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  • 1. Our Mission: To program your passion with great storytelling on every screen anywhere. TOMORROW’S TELEVISION CHANNELS TODAY Jon Cody, Founder
  • 2. Proven Management Team JON CODY Founder; CEO HUNG TRAN Head of Product • • Former CTO Machinima • 17 years of development / product experience • • Architect of US broadband policy (FCC Chair Powell) Launch GM, Hulu NICK TURNER Founding Partner; Head of Content SVP Digital, Relativity Media • VEVO Launch Team • SVP, Fox Digital Media • JOE DEVON / ROB CUADRA Founding Partners; CIO/CTO Drummer, Lords of the New Church • 35 years combined development experience • Co-founders, Diamond Web Services REBECCA AVERY Head of Content Operations ERIK STONE Content Acquisition PAUL DUDDRIDGE Head of Entertainment • Addy award commercial copyrighter and producer • Head of Reality TV, ROAR • • Head of Digital, Ovation • Executive produced “Remodeled” for the CW / Sony Television Writer/director of feature, “Mothers Day” (Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci, Sharon Stone) • Former top UK talent agent/producer CHRIS SLINGER Operations; Distribution MICHAEL HAUGH Finance; Analytics ADAM LEVERMORE Design; Branding • Co-founder, End of Retail • • • 12 years investment banking & private equity Award-winning production and graphic design • Graphic designer for Emmy-winning “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” series. 15 years finance/ops with Fox, HBO, Disney Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 3. The Problem Quality Video Content Owners/Producers TRADITIONAL TELEVISION • Shut Out • Cable + International Syndication Drying Up • Originals Dominated by Cheap Reality • Studio/Network Consolidation BROADBAND TELEVISION • Owners of quality TV/ Film libraries • Confusing • Multiple File Formats • Producers of quality original video • Multiple Distribution Outlets • Around the world • Multiple Business Models Are starved for distribution • Discoverability Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 4. The Solution Portfolio of genre-specific Broadband Television networks. Partner Portal Reporting • Aggregate high-quality content relevant to network genre (50-100 hours/year). Content Management System Asset Upload AWS Storage & Encoding Channel Brands Analytics • Super-distribute networks across web and mobile (O&O properties and distribution partners). Content Delivery APIs with Distribution Partners • Empowers content owners with complete creative and distribution control. • Deep viewership analytics across distribution networks optimize montization and programming. Asset Management Apps Players Sites AWS Cloud Front Monetization Ad Server Commerce Engine Distribution Partners MONITOR • Proprietary platform provides automated management and maintenance from a portal. Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL MANAGE
  • 5. Compelling Value Proposition $ BENEFITS TO: Empowering the BBTV Ecosystem Reduce Cost & Complexity Improve Discoverability • QUALITY CREATOR • • Last window for library • Increased distribution and monetization • • Transparent viewership, playback and revenue data Content wrapped in channel brand • Titles, keywords & SEO/SEM • Easy to find and recognizable brands • Distributed where viewer watches BBTV • From categories to branded networks Creative freedom First window for originals • • BBTV DISTRIBUTOR • Passion-driven networks • VIEWER Quality video content When, where, how you want to watch • Quality content at scale across several categories Audience aquisition • Cord-cutting / shaving • Go directly to channels of interest • Filter for quality libraries and originals Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 6. Market Size 4th Generation of TV in the US • Broadcast TV (3 Channels) Cable TV (30 Channels) Pay TV (300 Channels) Broadband TV (3,000 Channels) • The Opportunity: Few quality channels in a handful of major categories exist today • Disruption to legacy TV networks Global Opportunity • More internet-connected video devices than humans by 2017 (8.2B vs 7.4B people) • $35B in worldwide revenue by 2018 $2.0B $2.93B $4.14B $5.75B $6.99B $8.04B US Online Video Ad Spend 2011 2012 2013 2014 Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL 2015 2016
  • 7. Technology Stack FEATURES Partner Portal • Direct asset upload to cloud/TV4 content management system from anywhere in the world. Reporting • Propriety CMS automates channel creation and content delivery. • Super-distribution to O&O websites and applications, and online video portals. Content Management System Asset Upload AWS Storage & Encoding Channel Brands • AWS storage, encoding, delivery, and streaming from the cloud. • Clear channel brands that super-serve passionate, niche audiences. Asset Management Analytics Content Delivery APIs with Distribution Partners AWS Cloud Front Monetization Ad Server Commerce Engine MANAGE MONITOR Apps Players Sites Distribution Partners • Asset-level tracking and viewership data across the distribution network. Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 8. Scalability Networks • • Scale Existing Networks Build New Networks Content • • Scale Content Partners IP Ownership in Originals Distribution Many Ways to Scale Value • • • • More Digital International Traditional TV Become a Distributor Mo re Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL t en COMPOUNDING GROWTH Viewership / Audience More Co nt Audience ution trib s Di Network ore s M
  • 9. Go To Market • Drive Organic Growth (New channels; New content; Leverage content & distribution partners; PR; social) • Test Paid Marketing Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2 Channel Partners 30 Content Partners 5K Hours +2 Channel Partners 100 Content Partners 7K Hours 150 Content Partners 8,500 Hours HULU (SVOD / AVOD) YouTube (AVOD) TV4 (AVOD) New DP (SVOD/TVOD) New DP (AVOD) New DP (AVOD/SVOD) HULU (AVOD/SVOD) TV4 (AVOD) YouTube (AVOD) NEW NETWORKS +2 Channel Partners 50 Content Partners 5,500 Hours New DP (AVOD) New DP (SVOD/TVOD) New DP (AVOD/SVOD) +2 +2 +2 10 hrs to launch new channel 1-2 hr/wk refresh Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 10. Dramatic Growth and High Profit Margins • Strong revenue growth to $70M in 2016 • Margins growing to >30% in Q3 2015 • Cash flow positive from Q1 2015 and break-even at Q3 2015 INCOME STATEMENT ($ in 000s) 2013 2014 2015 2016 Channels 4 10 14 14 Distribution Partners 3 8 10 10 696,400 89,578,784 763,200,000 1,612,800,000 1,044,600 134,368,176 1,767,600,000 5,644,800,000 13 1,558 20,327 64,915 Subscription Revenue - - - 4,388 Direct Cost of Sales 8 1,012 13,213 44,389 50 344 984 1,316 (46) 201 6,130 23,599 -360% 13% 30% 34% 329 1,304 1,786 2,144 (375) (1,103) 4,344 21,455 Streams Impressions Licensing Revenue Indirect Cost of Sales Gross Margin Gross Margin % Operating Costs EBITDA Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL
  • 11. Thank You Jon Cody, CEO TV4 Entertainment, Inc. 1617 Cosmo St., Suite 414 Los Angeles, CA 90028 Email: Phone: 310.248.0596 Tomorrow’s TV Channels Today | CONFIDENTIAL