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Michael DiLorenzo, NHL at #RLTM NY 11
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Michael DiLorenzo, NHL at #RLTM NY 11


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Michael DiLorenzo (@NHLdilo), Director of Social Media Marketing and Strategy, NHL at #RLTM Realtime Conference NY 11, June 6.

Michael DiLorenzo (@NHLdilo), Director of Social Media Marketing and Strategy, NHL at #RLTM Realtime Conference NY 11, June 6.

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  • NHL digital content is be distributed through a rapidly growing network of syndication partners on all major digital platforms and devices:
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Window Into NHL Social
      Enterprising the Opportunity –
      Audience Development & Building Asset Value
      June 2011
    • 2. Snapshot: NHL Fan Demos
      • NHL fans are younger, more affluent, and more tech savvy than those of the other major sports leagues
      *Based on GroupM media target analysis
      Page 2
    • 3. Shortening the Distance - Providing Access Across 45+ Websites, Portals, Social Media, Connected Devices & Mobile Platforms
      Video Portals
      Connected Devices
      News andSports Sites
      Social Media
    • 4. Page 4
      What is NHL Social?
      Business Definition
      Social Media Marketing is an audience development device.
      Social Media Marketing syndicates the League’s voice and content on popular social networking platforms.
      Social Media Marketing creates new opportunities for direct-to-consumer revenue generation and partnership marketing activation.
      Key Activities
      Assure platform-appropriate programming of social channels.
      Mobilize and interact with communities of fans.
      Create and execute partner activations.
      Identify new opportunities for audience development on social networks.
      Spearhead integration of social technologies into and other League media.
      Elevate League’s “social IQ.”
      Communicate best practices to NHL clubs.
    • 5. Page 5
      NHL Social in 2010-11 and Beyond
      Key Successes
      • Refined strategy: Oriented business around earned media proposition.
      • 6. Developed scaled audience: Grew addressable audience to >2.2mm (+250%), helping drive huge gains in referred traffic to and paid products.
      • 7. Drove revenue: Referred direct-to-consumer revenue and secured partner activations.
      • 8. Built media asset value: Delivered incremental media value to NHL and partner initiatives.
      • 9. Innovated: Named the 65th most social brand in the world, deepened strategic relationships with Facebook and Twitter, launched pro sports’ first Foursquare page, and significantly integrated with NBC for NHL Winter Classic.
      Ongoing Challenges
      • Culture: Social must permeate every marketing discipline and fan touchpoint.
      • 10. Resources: Resources will allow us fully exploit the opportunity.
      • 11. Content programming: Social is a 24x7 proposition and must be programmed accordingly.
      • 12. Speed to market: We must equip to service a rapidly changing market opportunity.
    • Page 6
      Industry/Competitive Review
      By many measures the NHL has established itself
      as an advanced social media marketing business …
      Source: Altimeter Group
    • 13. Industry/Competitive Review
      …. Therefore, we must apply commensurate resources to the opportunity
      Source: Altimeter Group
      Page 7
    • 14. Page 8
      Industry/Competitive Review
      NHL FY2011 Vs. Industry
      45% of soft costs
      67% of customer-facing costs
      20% of technology costs
      Source: Altimeter Group
    • 15. Industry/Competitive Review
      Despite limited resources, the NHL is maintaining its position
      among all social brands more effectively than its peers in sports and media
      The Vitrue SMI report is an easy to understand measurement of how social/viral/shareable is a brand’s content content, and the overall level of brand discussion in social environments
      Page 9
    • 16. Business Opportunity: Social Sign-On
      Consumers want to leverage their social identity across Web sites so they can personalize and share their experiences no matter where they surf.
      During Q1 of 2011, 35% of online users chose to sign-in to sites with a Facebook account compared to 27% in Q4 of 2010.
      Source: Janrain
      Page 10
    • 17. Mobile phone owners are uber-consumers of social media,
      highlighting opportunities for incremental engagement and earned media
      Page 11
      Business Opportunity: Social/Mobile Integration
    • 18. Page 12
      Business Opportunity: Community Management
      Exploiting usage trends will drive added consumption and earned media.
      Source: HubSpot
    • 19. Page 13
      Business Opportunity: Community Management
      These trends happen to map perfectly to usage trends at,
      which are heavily game-centric (i.e. nights and weekends)
      On average, Digital Prime Time (7-10) drives more than 50% of daily traffic distribution on both broadband and mobile.. This should be among our top areas to target.
    • 20. Page 14
      Key Performance Indicators
    • 21. Platform Growth
      Page 15
    • 22. Added Media Consumption Referral Gains from Facebook
      Page 16
    • 23. Added Media Consumption Referral Gains from Twitter
      Page 17
    • 24. Tracking the Facebook footprint
      Average Video Starts per UV
      Average Visitors per UV
      Average Time Spent (min)
      % of UV’s to Start Video
      Page 18
    • 25. Tracking the Twitter footprint
      Average Visitors per UV
      Average Video Starts per UV
      % of UV’s to Start Video
      Average Time Spent (min)
      Page 19