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TTC Media, a large branded social media concern with a large amount of credits to our name. See what we have done and what we can do for you.

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Ttc Media About Us

  1. 1. About Us; Internationally Branded Social Media Concern. Learn More About Us Here
  2. 2. Multi Award Winning Photography. Our Photography Hangs In Museums, Art Galleries, Libraries, Visitor Centers, Restaurants, Businesses And Homes All Over And Is Seen In Print, Advertising, Internet Web Sites And People's Home Pages On iGoogle.
  3. 3. We are the world's largest producers and publishers of Fife & Drum videos on the Internet. We have over 800 videos published on You Tube and have a world following.
  4. 4. We have won multiple awards for our digital and graphic arts. Our work is used in brochures, advertising print pages, web sites and more.
  5. 5. We are experts on the 1 st Amendment Of the Bill of Rights. We set the platform for presidential candidate, Mitt Romney's famous speech, “Faith In America” back in 2007.
  6. 6. We have designed, produced and published over 100 web sites, blog sites, social media sites, custom search engines, group sites, video channels, and have configured all kinds of audio players, video players, mapping systems, weather tracking systems, live video feeds, RSS feeds, and more into web sites for both clients and ourselves.
  7. 7. We presently maintain over 20 web sites, news blogs and video channels. We can be found on Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter, Slide-Share, Deviant Art, You Tube and more. We have new accounts on Vimeo and Meta Cafe with more coming.
  8. 8. We presently produce world wide hits between 600 to 2,200 hits per day strictly as a Social Media concern. We give away free MP3 music downloads, free video downloads and free software downloads all 100% legal.
  9. 9. We produce very unique Window Pain Displays and split photos up to 16 feet by 20 feet. Great for Museums, Art Galleries, Hotels, Entertainment Companies, Banks, Commercial Real Estate Concerns And Corporate Concerns.
  10. 10. We write, produce and publish articles for print, advertising, marketing and web sites and for news, how to pieces and training. We create, design, produce and publish various photography pieces, digital and graphic arts, videos, web commercials, presentations, brochures, sales presentation print pages, web sites and blogs.
  11. 11. We train people in running their own web sites, social media campaigns, marketing, software requirements and computer and network needs.
  12. 12. We maintain a private network of entertainers, actors and actresses, models, magicians, musicians, mermaids and bands. We have produced a Grand Opening Event for a retail store selling out over one third of their showroom floor stock in one day.
  13. 13. We maintain our own in house studios with 10 computers, 7 printers, 9 cameras, video capturing technologies, over 1,000 custom and proprietary software programs, 6 TV monitors, DVD, HD and Blue Ray systems, VHS and transferring technologies, scanners and more.
  14. 14. We Maintain A Huge Library Of; <ul><li>Royalty Free Music, Videos, Loops & Art
  15. 15. Copy Left Music, Videos, Loops & Art
  16. 16. Public Domain Music, Videos, Loops & Art
  17. 17. Our Own Stock Photography, Over 300 Gigs
  18. 18. Our Own Video Stock, Over 300 Gigs
  19. 19. Our Own Custom Loops
  20. 20. Public Domain Clip Art
  21. 21. Public Domain Fonts, Over 2,000 Fonts </li></ul>
  22. 22. We also maintain a host of portable digital media players from hand held players to wall or shelf mount players and table stand players. We can present digital media anywhere at any time.
  23. 23. We also custom build software solutions. <ul><li>Virus Removal Tools
  24. 24. Hard Drive Cloning or Ghosting Tools
  25. 25. Admin Password Resetting Tools
  26. 26. File System Recovery Tools
  27. 27. On The Fly Operating Systems
  28. 28. System Integrity Assessment Software </li></ul>
  29. 29. Visit us at; Get Free Stuff – MP3 Downloads, Videos, Software, News & Entertainment, Links To More TTC Media Sites. All 100% legal and licensed.
  30. 30. Hire Us Hire us for your Social Media Needs, Video Production, Photography, Web Commercials, Marketing, Advertising, Tracking Campaign Effectiveness, Designing Your Blog Sites, Digital And Graphic Art Needs, Promotional Campaigns, Consulting, Media Displays, SEO And PPC Consulting.
  31. 31. Meet The Entire TTC Media Staff We have a staff of one. Chuck Thompson