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June newsletter twda-june2012


This month TWDA revamped its newsletter in terms of content, layout and even design, so here is a look at the 16th issue which is discussing fashion players and their performance in the digital world! …

This month TWDA revamped its newsletter in terms of content, layout and even design, so here is a look at the 16th issue which is discussing fashion players and their performance in the digital world! Hope you enjoy it and please tell us what do you think

Published in Technology , Lifestyle , Business
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  • 1. “Our work is not only business, its life time commitment” Fashion Industry Embraces The Digital World June 2012Issue No.16| June 2012 In This Issue Nas Trends Revels their secrets of success Nadine Sabry & The Fashion Show Scores Big in Digital Ads Stories about top fashion bloggers, key players and more! @TWDigitalAds /TWDigitalads
  • 2. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Table of Contents June 2012 Issue No. 16PG 2 PG 3 PG 4 Editorial Case Study Market News Newsletter Revamp Trendyol vs. Marka VIP What’s new in digitalPG 5-6 PG 7 PG 8-13Industry News Industry Trends View From What’s new in fashion How people innovate The Top Top players local & GlobalPG 14 PG 15 PG 16-18 Spot On Spot On TWDA Inspires Fashion 2.0 Awards Kerastase Social Events Inspirare & NAS Trends interviewPG 19-21 PG 22-24 PG 25-26 TWDA Zoom How To & Viral Digital Viral videos & Tips What’s interesting Campaigns Analysis, top ads & More PG 27-28 Fun Section www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 3. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds Issue No.16 |TWDA| Social Media & Content Department Demet Mutlu Owner of Trendyol and her great success Editorial Nadine Sabry & The Fashion Show Scores Big in Digital Ads TWDA BIG COME BACK WITH THE NEWSLETTER REVAMPWe have always worked on developing ourselves, our work and ourcountry, and as we always evolve we bring you today a new revampedversion of TWDA newsletter, full of great stories, news and factsFashion Industry Embracing the Digital WorldDuring our creative sessions at TWDA we peek to some of our secrets of social mediahave decided to change the whole scope of success in the digital world. To make ourthe newsletter in terms of content type, issue more interesting will be providingquality and design, Starting this issue we you with all the top trends and applicationswill have our newsletter featuring indus- in the field of fashion, and how big brandstries, that are big, small or growing on the are innovating and getting use of socialdigital sphere. We will be presenting all the communication.industry facts, stories, news, success sto- Do you know that the fashion industry isries, and how we do business with that one of the biggest users of Facebook apps?industry. Know more about that while reading ourThis month we chose a very interesting and newsletter.tremendously growing industry in the digi- Find exclusive pictures from L’Oreal Pro-tal world, and that would be the fashion fessional Fusio Dose launch events inindustry. In this issue you will find top Egypt, and get all updates about the brandnews from the fashion industry, global and and its products.local, also and exclusive interview with At TWDA we value fun! That’s why weNAS Trends, Egypt’s First trendy fashion will leave you with a fun game to figure outcreators. Case review about Feb 2012 Fash- from which fashion era are you!.ion 2.0 awards, rewarding top global fash- Hope you find our newsletter insightful andion players in the digital sphere. resourceful and we are looking forward forWe also bring you an interesting and inspir- all your comments and feedback on ouring case study about Turkish top Fashion official FB page and Twitter accountwebsite Trendyol with Middle East top /TwDigitalAdsFashion website MARKA VIP. @TwDigitalAdsIn this issue we will be giving you a sneak MARKET WATCH We never fail to please our customers and keep a close eye on the market, that’s why we will be tackling new industry each month,. From travel, tourism, FMCG, Health, E-Commerce, appliances, banking and more. You can also vote on which industry you want next through our social networks . Also to keep our readers pleased we will provide you with some other global and local news from the digital world. 2 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 4. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Trendyol vs. Marka VIP, Online Fashion E-Commerce and C ASE Social Media Success S TUDY Digital Success Trendyol Portal Success MARKAVIP Portal Success Both Demet & Ah- med announced in the past WAMDADemet Mutlu, the 30-year-old founder CoE event in Am- Founded by Jordan entrepreneurs Ahmed Alkhatiband CEO of Trendyol which means a (CEO) and Amer Abulaila (CTO) back in November man that they are“Trendy Person” in Turkish is a fashion 2010, MarkaVIP, an ecommerce company that op- both expandingwebsite that is breaking boundaries inTurkey in more ways than one. Trendyol erates an eponymous private sales club in the Mid- each others Mar- dle East,like many business models like Vente ket. Soon in 2012-Privee Trendyol is increasingly familiarmodel of flash sales: customers sign up to MarkaVIP has doubled its monthly transactions in 2013 Trendyol will the third quarter of the year and attracted a recordget access to sales where the latest fash- number of new members. The result, which follows be competing inions are available at heavily discountedprices. aggressive regional expansion during 2011, has MENA whileThe difference lies in it’s a highly social surpassed all growth targets for the company, sig- MARKAVIP will be naling conviction in the MarkaVIP model and thebusiness with a focus on customer service increasing consumer demand for home grown e- competing in Tur-— which it achieves mainly through beingdeeply embedded in conversations with commerce offerings. key The site now operates in eight countries across theusers and trying to be as reactive as possi- Middle East, and, says Mr. Alkhatib, is doing someble to their needs and desires. For exam- $320,000 a day.ple, the company uses its Facebook page Today, the site has 750,000 members and more(which has 1M fans) as a customer service than 400,000 fans on Facebook.tool; they’ve built a full end-to-end shop- Also following the business models of Venteping service that means users can browse Privee in Europe and, later, Gilt in the USand order goods without ever leaving thesocial network. Social Media Success Trendyol has a higher rank on social media, they are utilizing all the social media assets so they would be the most sociable fashion network not only among competitors but among all brands in the digital sphere. Unlike MARKA VIP which are only focusing their social media efforts on facebook, Trendyol is utilizing , Twtitter with 28 K fans, and an average daily in- crease of 73 fans per day and tripling their fans from 5 K in early 2011 to 15K in 2 months. Knowing the value of video content Trendyol have a very active Youtube channel with over 600K views since their start in late 2010. Trendyol is also focusing their effort highly on their blog by providing their fans with tips and tricks and how to’s of fashion and style and all the news and updates in the fashion world. Their blog has a a global rank of 2, 893 and local rank in Turkey of 37 and average of 3K daily views. As being leaders and up to date in fashion they are still on the top of Social Media trends by utilizing new social networks like Pinterest with over 3K followers. In early 2012 Trendyol created an iphone app that brings their web portal into their mobile. Measuring both facebook pages Trendyol has 1M fans and they doubled their growth in less than 6 months. Trendyol also created a Facebook shop that lets fans shop directly from their social network While Marka VIP has 400K fans and they tripled their fans in les than 5 months 3 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 5. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Twitmail & Future of Middle East Promoted Tweets to be Rolled in 50 M ARKET Tech more countries W ATCH Top News in Digital More News Ipsos, an international mar-Ever wanted to post a hilarious email thread Twitter is planning to introduce its advertis- ket research firm, has re-or those pictures from a group mes- ing products to nearly 50 more countries as it leased first quarter adver-sage? Twitmail now lets users share email seeks additional revenue outside of the U.S., tising statistics. After ob-content with their Twitter followers by up- Twitter executives announced at a festival in serving all Middle Easternloading an email URL which generates a sep- Cannes, France. countries, including Panarate link to the message. Twitter’s Promoted ads suite — which in- Arab states, the firm found cludes Promoted Tweets, Promoted that total advertising spendTwitmail has become popular throughout the Trendsand Promoted Accounts — will roll out totaled more than $4bn.Middle East since its 2010 launch, with 95% in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, According to Ipsos findings,of its users hailing from the Arab world. The- Germany, France and the Netherlands later the biggest spenders in-se users share 800-1,000 emails every day, this year. Promoted ads are currently only clude Egypt, the UAE, andgenerating 1.8 million unique visitors per available to marketers in the U.S., UK and Ja- Saudi Arabia.month. As Al-Zaid explains, Twitmail has a pan. Twitter is expected to bring in $259.9particular audience in the Middle East be- million in ad revenue this year, according tocause of the large number of people swap- eMarketer. Currently, 90% of ad revenue Performance keeps gettingping humorous emails with their friends. come from U.S. companies.. better and better when it John Antoniades Appointed CEO of SMG comes to online video adver- Microsoft Buys Yammer MENA Dubai tising. According to a re- cent VideoHub report, 88% of all online video ads streamed in the first quarter were fully visible to viewers, much stronger than statistics have indicated for static display ads. Of the 3.5 billion video streams analysed, 7% were partially obstructed, while Microsoft is buying the business and com- Global media agency network Starcom viewers never saw the re-pany private social network player Yammer, MediaVest Group (SMG) announced the maining 5%.for $1.2 billion in cash. elevation of John Antoniades to Chief Ex- ecutive Officer of SMG, Middle East andYammer most likely breathes some new lifeinto Microsoft’s business software line. Ideal- North Africa (MENA).ly everything Microsoft sells becomes more Facebook has introduced asocial and less static. Steve Ballmer was im- In his new role effective September 1, new editing feature that al-pressed with Yammer’s innovative business 2012, Antoniades will focus on growing lows users to go back andmodel, whereby the company gives away its SMG MENA organically and extending mar- correct comments they havesoftware free, and gets a some portion of its ket leadership in the region through new typed. "This is particularlytrial customers to pay up for bells and whis- business opportunities while driving the useful if youve made a typotles. reputation and product leadership region- within your comment but ally and on a global stage. already received some likes," 4 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 6. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentFacebook Focuses on Fashion With Nordstrom in Fashion with Social I NDUSTRY Open Graph Media, Mobile Tech N EWS Keeping you up to date Interesting FactFacebook will start sharing new stats from apps Selected by U.S. News as one of Americas Mostsuch as Lyst, Pose, Fab, Giantnerd and Fashiolista Connected Companies for its use of technology toIt’s no secret the fashion world is fast adopting expand shopping options, Nordstrom has been Researchers sayFacebook’s Open Graph — and there are num-bers to prove it. aggressive about snapping up promising Internet that they can ventures to diversify its business and experiment with new retail platforms determine 90 per-Since the social media platform succeeded sharing cent of a person’sstats of music, video and lifestyle apps, The very classy Nordstrom fashion apparel chainFacebook decided last June the 5th to start shar- “founded in 1901” wins plaudits for using cutting- personality froming stats of fashion apps such as Pose, Fab, Fashi- edge 21st century technology. their footwearolista and Lyst! Lists for companies in the com- For improving their customer engagement at itsmerce space have stated that the fashion sector is 227 department and discount stores in 31 states,one of the fastest growing between Facebook Nordstrom have got 6,000 Apple modified iTouchapps users. devices to sales staff that can change much in the purchasing process, with an app called "mobileGrowth has also been great for almost 100 retail checkout," Sales personnel also use iPads to helppartners like Levi’s and American Eagle customers with the selection of everything from wedding wardrobes to cosmetics to business suits. Fashion Brands Ramping Up Facebook Presence Fashion to Embrace Social GamingThe Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday thatGM will end its $10 million ad spend with thesocial-networking site after finding it had littleimpact on consumers’ car purchases. But for anumber of reasons, don’t expect advertisers inthe fashion business to follow suit. Interactive gaming is shaping up to be fashion’s next frontier in the digital space after companies broadened their Web sites with editorial content, then mobile com- Fashion Brands lately have been advertising on merce and social commerce.Facebook than print because it’s much cheaper,they spend like almost $40,000 to advertise on the Interactive gaming is shaping up to be fashion’s next frontier in the digital spacesite, to test the waters. since games such as Farmville and The Sims Social have attracted mass audiences thatEven fashion Web sites has been kind of slow to climb into the tens of millions of players — with the former currently boasting moreadvertise on, for example Gilt Group only startedadvertising with Facebook 45 days ago. than 38 million “likes” on Facebook (the latter has 15 million).Marketing experts stated that they’re using Face- and It’s estimated that there will be 74 million social gamers by 2013, and 53 percentbook as a tool to find new users and target ex- of social gamers are women not 12 years old kids which makes sense for making fash-isting customers for special promotions and brand ion games that supports ads or online purchasing.events. The ad spend is ramping up quickly there. 5 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 7. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Pinterest Drives More Sales Than Marriage of Fashion & Social Media I NDUSTRY Facebook for Fashion Industries N EWS Keeping you up to date Interesting Fact Pinterest drives more sales and more new The third get-together of Asias fashion elites customers than Facebook, according to a aimed to be more digitally and fashionably savvy study of social media traffic .The jewelry and than before. This year the fashion industry - a sec- accessories retailer compared engagement tor that injects about S$6.4 billion (160 billion 43.2 minutes = statistics from Facebook and Pinterest visi- baht) a year into the countrys economy - has evolved from traditional designing and retailing to the amount of tors to see how their behavior differed. focus more on value-adding activities that exist time we spend largely in the digital world. The jewelry retailer Pinterest has found out that its users spend more than twice as much shopping daily as Facebook users, and the site itself has The Audi Fashion Festival welcomed more bloggers much more new customers and online media than any time before. A week of "86% of visits from Pinterest are new to Botic- high-octane fashion returned to Singapore, and this ca compared to 57% from Facebook." year even without a proper theme as everything As their CEO thinks that on Facebook, people seemed to be about the euphoric marriage of fash- are primarily looking to socialize with friends ion and technology. and consume video and photo content not as Thinking that engaging consumers online is a must- much as purchasing. do for any fashion brand as this changes the whole thing of understanding and responding to consumers immediately Fairchild Fashion Media Acquires Nadine Sabry & The Fashion Show Scores Big in Digital Ads Blogger NetworkFairchild Fashion Media has acquired FashionNetworks International, best known for Now-Manifest, a curated blog portal with 1.2 millionunique visitors a month that showcases some ofthe biggest names in the fashion blogosphere.Fairchild Fashion Media (FFM), a unit of CondeNast that owns a number of publications includ- Nadine Sabry has the highest conversion on digital ads among all Di Salata’s shows, ining WWD, Style.com, andStyle.com/Print, is less than a month. With an average CTR and over ten clicks, as it recorded an averagegetting into the personal style blogging business. CTR of 1.18% and 391 clicks.Gina Sanders, president and chief executiveofficer of FFM, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Nadine Sabry, top fashion blogger in Egypt released her own Fashion Video named “TheChristian Remröd and Fashion Networks Interna- Fashion Show” in DiSalata.com network for new content.tional to Fairchild Fashion Media. This acquisition Fashion show is becoming big in the region and now and it’s an extension for her veryfurthers our mission to deliver an insider per- interesting blog fashion threadsspective to the global fashion community, whileoffering exciting new functionality and meaning-ful scale.” 6 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 8. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Center Buzz | The WOM Effect I NDUSTRY T RENDS Than comes the Be Spoke Social Media How People Services, which help brands improve cus- Innovate tomer experience and generating new interaction and engagement and thus increasing loyalty. Center Buzz proves what WOM can do specially If it was online. Cloth. Outfit App Center Buzz is the first world of mouth The iPhone app Cloth added a new up- social media channel for retails and shop- date that integrates local weather data ping centers. into its memory and chooses the best outfit that you have that matches the weather. All users have to do is snap Idea is pretty Simple they have few differ- self-portraits of their favorite looks, ent services the: Retail Buzz which feeds share the outfits on social networks, all the top offers and news, and promo- and the app attaches a temperature tions to your facebook and twitter pages stamp to the photo. Fashionista Augmented Reality App Tobi.com launched Fashionista, an Augmented Reality tool that facilitates the online pur- chasing process by allowing shoppers to try on clothes from the comfort of their home. This application was launched on 2009, now they are trying to launch on a different scope. All you have to do is select the item try it on you and if you like it you can add it to your cart and share it with your friends. Watch the video to know more about it: Fashion Designer Game on Facebook Facebook top game Fashion Designer with over 1 M players per months gives gaming a new taste on facebook by providing inside ads during the game play. Not only is the game interesting and fun by letting players design dresses based on customer requests. It Also display inside ads in the game, customers come in and go to your design studio and during their stay an ad appears. If you checked the picture you will see a Samsung logo above the lady in red dress. Not only that but if you clicked on the lady you can like the Facebook page, without having to leave the game webpage. Fashion designer game is one of the first Facebook games the provide decent and convenient app for game players7 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 9. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentFive fashion brands boosting traffic with Facebook app V IEW F ROM T HE T OPFacebook has released stats to show that its platform is just as popular with Top Players“shopaholics and fashionistas.”five examples of fashion brands that have in- Local & Globalcreased traffic and mobile installs through the use of Open Graph apps. Daily design app Fab Style app Pose has seen a tenfold increase in daily has increased membership signups for their mobile app and website since from 1.8 million to over 4.5 launching with Open Graph. 40 million poses are million since launching with viewed per month, up from less than 10 mil- Open Graph in January. Addi- lion prior to Open Graph launch. tionally, 20 – 40% of traffic is from Facebook on a daily ba- sis. London-based social shopping site Lyst saw their user base dou- ble and traffic more than dou- ble since launching Open Graph. The outdoor goods retailer inte- People coming from Facebook to The European style inspiration company saw a 200% grated with Open Graph and has Lyst spend 50% more time on the increase in traffic from Facebook after the first seen traffic from Facebook in- site than other users, and more month of using Open Graph. This increased to al- crease 214%. Giantnerd has also sales come through Facebook found that new users signing up most 300% over the following months. Recent- than all other social media from Facebook has increased ly, almost a third of total daily new registers have sources combined. 69%, and Facebook-connected been coming from Open Graph. users have an 18% higher aver- age order value than the site average. 8 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 10. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentEarly Adaptors in the Social Media World V IEW F ROM T HE T OP Top Players Local & Global Levi’s was one of the first major companies to embrace Instagram, using it to share ”products that will Marc Jacobs has done an be released in [its] forth- impressive job integrating its coming collection, as well brand into the traditional as images that represent the social media sites, but the brand’s personality high fashion brand really shines when it comes to its work with Foursquare “there are only three [high] fashion brands on Face- book that have passed the 8 million “likes” mile- stone: Burberry, Gucci and Dior, with 12 million, 8.5 mil- lion and 8 million fans, re- spectively.” Net-a-Porter, one of the UK’s top fashion websites selling luxury fashion brands, has proved to be one of the more creative fashion retail- ers on Facebook, maintain- ing a fun and playful style.9 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 11. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Top Fashion Players in Egypt V IEW F ROM T HE T OP Top Players Of all players in the fashion world H&M is the top player in Social Media Worldwide, with over 30 Twitter accounts and Facebook pages all over the world! With more than Local & Global 11 M million fans in their international page and 1M twitter followers, H&M is on of biggest page and twitter account in Egypt after Zara. Over 7 K Fans on Facebook and 6 K followers on twitter. Yet their interaction on Facebook is so low and lacks strategy, and they have an ok performance on twitter Zara has the biggest page worldwide with 13 K fans and its ranked 23rd worldwide among all brand pages Victoria Secret with 18 M fans is the most interac- tive page world wide and Zara has the best interaction and largest number of fans on Facebook in Egypt its ranked 8th worldwide with 34 K fans and an approximate of 56% of weekly interaction in terms of interaction 20K Fans 28K Fans 2K Fans 25% Interaction 9.2% Interaction 6% Interaction 1K Fans 4K Fans 8K Fans 1% Interaction 7.6% Interaction 10% Interaction10 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 12. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Global Brands Digital IQ | Graphs & Stats V IEW F ROM T HE T OP Top Players Local & Global Rankings are based on 35% Site 25% Social Media 25% Digital Marketing 15% Mobile11 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 13. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Global Brands Digital IQ | Graphs & Stats V IEW F ROM T HE T OP Top Players Local & Global Brands Social Media Integration12 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 14. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department F-Commerce Brands V IEW F ROM T HE T OP Experimentation with Facebook commerce (F- commerce) is still nascent in Fashion. Although Top Players more than 80 percent of the brands are e- Local & Global commerce enabled, just three offer partial F-commerce with checkout on the brand site. Furthermore, only 24 percent of brands link to specific products through wall posts or custom tabs. No brand is hosting commerce entirely con- tained within the Facebook platform. Tory Burch’s Facebook store provides a fan- exclusive shopping experience, where users can browse a wide selection of inventory, add prod- ucts to their shopping cart, and complete the transaction on the designer’s web page. Dian von Furstenberg extends her limited-edition wrap-of- the-month program by offering a Facebook- exclusive dress available only to fans. Longchamp’s Le Pliage® application allows fans in nearly 20countries to customize their own bag on Facebook. Brand, Coach was one of the first to partner with bloggers to design, style and blog about new product and to have them appear in its ad campaigns. To date, the brand has launched nine blogger-centric programs— the first of which occurred in November and December 2009, when 30 bloggers partici- pated in holiday-themed posts13 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 15. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department 3rd Annual Fashion 2.0 Awards S POT O N ! Inustry TopEarly 2012, exactly on February 8th, the3rd and most exciting Fashion 2.0 Awards Best Mobile A pp Best Mobile App: Eventstook place in New York. Fashion 2.0 goes to tiffany and co,Awards, aims to award the top Social & engagement ring finderDigital media players in the digital sphere, eo Best Viral Vidduring the past year. Goes to Prada Sum- mer Video CampaignThis year there where over 450 industry with total views of 380,032 and 1,000+notables from both the fashion and tech likessector, competing against each other ramong 8 different awards. With know fur- Top Innovato goes to Kate Spade,ther introduction, lets take a look on the for most interactivebest and most successful social mediators and helpful web appin the fashion world. Best Twitter g with the most inter- Next Big Thin The Next Big Thing active tweets and in Fashion: Goes to In-high customer interaction goes to @DKNY stgram for being a hub for designers,with a total number of 405,108 followers events and products with the best com- ok petitions, Facebook Best Facebo During the event people could vote and magazines, and most in- follow updates through Live Stream or theteractive tabs, goes to Bergdorf Goodman #Fashion20 Hashtag on twitter, which hadwith a total of 158,206 likes a reach of 45% and over 2,263 tweets with an average of 15 tweets per day, yet Best Blog also and without reaching a level of 1,545 tweets during the any doubt goes to event.DKNY with their blog DKNY PR Girl with aglobal rank of 362,975 and US rank of191,799 and over 50 readers per day.DKNY blog dominates by great design andhigh value content , that keeps audienceengaged and craving for more. Best Website without any compe-tition goes to Marc Jacobs, for best design,user friendliness and updates 14 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 16. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentKerastase Fusio Dose Launch in Top Salons S POT O N ! Inustry Top Events Events took place in Kriss Salon, La Coupe, Royal Diva, and many other top Local Salons. Ladies where invited to have their own Fusio Dose treatment leaving Exclusive Tip their hair as glamorous as possible. From live tweeting to photos, and high online publicity Kerastase managed to gather fans in their very first events, and You should start in- still waiting for their actual launch of their online assets for further success. cluding Pinterest intoKerastase one of the fanciest hair prod- your online strategy,ucts for L’Oreal Professional , Launched it doesnt only in-their new product Fusio Dose Last crease traffic to yourmonths in top salons. The launching was website and sociala series of social events with the society assets, it also work intop elites. increasing your sales!Those events where organized by one ofthe top PR agencies in Egypt, and theywhere covered online by TWDA. Make sure you visit Kerastase Official Egypt Fan Page and twitter account and wait for more surprises, The Kerastase team promised to launch a new application soon, that will allow all ladies to have a chance and win a free Fusio Dose treatment. Fb.com/KerastaseEgypt @KerastaseEgypt 15 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 17. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department The Inspiration Behind INSPIRARE TWDA Inspirare.com is a wonderful fashion site with social networking roots. Launched in I NSPIRESresponse to the lack of exposure for emerging design talent, Inspirare gives hopefuls Inspiringthe opportunity to get funded, thrive, and focus on the creative side of business. InterviewsThis is an interview snippets with Kate Blank, Inspirare Fashion Director, and here iswhat she had to say about fashion and socialHow Social Media Has Changed the Fashion Industry?Social media has changed how a brand and its consumer interact with each other. It’s nolonger a message being pushed onto the public, but rather a two way conversation. Thisshift of power has filtered into the fashion industry and has become part of the shop-ping experience for consumers. Customers now want to get Social media has givenbrands a medium where they can take out the guess work and just ask them ‘What doyou want to wear?’ and ‘What do you want to buy?Now they are involved and have their say… ’ It’s now up to fashion brands to utilize thistwo-way flow of information and successfully cater to their customer base.What was the inspiration for a fashion based social networks site?The inspiration for Inspirare really was the social media revolution,n that we really wanted to close the gap between the designer and the consumer. Wealso recognized how difficult it was for emerging fashion designers to get their labels offthe ground. The outlay to sample, produce, promote and sell a collection is huge, and ittakes a long time for any money to come back into the business. It’s a big risk. By takingthese two sides of the equation and carefully weaving them together, we ended up withInspirare. The social media aspect of it lets consumers influence trends, and determinewhat’s available to buy online. Users can offer feedback to designers, allowing them tolearn directly from their market and evolve their brand.16 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 18. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department NAS Trends & Their Secret of Success TWDANAS trends with their 75 K Facebook page and their success in changing the ways people dress I NSPIRESand adding value to the culture. TWDA had an interview with Ahmed Reda one of the Co-foundersof NAS trends. Inspiring InterviewsTell us about your team, and how did you come up with the idea of NAS?Nas Trends started in Feb 2009 ,we were a group of friends trying to do their own businessNAS was started by four university students, Anas Tolba, Ahmed Reda, Mohammed Salemand Karim Mourad, The idea behind NAS, which means "people" in Arabic, the idea wasborn when we decided we wanted to start some kind of business that would add value toour community with big vision "to promote positive culture "How did you first hear about social media, what made you choose SocialMedia as a main part of your marketing mix?Social Media Marketing is a great way to drive repeat business, attract new customers andreach more people its the main marketing tool we use and it cost nothing comprising tobillboards and usual ads “We Want to ChangeHow do you find time in moderating your social assets? the way people lookIt’s part of our daily marketing activates , we do it as we do events, check booths and more about Clothes and add a positive ValueTell us more how social media and digital ads affected your growth? to our Culture”it helps us a lot specially when you started with limited budgetand make you reach your target and reach all people with different segments, and it affectsour sales hugely 17 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 19. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentNAS Trends & Their Secret of Success TWDA I NSPIRES Inspiring InterviewsNAS, has many outlets now,?we have two types of stores Direct: city Starsindirect :24 stores mainly Distributors and small storesWhat do you see as a next step in evolving your brand?To be the world’s strongest fashion brand among the youth – or old people who still feelthe power of the youth – by 2020.In the near future, NAS will continue to break down the existing understanding fashion, andconvert it to community driven one, that the youth themselves drive toward a better oneDont you think about creating an online stores?We already have partnership with Souq.com, but we still dont have other plans for nowYou have just started to create notebooks, what other surprises do you have?we just launched kids line, we have stickers for cars and we lunched sweatshirts in last win-ter and we are going to lunch trousers soon in our storesTell us when lesson you have learned that you can advise new entrepreneursand new start ups with?NAS experience learn me a new thing everyday ,my advice to new entrepreneurs is go towild with their ideas do something creative and unique ,don’t wait till graduation to carryout your ideas , Surround yourself with supportive people and dont be discouraged byanyone. If your idea is good and youre determined to stick with it through the first fewdifficult years, your chances of success are great. If you have any idea just do it personally Ihave 3 ideas when I was student at university I did two of them (NAS Trends and ENjaz) andI participated at competition I won prize for Mashaweer idea, we live one time do whatyou love don’t wait others to come up with your ideas instead. 18 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 20. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Nadine Sabry First Egyptian Fashion Blogger S OCIALIZE Startups, socialNadine Sabry the first Egyptian fashion blogger “Founder of Fashion Threads" who blogs new pagesproved how small social media has truly made this world that will sure change theperspective of fashion in Egypt shortly. & MoreShes just another blogger whos in love with fashion who became pretty well knownwith her fashion blog now, it all started when she didnt know what she wants to do inthe fashion industry, but she was very interested to know what everyone was wearingand why, so she started to post up her latest knowledge about the world of fashionespecially in Egypt, considering the of Events and updates of work of the talentedEgyptian fashion designers who didnt get their chance to be known enough in Egypt.She also has her own Facebook page with almost 7,000 likes now and people can fol-low her on twitter as well for more of her blog posts and events updates.Nadine started her own show “The Fashion Show” back in March 2012 on Disala-ta.com YouTube channel if you heard about it, she has done like 6 episodes till nowwhere she covers fashion shows in Egypt, Fashion and hair care tutorials.So do you think Nadine Sabry will change the world of fashion in Egypt and encouragepeople such as herself to show their talents? Toufic Araman and Social PhotographyToufic Araman is an award winning fashion photographer who was born in Lebanon and moved toEgypt 1982, studied “Economics and Fine Arts" at the AUC, his love with photography started when aclose friend of him gave him an SLR camera back in 2003 which totally changed his life when henoticed he can actually paint pictures with it in more than one way.Toufic Araman is known for his very creative and unusual fashion photo-shoots which always involvesmovements and speed, and in most of his fashion photo-shoots hes telling a story with a very uniqueHe has worked with many well-known creative theme that would really amaze you when you see it.He has done several fashion Egyptian models and beauty queens such as Tara Emad and Arwa Gouda.photo-shoots for very well brands such as Kenzo, Ezra, Oryx and Bella Donna.He has won many awards asDavey Awards 2010 - Gold Award – New York – Fashion - 2010Creativity International Award – Australia - Fashion – Silver - 2010Gulf Photo Plus – Best Advertising – Dubai - 2009His work was shown at the Noorderlicht Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands, Brecht Forum, NewYork, USA, Photo Finish, Melbourne, Australia and Dubai Art Fair, Dubai, UAE.His Facebook fan pagehas over 12,000 likes where he can show his beautiful work and contact with his clients, as he has hisinfo over there .19 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 21. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Fustany.com The Leading Online Fashion TWDA Z OOM Destination in MENA What we think is interestingFustany which means “My Dress” in Arabic is the first web portal dedicated to fash-ion in the middle east. Fustany is a sort of online fashion magazines, that let custom-ers see all the new looks and trends in the fashion world, from top brands to newdesigners and more. Users have the ability to create their own look, and have theirown look book that the can share with all their friends on different social networks.Fustany has a very active presence on social media, with 34k fans on facebook and78% interaction, they are really getting the hang of the social game. Fustany studiesnew trends closely that is why they know the value of video content Not only that,they utilize what they know by having a very active and updated Youtube channel .Khatwa Clothing Our mission is to be an inno- vative & global brand that designs, produces & distrib- utes unique & fair fashion. We showcase our Style Con- scious concept to other brands: fair message can be commercially successful, in respect to style&quality 81K Fans Kaf Wear ‫كاف حرف عربي.. و إن شاء هللا‬ ‫في يوم حتبقى ماركة مالبس‬ KAF is a textile ‫عالمية‬ brand that offers quality products at affordable prices 100 K Fans Shop @ Souq20 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 22. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Dual Candy Make Up Channel TWDA Z OOM What we think is Dulce Candy Tejeda interesting She started blogging when she was in the military, as an outlet to feel more feminine—more of a person- al choice because she was in uni- form. As she remembers being in Iraq and being stripped away from anything that was feminine, so starting the blog was really what had her obsessed with beauty and fashion. It started as a hobby and over the years it turned into a ca- reer. She became rapidly famous with her cute unique style and now is called as duclecandy the fashion guru. Style Treasure Egypt’s First Online Boutique Egypt’s first online retailer, Style- treasure.com, is hosting its first exhibi- tion this Saturday, for one day only, at Sofitel Gezira. The exhibition will fea- ture brand new collections from the pan Arab designers stocked on the online portal. Not only will local designers be present but also designers will be flying in from Jordan, Beirut and Dubai. To top it all off, Yousra the Egyptian actress, will be opening the exhibition for all you fans out there! The exhibition will not only have a free gift wrapping corner for all your Moth- er’s Day gift purchases but will also offer giveaways for those who spend more than LE 2,000. Here are some pictures of what you may find around the exhibition! I am sad I won’t be there but enjoy and shop lots!21 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 23. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentTrendyol Fuels the Fashion Online Fashion Trends & H OW T O Industry in Turkey Stats Tips, Tricks & Infographics In the past few years, we’ve been seeing all aspects of the fashion industry suddenly af- fected by new technology, in- creasing effi- ciency and providing much needed data analysis and tracking components. Instead of rely- ing on people to analyze, project and im- prove, fashion brands now have the digital technologies to meet these needs in a much faster way.22 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 24. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentBenefits of Social & Digital Media for The Fashion Industry H OW T O Tips, Tricks & Infographics 1 Buying Pro- cess: 5 Media Cover- Crowdsourcing age: Tracking Styles, Better Influence on Fashion GPS is Projections Sales addressing the is- sue and is truly revolutionizing the space by al- 2 lowing brands to 3 4 manage and Online Shopping: Online Shop- In-store Shopping: track all their Smarter Tools ping: Customi- Mean Fewer Re- Collecting Data to media connec- zation Yields turns Better Sales Maximize Purchas- tions in one dash- es board. Recently, by becoming the official partner of IMG and Mer- cedes Benz Fash- ion Week, the Tips & Tricks company  brought the ana- Make sure you dont forget to create and update your image strategy lytics into more  Instead promoting for you sale period, tie it with a game on social net- than 80 runway works shows produced  Try to keep your hot photos and products promoted in the peek time of in New York last day month.  Make sure you create inspiring and selling applications  Take usage of the facebook commerce applications  Make sure you keep your website user friendly and SEO friendly 23 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 25. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department V IRAL Creative Ad Dior Short Movie V IDEOS Most watched videos in Fashion3k Views 6 M views Fashion Spoof Chanel Ultra 19k Views4k Views Top Viral Videos in Egypt in June 24 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 26. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Digital Campaigns Analysis in D IGITAL C AMPAIGNS Telecom Industry Top campaigns inThe month of June witnessed fierce competition between the three main telecommunica- the regiontion companies, with each one launching a new product/service and advertising for itheavily. Mobinil Launched the 1 GB free on mobile and USB internet. It adver- tised for it on local pub-lishers such as Masrawy, YallaKora, and Al Masry AlYoum. It also used Google GDN campaigns Launched in May, Etisalat Fawzi contin- ues its blast campaignthroughout June using many platforms including Google GDN and facebook. They also used local publishers such as Shorouk, Youm 7, Yahoo!’s Maktoob and Moheet. Vodafone advertised for its ADSL Ex- press, and its new Vodafone Change. They also started a “Road to London” competition. In addition to Google GDN, they also used local publishers like Dostor Asly, Masrawy, and Filgoal. They promoted their new services using expandable ads, and their landing page for the competition was their Facebook Page 25 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 27. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content Department Digital Campaigns Analysis in D IGITAL C AMPAIGNS FMCG Industry Top campaigns inThe same fierceness that occurred in the telecom industry was also exhibited in the the regionFMCG industry, particularly between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Who the digital world havewitnessed heavily Coca Cola maintains an always-on presence online with its sponsorships of local publish- ers, namely Masrawy, Yallakora, and Filgoal. In addition, they also advertised on Facebook and Google GDN. Coca Cola has advertised for several campaigns in the month of June; Coke Studio, Coke Euro 2012, and Coca Cola Star. Pepsi on the other hand had a very light campaign compared to Coca Cola. They recently launched their Pepsi VIP Party featuring DJ Calvin Harris, however they only advertised for it on Facebook. 26 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 28. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentFind out which era your sense of style, fashion and personality fit into? Doyou belong in the roaring 20s, the daring 40s? Or are you more of a earthy F UNgirl, or disco babe? S ECTION games, pics & If you could buy any pair of shoes you wanted, which style would you choose? more A. Dark brown, over the knee leather platform boots B. Pointy toe hot pink heels C . Earth toned, comfortable leather sandals. D. Cute ballerina flats E . Classic pumps, dark blue, black or brown. F. T-strap heels, satin red, black or pink. What jewelry combination would you wear? A. A bright colored necklace and some telephone shaped sparkly earrings. B. A simple, feminine jeweled necklace. C. I dont need to wear jewelry, Im elegant enough. D. A few long gold chains, large hoop earrings and a couple bold rings E. Bangles, beaded necklaces and feather earrings. F. Strands of pearls, and a pair of small, classy earrings.Which outfit would you wear out for a night on the town?A. A large and unique hat, tailored navy blue dress.B. A full skirted dress, pastel colored, cinched waist, pumps and curled hair.C. A black and white striped or polka dot, knee length dress, black knee high boots.D. A flowing long dress, plunging neckline, feathered hair, platforms.E. A sequined mini dress, loose fitted, pearls of course.F. An extremely sexy, short dress, high stilettos, with bold makeup and teased hair.Which hairstyle suits you best?A. Short to mid length, side parted with curls.B. Mid length to long with thick, straight bangs.C. Feathered or natural and long.D. Mid length, feminine soft curls.E. Wild, teased, maybe a funky color.Which music is your favourite?A. David Bowie, Prince, Madonna, Kate Bush, Cindi LauperB. Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob DylanC. Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Pink FloydD. Jazz, jazz and more jazz!!! Lets go dancing!E. Oldies, Elvis Presley, MotownWhich outfit are you most drawn to?A. Long cotton skirt and fringe vestB. Navy blue silk blouse, and matching pencil skirt.C. Polyester button up shirt with a tie and polyester bell bottomsD. Flapper dress and fur coatE. Full skirted polka dot dress with cinched waistF. Ripped up off the shoulder t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. 27 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
  • 29. @TWDigitalAds| /TWDigitalAds TWDA| Issue No.16 |Social Media & Content DepartmentWhat are your favorite pair of pants like? F UNA, Pants?! Im too busy wearing sequined dresses or pencil skirts.B. High waist, cotton pants with red skinny belt. S ECTIONC. Denim bell bottoms, baby. games, pics &D. Free flowing linen slacks, theyre classy comfortable and go with anything.E. Acid Wash Jeans. Tight down to the ankle, right under my grey leg warmers. moreF. Navy blue, rayon slacks.Which two vintage accessories do you have or WISH you had?A. Long cigarette holder and long satin gloves.B. Cigarette case and a stunning hat.C. Funky rosary and some soft leg warmers.D. Short nylon gloves and some small pearl earrings.E. Wide leather belt and tall leather boots.F. Geometric shaped earrings and polka dot scarf.Your go-to makeup style.A. Theres never enough mascara. Sexy pale lips to contrast....and I keep my freckles around.B. Glamorous Gold and bronze hues. Dark brown eyeliner, gold eyeshadow, glossy rose lips.C. I like to be bold, red lips, blue eyeshadow, black eye liner on top and under.D. Simple, pink or red lips, blush and a little mascara.E. Dark, mysterious eyes and lips. Im not afraid to put it on in public either. Mostly A’s The 60s You may be a more trendy mod fashionista, or an earthy, hippie girl, but you definably fit into the more free thinking 60s. Maybe your idol is janis joplin, or maybe its twiggy! Your idea of fun is going to outdoors concerts, or helping a cause you believe in Mostly B’s The 50s You love feminine clothing, pastel or bright colors, skirts, dresses, keds, bobby socks, pony tails, soft curls and oldies. You love movies like grease and 50s diners. In the 50s they wore full skirts, heart shaped blouses and learning how to cook, and care for your family was important for women. Mostly C’s The 20s Your fashion sense would fit in the 20s. Flapper dresses, sequin feathered headbands, long cigarette hold- ers and modern short cropped hair styles. You love going dancing at jazz clubs and trying new things. A boa is a common accessory, as well as sequins, feathers and fur for a night out. Dresses were also inspired by Egyptian designs and often featured exotic beading. Mostly D’s The 40s You fit in the fashion of the daring 40s. Classy, sensual and feminine. After the depression, designers started trying new things and style grew more adventurous. Larger, unique hats were in style, and dresses became more form fitting and feminine. Women started to wear their hair longer and colors brightened up. The 40s a a beautifully classic example of vintage cloth- ing. Mostly E’s The 70’s The era of disco and rock and roll! Bell bottoms came into style and so did free flowing blouses with billowing sleeves. Platforms, over the knee leather boots as well as large hoop earrings and gold chains were apparent everywhere. Mostly F’s The 80’s The decade of craziness! Hairstyles were big and out there, and jewelry became incredibly progressive. You might wear a necklace with a telephone on it, or earrings that look like ice cream cones, with a loose fitting denim jacket, a one shoulder tank and parachute pants. 28 www.twdigitalads.com All Copyrights Reserved to TWDA © 2012
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