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  1. 1. Information Technology & Services Prague 28th May 2008
  2. 2. Agenda q Primavera company overview q Primavera solution overview q Guardian Life Assurance 2
  3. 3. Primavera q Sole Focus and Commitment to the PPM Market q A Fully Integrated Solution with unmatched Resource and Portfolio Management functionality q Recognized “Leader” with significant and referencable client base q Selected year after year as Leader by top analysts Only Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 7 consecutive years Leader in Forrester reports 3 years in a row q Commitment to customer support and potential for a unique vendor relationship 3
  4. 4. Primavera at a Glance 200 190 180 25 years of consistent growth and leadership 170 Large referencable customers & partners in 84 countries 160 150 Best customer service in the industry 140 130 Software used by more than 80,000 customers 120 500+ Employees (30% R&D, 20% Customer Support) 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 4 83 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 01 03 05 07
  5. 5. Primavera Solution Footprint: Managing The Way You Work What? Who? When? Portfolio Management Resource Management Project Management Identify, select, and prioritize Plan and execute high Right people. Right projects. quality projects on time, the right strategic initiatives on budget Right now. How Much? Changes? Sure? Cost Management Contract Management Risk Management Job Cost tracking and Manage contracts, Mitigate project risk through Earned value reporting commitments, changes predictive analytics 5
  6. 6. Primavera IT Solutions for the Enterprise Select the right projects Align Initiatives with Strategy Achieve visibility into all projects Measure projects objectively Match resources with right projects Track schedule & cost effectively Enable collaborative management 6
  7. 7. P6 Helps you Achieve Operational Excellence P6 The most powerful, easy-to-use solution for projects of any size Web Access Project & for All Users Risk Management for the Power User Anytime, Rich functionality Anywhere Reporting and administration/ Access security Enterprise-wide integration and reporting 7 7
  8. 8. Primavera • Manage projects and programs of any size or complexity • View any level of detail within a project • Tools for any role, function, or skill level 8 8
  9. 9. Primavera for IT Our customers have successfully completed projects with improvements in excess of 88% and savings of >$100 million 9
  10. 10. Guardian Life Insurance & Primavera Solution Customer Benefit / Quote Customer "Improving how we approach project management has been a critical success factor for us. Primavera has given us a solid IT Projects foundation so that everyone has a good feel for exactly what we are doing, what our priorities are, and the financial health of Guardian Life Insurance the project. So when a problem is encountered, we have a full Company of understanding of how it should be resolved." America Other Customers With Similar Projects in Place 10
  11. 11. Enhance Value of IT Through Project Management Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, uses Primavera Project Management technology to drive dramatic budget savings and business building efficiencies. qPrimavera is used to manage… 400 active projects 650 resources Managed outsourced contractors 11
  12. 12. Pain Areas q Guardian’s $150 million IT budget was growing 30 percent annually q Too much of the cost going to maintenance and legacy enhancement q Return on Investment “Guardian recognized the need to have technology be more of a strategic contributor” “They recognized the need to slow the spending growth. In effect to run IT like a business.” 12
  13. 13. Building the Foundation New relationships were built between IT and other business leaders in a top-to- bottom partnership. Established sound financial management structure for the division. Key to the success of that structure was the introduction of project management methodologies and a software suite of tools to support the process. Too many of Guardian’s IT projects were grossly over budget and seriously behind schedule. Getting costs under control was critical. To ensure quality management, Guardian needed to be able to prioritize spending and enable all constituencies – up to the CEO – to have a window on IT activities. 13
  14. 14. Building the Foundation Primavera was selected as the tool of choice. Primavera’s project management and portfolio management capabilities were much more advanced than anything else on the market,” With the help of Primavera partners, the software was implemented within five months. Implementation now stands at 120 project managers using the project portfolio management software to manage more than 400 active projects and more than 650 resources, including the IT division staff and offshore partner users. 14
  15. 15. Real Savings, Quantifiable ROI After implementing Primavera, Guardian continued to make changes designed to help the IT organization increase its value To reduce expenses, certain maintenance and development projects once handled by in-house contractors were outsourced, and servers and networks were consolidated. Within one year of implementing these changes, Guardian reduced its total IT division budget by more than $30 million. In addition, maintenance costs were slashed from 30 percent of the budget to at times, only 18 percent. 15
  16. 16. Real Savings, Quantifiable ROI Guardian also implemented a project prioritization process. Using Primavera, IT managers meet with profit centers at budget time to review projects, estimated costs, and anticipated benefits. Projects are then aligned with each department’s strategic plans and prioritized, Helping the IT division’s “customers” better manage not only costs, but expectations as well. “For example, when the executive team sits down and looks at the budget for the coming year, demand always exceed our supply of resources and available funding,” 16
  17. 17. Real Savings, Quantifiable ROI “By using Primavera to facilitate discussions on project value and prioritization, we take out $20-50 million of unnecessary requests each year that might otherwise be in the budget.” 17
  18. 18. Real Savings, Quantifiable ROI Integrating the software with Guardian’s general ledger system provides organization-wide visibility into project costs and value. Detailed information about projects appears on each department manager’s monthly financial statement. Quarterly reports for all projects with a value of more than $100,000 are provided to all Profit Center Officers and Guardian Senior Management. Improving project management approach has been a critical success factor for Guardian With Primavera they now have a solid foundation, everyone has a good feel for exactly what we are doing, what our priorities are, and the financial health of the project. When a problem is encountered, Guardian have a full understanding of how it should be resolved 18
  19. 19. Real Savings, Quantifiable ROI In terms of adding value to Guardian, they have improved the rate of completing projects on-time, on-budget and within scope from 35 percent to 65 percent; and expect that number to continuously increase 19
  20. 20. “Whiplash” Customer Service Every IT effort can be approached in terms of payback Positioning IT to take Guardian where it needed to go in terms of how it uses technology – to enhance the efficiency of operations, to provide personalized customer service, and to drive new projects out the door faster and cheaper. With the changes made Guardian know where they are spending Acting as the ultimate customer service organization, even to internal customers, is critical 20
  21. 21. Building the Business-IT Relationship Other IT organizations can enhance their value to the organization. The first step is for technology experts to establish credibility with corporate management “IT leaders need to prove themselves as value-added intellectual peers, people who bring something to the table that enhances the business and appeals to its executives,” he says. “By running IT like a business, IT is perceived as a valuable partner because the organization has demonstrated a sense of responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of the overall business, rather than their own as a technology utility." 21
  22. 22. Key Metrics Primavera helped Guardian bring costs under control while delivering strategic projects on time. Within one year of implementing Primavera, Guardian; q Saved $30 Million in IT budget q Slashed maintenance costs by 30% q Costs under control q Strategic Projects Delivered on Time 22
  23. 23. Thank you Fleur Jerinic Regional Manager Primavera Tel: +44 7793 803 428 Email: 23