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TWTRCON SF 10 Workshop: Game-Based Marketing Dynamics


How to Apply Game-Based Marketing Dynamics to Twitter | Instructor: James Clark, Co-Founder, Room 214 | @jamesoclark | @Room_214 | Delivered Nov 18, 2010 at TWTRCON SF …

How to Apply Game-Based Marketing Dynamics to Twitter | Instructor: James Clark, Co-Founder, Room 214 | @jamesoclark | @Room_214 | Delivered Nov 18, 2010 at TWTRCON SF

Why Game-Based Marketing? We are passing over the threshold into a realm of programs built on game-based marketing dynamics. This is important as many organizations are seeking ways to build a following, distribute relevant content and most importantly be entertaining in social media. Understanding the basis of game-based marketing dynamics (leader boards, unlocking levels) leveraged through Twitter is one of only a few strategic approaches that works to simultaneously achieve all goals.

What You’ll Learn: We’ll cover the basics of game-based marketing dynamics because (1) you should be aware of them and (2) often times its the smallest spark that ignites the biggest fires. From there we’ll provide the steps to set up and run game-based marketing campaigns in Twitter, in addition to exposing limitations so you won’t be sweating the details in the heat of the battle.

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  • How many of you have used the OkCupid App to try and find love, lust, or friendship? I bet you don't know how much the App was influenced by gaming dynamics. Find out here!
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  • Interesting presentation. We'd love for you to check out our wiki at , it's in the same vain as this presentation and is open source for the world to collaborate together and discuss.
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  • Thanks James and @localbunny for a fun and engaging prezo. Great way of reaching a younger audience, passive gaming community.
    Alex D. from
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  • 1. Workshop: How to Apply Game-Based Marketing Dynamics to Twitter
    • Instructor: 
    • James Clark, Co-Founder, Room 214 |  @jamesoclark  | @Room_214
  • 2. Thank You to Our Sponsors ANCHOR SPONSORS EXHIBITOR PLATINUM SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS BOOTSTRAP SPONSORS Please visit our Sponsors and Exhibitors during the breaks!
  • 4. James Clark Co-Founder Room 214 @jamesoclark @Room_214 Dave Rogers LocalBunny @daverogers @localbunny
  • 5. GAME TIME DO THIS NOW!!! Tweet: @LocalBunny GAME
  • 6. How Many of You Consider Yourselves Gamers?
  • 7. How Many of You Have Booked Flights Based on Your Enrollment in a Frequent Flier Program?
  • 8. Gamification The process of increasing user engagement and/or participation by integrating game mechanics and dynamics into your site, service, community to drive participation and engagement
  • 9. Game Mechanics The elements of a game that allow for a fun and engaging user experience. Including, but not limited to: goals, points, collecting badges, awards, trophies, etc.; rankings and leaderboards, levels, exchange of virtual goods and currencies and feedback loops
  • 10. FREQUENT FLIER? Game Dynamics The compelling motivational nature of the game is the result of the desires and motivations: reward, status, achievement, self-expression, competition, altruism
    • POINTS
    • STATUS
    • ACCESS
    • POWER
    • STUFF
  • 12. 3 STEPS
    • POINTS
    • Experience Points – earn points for doing something, completing tasks
    • Skill Points – earned through interacting with a system that needs learning
    • Influence Points: ratings in Amazon, ratings in Stackoverflow
    • Redeemable Points: Can you spend your points? – Frequent Flier Miles – very sticky engagement loop
    • Levels: shorthand for participation and achievement
    • Leaderboards: identify, motivate and reward your most devoted players (can de-motivate new players)
    • Social leaderboards: you and your friends – beat the next person above you
    • Missions: tell players what to do next – SCVNGR
    • Reputation and ratings: ask and answer questions Amazon, Stackoverflow, trust is necessary
    • Achievements: short-term goals + sense of progression (beware of achievement fatigue)
    • Roles: time-based roles – newbies (easy to earn – feel successful) and power users (scarce resources – access)
    • Competition: bragging, taunting, challenging
    • Cooperation: sharing, helping, gifting
    • Self-Expression: check out my character/outfit/farm/page
    Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
  • 13. 5 FUNDAMENTALS Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
    • POINTS
    • Most fundamental mechanic that makes something seem like a game is points
    • Once you’ve got points – you can do leaderboards
    • Once you’ve got points – you can do levels
    • Collecting is very main stream: baseball cards, trading cards, beanie babies, shot glasses from around the world.
    • Badges tap into game mechanics
    • Badges are interesting where there are more to earn
    • What does it mean to get a complete set: Gain Status, Access and $$
    • If you can frame your badges as sets that you can complete – you just tapped into collecting mechanics
    Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
    • 3. FEEDBACK
    • Games gives you feedback on so many levels about what you’re doing they actually makes you better at your skill.  
      • Keeps you on the road to mastery  
      • Tells you if you’re on the right track
      • Helps you get better like a great coach 
    Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
    • 4. EXCHANGES
    • Taking Turns 
      • Chess, conversations, tit-for-tat
      • Most basic game mechanics we learn as kids: wait your turn
    Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
    • Can be customizing your character like World of Warcraft – or bligning out your profile on Facebook or Twitter.
    • Anytime you have a rich profile you can decorate
    • Traditionally the ground of hardcore gamers is not much more in the general public lexicon
    Source: Amy Jo Kim, Reward Systems that Drive Engagement
  • 18. 10,000 HOURS
    • It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a subject or skill
    • The person practicing must constantly strive to get better
    • 10,000 hours for great achievement
  • 19. 10,000 HOURS
    • By the age of 21 a majority of kids will have spent 10,000 hours playing online video games
    • We invest 3 Billion Hours Weekly in Online Gaming
    • So what exactly are these kids getting good at?
      • Urgent Optimism – the belief that you will ultimately be successful, even if you experience many failures
      • Social fabric – a sense of trust that others will help you
      • Blissful productivity – a desire to work hard and purposefully
      • Epic meaning – an understanding that one is individually capable of changing the world
    Jane McGonigal, Director of Game Research & Development, Institute for the Future Source:Jane McGonigal, TED Presentation: Gaming can make a better world
  • 20. KIVA Who is Kiva’s biggest competitor? “ I think our biggest competitor is actually, probably Zynga. It’s not other nonprofits it’s actually competing for people’s attention. That fantasy football player in Canton, Ohio who might play two hours of Farmville at night, how do we get them to think about Uganda?…If building a real farm on Kiva can be as compelling as building a virtual farm on Facebook, then I think we’ve done our jobs really well.” - Kiva, President Premal Shah VS
  • 21. BUSINESS VALUE Gamification can drive virtually any kind of participation including: “ Participation Builds Lasting Relationship and Impacts Fundamental Business Objectives” - Bunchball “Gamification 101”
    • Watching videos
    • Listening to audio
    • Viewing photos
    • Opting in to email
    • Creating content
    • Answering questions
    • Making a purchase
    • Taking quizzes
    • Search for info
    • Sharing personal info
    • Rating products
    • Reading articles
    • Registrations
    • Voting on content
    • Writing comments
    • Participating in discussions
    • Posting to forums
    • Taking a poll
    • Visiting repeatedly
    • Visiting affiliate sites
    • Recommending affiliates
  • 22. Set Up
    • Select Game Premise: Knowledge, Skill, Chance
    • Determine How Winner Is Selected
    • Create Game Interaction: Content, Responses
    • Acquire Twitter Handles
    • Promote
    • Time frame
    • SPAM
    • Throttling
  • 23. Today’s Experience
    • Simple Activation: Tweet @LocalBunny Trivia
    • 3 Levels of Play: Must answer correctly to proceed
    • Knowledge: Question to answer
    • Skill: Word Scramble
    • Chance: Slots
    • Leaderboard: How do you stack up to the competition
    • Optimism: % Chance to Win
  • 24. Behind the Scenes
      • Level 1
        • Q&A Game
        • 20 winners (half the audience)
        • Winner will be randomly selected
        • All correct answers will be moved on to Level 2
        • Prize: $5 gift card at Chipotle
      • Trivia Question:
        • @user What Mexican Grill is named after a chili and sources organic local produce? Reply to @LocalBunny5
        • Answer= Chipotle
        • Correct response merits - @user Congrats you got it. To advance Tweet SCRAMBLE to @tweetatown for you next question
  • 25. Behind the Scenes
      • Level 2
        • Word Scramble
        • 2 winners
        • Winner will be randomly selected
        • All correct answers will be moved on to Level 3
        • Prize: $50 gift card from Yahoo!
      • Trivia Question:
        • @user Unscramble this: “rerjy agyn” and reply to @TheQuizBaron with ONLY the unscrambled phrase
        • @user Hint: he’s a co-founder of prominent tech company
        • Answer= Jerry Yang
        • Correct response merits - @user Nice job smarty pants! Tweet SPIN to @bunnyisland for your final game and chance to win the big prize!
  • 26. Behind the Scenes
      • Level 3
        • Slots
        • 1 Winner
        • Winner will be randomly selected
        • Prize: Flip Cam from Yahoo!
      • Trivia:
        • @user flip or cam – match wins
  • 27. READ
  • 28. RESOURCES Articles: HOW TO: Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business , Mashable, SCVNGR’s Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck , Tech Crunch, Mint Turns Personal Finance Into a Game. It’s Better Than It Sounds , Tech Crunch, Kiva President on the Next 5 Years and Why Zynga is Their Biggest Rival , Tech Crunch TV, Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make a Better World , TED Talk, Get Ready for the Decade of Gamification,, People to Follow: Amy Jo Kim, @amyjokim, Gabe Zichermann, @gzicherm, co-author of: game-based marketing , , Companies Doing Cool Things: Badgeville, FanAppz, BigDoor, Bunchball,
  • 29. And the WINNER is.... Thanks for Playing