15. Assuming that your client opts for mediation, what isyour protocol for determining whether it would help themediation process for you to serve as an unbundledadvisor/representative/resource in the mediationsessions? What services do you perform in this role?16. If you also serve as a neutral mediator in somematters, if the parties start mediation unrepresented, doyou have a protocol for recommending counsel to beused by the parties throughout the mediation process? Ifso, how do you recommend the use of Collaborativecounsel and other professionals in general, or use ofmembers of your own practice group in particular?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  8. 8. 17. If you also serve as a neutral mediator in somematters, what is your protocol for meeting with bothparties before a decision has been made to opt forCollaborative Law or mediation? If the parties opt forCollaborative Law after such joint meeting, what protocoldo you use to determine which party will engage you as aCollaborative Professional and how the other party willselect his/her Collaborative Professional? Will anothermember of your practice group from a differentprofession attend that meeting---if so, with or withoutprior knowledge and consent of the parties?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________18. How do your Participation Agreement, AttorneyEngagement Agreement, and Mediation EngagementAgreement handle the previous questions?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________19 How does your website, brochure, and othermarketing materials handle the previous questions?____________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012
  9. 9. ____________________________________________________________________________________________20. How do you train your Secretary/Assistant and othermembers of your office covered in the previousquestions?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright Forrest S. Mosten, 2012