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TWTRCON SF 10 BrainPop: Real-Time Advertising
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TWTRCON SF 10 BrainPop: Real-Time Advertising


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1 - Hi I’m tobias peggs, ceo of oneriot. We are an advertising network for the realtime social web – in other words we help advertisers reach an audience across twitter apps, realtime search engines, realtime discovery sites and other places where online influencers gather to consume content and share it with friends.
  • As we all know – advertising on the web sucks
  • And if we applied the same techniques, advertising on the realtime web could really suck
  • Thankfully there are several emerging models to help advertisers reach this realtime web audience in the right way…
  • And they’re doing it for big brand, socially-savvy advertisers like AMEX, XBOX, starbucks and more…

    However, it can be difficult for advertisers to know what to do in a space that is emerging very very fast – so I’ll cover a few of these models to help shed some light as to what is going on.
  • I’ll assume everyone here is familiar with Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.
    Advertisers are rumored to be paying $100k a pop to sponsor a trending topic … one of ten trending topics twitter shows per day. When users clicks on it, you’re taken to a SERP that shows the advertisers “promoted tweet” at the top of the page along side users’ “organic” content.
  • The big win here is twitter reach. Not only do get infront of their daily users – which is growing everyday. But in the last fews week, Twitter have started to syndicate those ads to 3rd parties – both to twitter apps like Hootsuite, and – almost amazingly – to Google. Google’s realtime search tab shows tweets associated with a query – and now they also show any related promoted tweet – the first time google has shown a 3rd party ad on their property.
    In addition, if the promoted content resonates well with the twitter users, then it can often reach tipping point to become an organic trending topic – and maintain exposure levels for several days, as recently happened with the McDonalds McRib campaign.
  • takes a different approach – that of celebrity endorsement. In short, has signed up a laundry list of celebrities who use twitter, and you can pay them to tweet about your brand. That message obviously goes out to all their follwoers
    Here’s Snoop Dogg tweeting about Toyota, and driving users to consume video content about the new Toyota minivan.
  • Of course, the reach here is only as wide as the reach of the celebs – but Snoop commanding 2m followers, and generating a CTR of 0.26%, you should expect to see over 50,000 clicks from a campaign like this.
  • So both of these approaches deliver results. But, if you think about it, they both take traditional brand messages and deliver them in a new ad unit – the tweet.
  • What we’ve done at OneRiot is a bit different – and we started by looking at the audience characteristics on the realtime web – and tried to come up with an ad product that matches their intent.

    These users are raid consumers of content, they have very short attention spans, and in the main they are on the realtime web to find out what’s hot right now….
  • So there is a huge advertising opportunity here – but you have to be quick. You have to get in front of the trends which millions of people will be into right now – with content that makes sense to them right now.
  • So we’ve figured out a way to automatically deliver a brand message that is just ahead of the trend… and dynamically create ads that covey that message.
  • These are then served across of a network of leading twitter apps, desktop apps, realtime search engines – on twitter, facebook, and wider realtime web - and reach about 50m social influencers each month.
  • The key thing that we preach to our clients is that content is king for advertising on the realtime web
    This audience gets tired quickly by a static brand message. Instead, they want to consume content that’s relevant and pertinent to what they’re talking to their friends about right now.
    And smarter people than me, including John Battelle, are saying the same thing.
  • If you’ve got content about your brand, you can take advantage of technological magic like this – which we don’t have tine to go into
  • And do what Aol did with us – a branding campaign that put content first. Remember, it’s content that these users want to consume. And if Glee is a trending topic right now, and everyone is talking about Glee, then why woudn’t you dynamically create an ad that showed relevant content about Glee – and engage users with what they want, rather than with a static brand message?
    Campiagns like this can drive significant new users, 7,8,9 page views per visit, and kick start a viral loop as the users subsequently share the content they consume.
  • Likewise we use the same approach to drive app downloads – rather than a static message saying “download our app”, we deliver a dynamic messages that features new content related to current trends, targeting users engaged in related social conversations right now. Click through rate here is 2x what you would expect from a static brand message.
  • Those two examples were, of course, media companies – they produce lots of content that users will like right now. Bu we’re now seeing this huge wave of “brands becoming Publishers” – mixing professionally generated content, demand-driven content and users generated content – that is enabling brands like Coke and ATT and even Pampers to play in this space and use this realtime trends-based content matching approach to deliver the right message for right now.
  • So, the future of ads on the realtime social web…
  • Is realtime real time trends-based an conversational targeting
  • Enabled by brands becoming publishers…
  • And engaging the audience in the right way right now…
  • Thank you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hotel Nikko San Francisco | November 18, 2010 Anchor Sponsors Brain Pop: Real-Time Advertising • Tobias Peggs, CEO, OneRiot | @TobiasPeggs
    • 2. Hotel Nikko San Francisco | November 18, 2010 Anchor Sponsors Thank You to Our Sponsors ANCHOR SPONSORS EXHIBITOR PLATINUM SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS BOOTSTRAP SPONSORS Please visit our Sponsors and Exhibitors during the breaks!
    • 4. Advertising on the realtime web Tobias Peggs, CEO OneRiot @tobiaspeggs
    • 5. Image: Advertising on the web sucks
    • 6. WHITEN YOUR TEETH TODAY! WHITEN YOUR TEETH TODAY! Advertising on the realtime social web could really suck
    • 7. Thankfully companies like these are starting to do it right….
    • 8. ….for big brand, socially-savvy advertising clients like these
    • 9. Twitter: Promoted Tweet ad unit Paid-for Trending Topic One of 10 trending topics per day Drives users to a SERP for that topic Top tweet is “Promoted” content Others are “organic” tweets about the topic
    • 10. Twitter: gives you reach! Organic re-tweeting of McRib Promoted Tweet content kept MacDonald's as a Trending Topic for 3 days after its campaign ended. moted-mcrib-still-an-active-topic- 2-days-after-promoted-trend-buy/ Organic Resonance 3rd party syndication Promoted tweets now appearing in Google and ecosystem clients
    • 11. Celebrity Endorsed Tweet
    • 12. Credibility by association The Most Influential Celebrities on Twitter by CTR
    • 13. Traditional ad messages served in a new ad unit – the Tweet
    • 14. Rabid information consumers Very short attention spans Seeking what’s hot, right now Characteristics of the Audience on the realtime social web Pew Research Center
    • 15. Traditional ad appears here Ad needs to appear here Peak realtime web audience engagement - i.e. the largest volume of advertising opportunity. Audience Engagement for a Trending Topic on the realtime web time Huge opportunity to target in realtime, if you are quick!
    • 16. OneRiot is right-now targeted advertising for the realtime web OneRiot matches campaign content to conversational trends as they emerge in realtime on the social web. Then we promote it to a targeted audience across our network. This ensures ad creative is always “relevant right now” – which is what this audience engages with most.
    • 17. Display CTR ~0.4% Twitter apps CTR ~1% Mobile CTR ~0.75% Reach audience across realtime apps, mobile, display and search Example partners: Seesmic, Tweetcaster, Ubertwitter, Sobees, Echofon, Digsby, Taptu, TwitGoo, TinyPic, Tweetbeat, Topsy, Tweetdeck
    • 18. Content is king for advertising on the realtime web “In the age of digital media, we believe every brand must become a publisher” John Battelle, Federated Media:
    • 19. Traditional ad appears here Realtime Ads appear here time Advertiser Pool Social Web Data Trending Topics Engine Realtime Ad Content Index On-the-fly Ad Content Creation Realtime Ad Ranking and Delivery • How the system works – Advertiser content is indexed the second it is published. – Trending Topics Engine determines engaging topics for the audience on the realtime web. – Dynamic ad content is created to match those trending topics. – Ads are ranked for relevance right now, and served to the audience across multiple channels. – The right ads are delivered at just the right time…. OneRiot: dynamic trends-based ad creative for realtime web ads
    • 20. Glee Glee Glee Glee Automatically positions brand as “on the trend” 7-8 page views per visit Subsequent social sharing on Twitter and Facebook Audience engages most with content that’s relevant right now! Branding campaign for Aol
    • 21. Driving app downloads for Condé Audience engages most with content that’s relevant right now!
    • 22. “Brands who are publishers” reach this audience the right way Case studies at:
    • 23. The future of advertising on the realtime social web is…
    • 24. The future of advertising on the realtime social web is realtime trends-based and conversational targeting…
    • 25. The future of advertising on the realtime social web is realtime trends-based and conversational targeting enabled by brands becoming publishers…
    • 26. The future of advertising on the realtime social web is realtime trends-based and conversational targeting enabled by brands becoming publishers who can engage the audience in the right way right now.
    • 27. Advertising on the realtime web Tobias Peggs, CEO OneRiot @tobiaspeggs