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TUV SUD America 25th anniversary


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TÜV SÜD is pleased to announce its 25th year serving customers in the United States and the Americas region.

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TUV SUD America 25th anniversary

  1. 1. Press Release September 18, 2012TÜV SÜD Celebrates 25 Years of Service Excellence in the AmericasPeabody, Massachusetts. TÜV SÜD America is pleased to announce its official 25-year anniversaryof business operations in the United States. Founded as a business-to-business engineering servicesfirm providing international safety testing and certification services, TÜV SÜD America was officiallyorganized under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as TÜV Bayern Inc.,Manchester, Mass. in the summer of 1987.A subsidiary of TÜV SÜD AG, an internationally recognized technical services organization, today theAmericas region company‟s name is officially recognized as TÜV SÜD America Inc. to align with all theTÜV SÜD companies worldwide. Its primary service divisions are Industry Service, ManagementService, Product Service, and its subsidiaries, PetroChem Inspection Services, Inc. and Global RiskConsultants Corporation."TÜV SÜD America is an important cornerstone of our companys internationalization strategy," saysDr. Axel Stepken, Chairman of the Board of Management of TÜV SÜD AG. "The U.S. market plays acrucial role in the global economy. Through our services we support our clients in the Americas indistinguishing themselves and to win top positions in the global marketplace."In 25 years of operations in the United States, TÜV SÜD has grown from a handful of individuals to astaff more than 1,000 experts in over a dozen locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, andBrazil, including the acquisitions of EST Testing Solutions and PetroChem Inspection Services in 2006,followed by Global Risk Consultants unbundled risk management and engineering consulting expertisein 2010.“Through a quarter-century of tremendous organic growth, investments and acquisitions, TÜV SÜD hassignificantly increased our footprint in the Americas marketplace for our customers,” said Ian Nicol,President and CEO, TÜV SÜD America Inc.“These acquisitions in combination with investments in new initiatives “outside” of the quality and safetyfocus supporting renewable energy, battery testing and lighting fosters our growing network of testinglaboratories and services. TÜV SÜD enables clients to conveniently test their products and demonstratetheir commitment to quality in building safe and reliable products. We are excited to continue ourstrategy of providing „added value‟ to our customers and to expand our service portfolio with newstrategic locations in the years to come," Mr. Nicol concluded.In recognition of TÜV SÜD‟s 25 years in the Americas, TÜV SÜD America‟s CEO and President IanNicol has recorded a Celebration message on the TÜV SÜD website. Click here to view.For more information about TÜV SÜD America‟s overall services, visit www.tuvamerica.comMedia Relations: For more information, contact: For editorial information, contact: Ian Nicol Carmen S. Asteinza President & CEO Marketing Director
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 TÜV SÜD America Inc. TÜV SÜD America Inc. 978.573.2501 978.573.2577 casteinza@tuvam.comAbout TÜV SÜDTÜV SÜD is a leading international service organization catering to the strategic business segments INDUSTRY, MOBILITY,and PEOPLE. More than 17,000 employees are represented at more than 600 locations throughout the world. Optimizingtechnology, systems and know-how, the interdisciplinary specialist teams act as process partners to strengthen theircustomers competitiveness. For more information, visit TÜV SÜD America Inc.TÜV SÜD America, a subsidiary of TÜV SÜD AG, Munich, Germany, is a leading globally recognized testing and certificationorganization that provides electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental testing and product safety services, CEMarking assistance, NRTL and SCC certification, and performs European Union Notified Body services for a variety of EUdirectives. Additionally, TÜV SÜD offers a full suite of globally recognized Management System certification servicesincluding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. For more information, please visit PetroChem Inspection Services, Inc.PetroChem Inspection Services., a subsidiary of TÜV SÜD America, has been synonymous with quality inspection servicesfor over 30 years, offering Non-Destructive Examination and Testing services (NDE/NDT) to refining, petrochemical, andother process-related industries. As a provider of visual inspection, both on-stream and turnaround, PetroChem is one of thelargest employers of API Inspectors in the United States. In addition, PetroChem provides a full range of tank inspectionservices, mechanical integrity programs, turnaround management, and comprehensive non-destructive testing such asultrasonic, magnetic particle, radiographic, and eddy current. PetroChem is headquartered in Pasadena, Texas and has over400 employees.About Global Risk Consultants Corp.Global Risk Consultants Corp. (GRC),, is the worldwide leader in unbundled property losscontrol, providing the risk management community with accurately qualified site-specific risk identification and lossexpectancies resulting from property-related perils.