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Our Smart iT OutSourcing (SiTOS) is an comprehensive IT services offering that provides companies the flexibility to use us as their extended IT arm, with services ranging from enterprise solutions, infrastructure management, IT applications to website and portal management.

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SiTOS Overview

  1. 1. Smart iT OutSourcing (SiTOS) © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 1 of 28
  2. 2. TVSi SnapshotSiTOS - WhySiTOS – WhatSiTOS - HowSiTOS – Value © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 2 of 28
  3. 3. About TVS Group Trust Value Service Globally renowned group with over US$ 5 billion turnover Largest automotive component manufacturing and distribution groups in India In business since 1911 (99+ years of manufacturing heritage) Comprises of 40 companies that employ over 34,000 people (5000+ Engineers) Pioneers in Quality – 5 Deming Awards, Japan Quality Medals, TPM Excellence Awards Global presence - US,UK, Germany, China, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia Among the Top 5 family owned Business Groups in India, TVS Group Customers © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 3 of 28
  4. 4. About Us  Enterprise Solutions provider  Preferred IT enabler for Enterprises  Technology Alliances - SAP, Microsoft, IBM Business Partner Our Mission • TVS Infotech is in the business of enabling customers to compete & grow by providing Smart IT Solutions Our Vision • TVS Infotech will be a preferred IT Solutions partner for the Manufacturing, Distribution and Construction Industries United Netherlands Kingdom Italy USA Saudi Egypt UAE Oman India South Africa Pune Bangalore Chennai © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 4 of 28
  5. 5. What we do?Smart IT enablement & enhancement for enterprises Audits & Assessments Business Process Mapping Change Management Consulting Implementation Best-of- SAP Maintenance & Support Microsoft SharePoint Enhancements Services Breed Planvisage Development Products Arteria Intellectual Auto / Component Manufacturing Assets Trading & Distribution TVSi TemplatesEngg, Construction & Turnkey Projects Domain Tools & Fine-tuned ASAP Methodology Foundry, Process Manufacturing Knowledge Framework Quality Management Food Production Best Practices Infra- structure IT Outsourcing Infrastructure Management Application Hosting © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 5 of 28
  6. 6. Our Journey… 2012 2010 SaaS model of IT Services 2009 End to End IT Services for Enterprises 2006 Matured into a Global Enterprise Solutions provider 2004 Expanded to US, UK, Netherlands with Application Development Services2002 Geared as a ERP Service Provider for the Indian Market TVSi started as a Business Unit of SFL for SAP Implementation © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 6 of 28
  7. 7. Leadership Team Prasan RV EVP – Enterprise Solutions • 25 years of experience in Manufacturing, Consulting and IT • 13+ years of rich SAP experience in Tier-1 companies • Built partner eco system along with SAP in India, Middle East & Africa, US Srinivasan S Sudheendra NK CIO VP- Client Relationships• Subject Matter Expert and Thought Leader in leveraging IT for • Over 15 years of experience in managing client relationships across Manufacturing Enterprises the world• Designed and constructed successful IT Operations for a large SAP • Has worked in the US and built successful Outsourcing Installation in India engagements• Invited Speaker at many forums, Nominated by ACMA-IT Panel for streamlining Data Exchange for Auto industry Mahendra P Sampathkumar P VP- Center of Excellence VP- Delivery• 25 years of ERP experience with various Tier1 companies • 22+ years of experience of which 12+ years on ERP – SAP working with Tier 1 companies globally• Built Products and Solutions across various technologies • Financial Specialist & strong in Delivery Management and Solution• Strong Functional and Technical competence Architecting skills © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 7 of 28
  8. 8. TVSi SnapshotSiTOS - WhySiTOS - WhatSiTOS - HowSiTOS – Value © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 8 of 28
  9. 9. Address IT Challenges the Smart way Transform from IT to Challenges Smart IT © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 9 of 28
  10. 10. TVSi SnapshotSiTOS - WhySiTOS – WhatSiTOS - HowSiTOS – Value © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 10 of 28
  11. 11. Smart iT OutSourcing (SiTOS) - CIO on demand “Preferred IT Solutions provider for Manufacturing Enterprises” SiTOS © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 11 of 28
  12. 12. SiTOS Offerings Application Implementation Development & Rollouts Lifetime Lifetime Care Portal Care Smart Solutions Compo Smart Smart Dashboards Foundry Audits & Independent Assessments Testing Smart Digitization Sugar Upgrades System Integration Enterprise Asset Management Storage Security Management Management Server & System Network Management Management © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 12 of 28
  13. 13. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solutions Smart • Enterprise solution covering end to end business processes for Compo the Component industry Smart • Supports all metallurgical, technical, logistical and business Foundry management processes in the foundry industry Smart • Enables business process automation for Sugar industry with Sugar extensive coverage of Cane Management System Implementation & Lifetime Care Audits & Upgrades Roll outs AssessmentsERP Services • Pre-configured solution built • Post-implementation • IT and ERP assessment • Technical upgrades with best practices support • Gap / fit analysis • Functional upgrades • Industry specific solutions • Help desk support • Effective health check & - Configuration of new • Powered by ASAP methodology • Change Requests system audits business scenarios and & Solution Manager related developments • Technical Developments – • Optimization solution • Global template rollouts • Expert guidance on Unicode ABAP, Netweaver, • New modules implementation Webdynpro… Conversion • Implementation of new • BASIS Support • Add-on Solutions to base dimensional products modules • Enhancements SAP Portfolio © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 13 of 28
  14. 14. EAI – Enterprise Application Integration • Intranet / Extranet Portal Portal • Vendor / Dealer Management Solutions EAI Solutions • Content Management System • KPI Dashboards Smart • Report Templates Dashboards • Trend Analysis • Mobility (email, mobile) • Document Scanning, OCR,EMR Digitization • Image Tagging and indexing • Information Management System Application Lifetime Independent System Development Care Testing Integration EAI Services • New Application • Application Support and • Functional Testing • Application and development Management Workflow Integration • Test Automation • Application enhancements • Defect recovery and • Software packages • Regression Testing Trouble shooting • Data Management • Application consolidation • Load Testing & • Helpdesk / Email / Portal • Centralized Web-Based • Component design and Performance Testing support Interface integration • Dedicated offshore • Enhancements Testing Centre © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 14 of 28
  15. 15. EIM – Enterprise Infrastructure Management EIM Solutions • Virtual view of Data Centre Enterprise • Maintain Racks / Data Centre / Servers / Virtual Machines Asset Management • Predefined relationships between different data centre components Storage Server & System Network Security Management Management Management Management EIM Services • Implementation of • Desktop, email, Operating • Network Consulting • Security Compliance NAS/SAN solution System management Services Consulting • Backup/Restoration and • OS Upgrade & version • Network System • Security Audit & Disaster Recovery Planning control Integration Services Assessment • Implementation and • Server Management • Network Implementation • Security Roadmap management of Storage Support Services Framework Consulting solutions • Optimize disk usage, processor usage & load balancing © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 15 of 28
  16. 16. TVSi SnapshotSiTOS - WhySiTOS – WhatSiTOS - HowSiTOS – Value © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 16 of 28
  17. 17. Approach Discovery Due Diligence Transition Stabilization & Ramp up Phase Discovery Due Diligence Transition Stabilization & Ramp up  Identify key stakeholders &  Explore Business alignment  Communication and  Drive Production with prepare detailed interaction with IT Interaction with all Real time information plan  Understand and Validate As- stakeholders dashboard  Acquire overview of Business Is Operational Process  Execute People Transfer and  Transform from Data Processes and IT Landscape  Understand Strengths and Knowledge Transition process Management to Decision Activities and roadmap Opportunities for Making environment  Inventory collation & Improvement  Integrate Shop Floor to documentation  Explore action plan for Top floor  IT scope of services, improvement  Measure transformation People, Processes,  Prepare Transition plan through established Infrastructure governance model  Prepare for Due Diligence  Sharing Expectations  Prepare for intensive Audit of  Management Commitment  Management  Providing inputs & feedback IT applications and and involvement Commitment and Involvement Infrastructure  Identify potential risks and involvement  Identify and provide clarifications for anomalies mitigate the same  Adherence to re-  Continue execution of As-Is engineered  Time Commitment for the Workflows/ApprovalsCustomer follow-on work operational process  Provide strategic & business sensitive inputs  Program Manager & Key  Program Manager & Key  Program Manager & Key  Program Manager & Key Participants Stakeholders (~3-4 Hours) Stakeholders for 2-3 Hours of Stakeholders for 2-3 Hours of Stakeholders Monthly /  Process and System Owners – Discussion every week discussion every week Quarterly review about 3-4 Hours each for providing information © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 17 of 28
  18. 18. Approach Total Lapse time ~ 36 weeks > 4 Months Stabilization & ~ 2-4 Months Ramp-up Transition • ITIL aligned ~ 4-6 Weeks service delivery Due Diligence • Communication & • IT operational ~ 2-4 Weeks Interaction plan excellence • Report on Strengths & • Knowledge Discovery Opportunities for Transition Document Improvement • IT Service DeliveryDeliverables • Interaction Plan • Roadmap for Collaborative process • Consolidated improvement Inventory report • Baseline for scope of • Broad scope of services services • Transition plan for People, • Due Diligence Plan Process and Services As-Is Team ProgressiveOrganization’s Current State & Transformation State Change As-Is ProcessAgreement LOI + NDA Statement of Work Strategic Agreement with TVSi © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 18 of 28
  19. 19. Stabilization Discovery Due Diligence Transition & Ramp upDiscovery – Inventory CollationBusiness People Processes Infrastructure• Expectations on IT & • In-house Team and • Business and Operational • Hardware – PCs, Servers, Challenges Outsourced team for IT Process Network, Communication• Current On going projects Infrastructure, ERP & • SLAs equipment etc., and Go live dates Application services • Software licenses • Metrics • Organization structure • ERP, Custom Applications, • Accreditations and scope of their services Off the shelf Packages • User Satisfaction survey results • AMC contracts, vendors, expiry dates, cost Cost of IT Infrastructure, Employees Salary, Vendor payments for the last 3 years © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 19 of 28
  20. 20. Stabilization Discovery Due Diligence Transition & Ramp upDue Diligence – Business & IT Business Alignment with IT As-Is IT Operational process • Alignment between Business processes • Organization Structure, their roles and and IT systems responsibilities • Standardization of Business Processes • Detailed scope of work – Functional, • Future Plans of Business and IT Support Technical, Infrastructure required • Technology Rationalization and Consolidation • Vendor Consolidation plans • Processes and procedures • Best Practices and Opportunities for improvement • Cost Breakup across Capex and Opex Detailed Roadmap - To address the Opportunities for improvement © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 20 of 28
  21. 21. Stabilization Discovery Due Diligence Transition & Ramp upTransition HR Plan Communication Plan Operation Plan • Prepare FAQ on Transition • Share the news with Divisional • Continue the current As-Is • Work out the modality of heads, Plant Heads, Major processes transfer of employees, if Department heads by Head of • Carry out currently planned required, from Customer to the Customer Organization projects TVSi • Share the news with IT Team • Define Baseline Services • Compensation & Benefits to on the same day • Template based approach for be examined for transferred • Share the news with TVSi on knowledge transition process employees the same day • Augment with shadow • Weekly interaction with IT resources from TVSi team to address soft issues • Physical Movement of people • Soft Plan preparation and • One on One meetings with deployment based on each team member Communication Feedback • Knowledge Transition from customer retained team to TVSi team • Fortnightly meetings with the entire team and TVSi Management © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 21 of 28
  22. 22. Discovery Due Diligence Transition Stabilization & Ramp-UpStabilization & Ramp upBusiness People Processes Infrastructure• Develop a vision and • Deploy a blended IT • Embed new IT systems and • Consolidate & optimize workforce processes into business infrastructure based on business success model operations recommendations ( TVSi team + Inhouse IT geared through IT team) • Deploy Cyclical • Deploy Information • Continuous training and transformation to maintain Security Systems in place technical upgradation of the competitive advantage the IT team • Continuously measure and optimize the results of transformation Maintain a dynamic and flexible IT to enable realization of ROI on IT spends © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 22 of 28
  23. 23. Governance Steering Committee Strategic Review Leadership Quarterly Leadership Tactical Review Engagement Manager Monthly Program Manager Operational Review Operational Team SiTOS Team Weekly IT Business TVSi Customer Empowerment Transparency Visibility through through Layered through Metrics Dashboard Governance © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 23 of 28
  24. 24. Risks and Mitigation Plan Critical decision making authority retained by customer Loss of Control management Lack of Role for Leverage current IT team either in core Business areas current IT team or in new strategic initiatives Lack of companys Robust knowledge transition process will be adopted internal knowledge for TVSi and documented De-motivation / Ensure soft plan deployment Attrition from Current IT team Impact of Current Retention of current team and backing up with shadow support levels team Soft issues from Regular listening exercises with Stakeholders and Business address their concerns Confidentiality Audit current Security readiness, Identify Vulnerability Retention, Security of Data points, Deploy Security Strengthening procedures © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 24 of 28
  25. 25. TVSi SnapshotSiTOS - WhySiTOS – WhatSiTOS - HowSiTOS – Value © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 25 of 28
  26. 26. Value of SiTOS with TVSi PEOPLE PROCESS SERVICE• Flexible ramp up & ramp down of • Industry Best Practices • Continuity of service team strength • Increased competitiveness • Predictability of service and costs• Access to skilled resources with latest • Operational efficiency in terms of • 24 x 7 availability, if required technology expertise SLAs, Metrics, Faster Turnaround • Service level management easier:• Freed up IT FTE resources for Value etc., arms’ length Added services • Technology Rationalization and Consolidation • Tried and tested support methodologies, procedures and processes Best practices and Leadership of Tier-1 companies Small enough to be accessible and large enough for being very professional © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 26 of 28
  27. 27. Thank you Corporate Head Quarters TVS Infotech #82 Santhome High Road, RA Puram Chennai 600 028, India. Tel. +91-44-30452345 Fax. +91-44-24618545India United States  Netherlands  Saudi Arabia  Oman © Copyright 2010, TVS Infotech Slide 27 of 28