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Illustrations; This is a 19th Century French magazine that we have translated to English. Loaded with wonderful illustrations of the period. A great read to get a better understanding of daily life in Europe. Gloucester, Virginia Links and News website. Visit us for more incredible content.

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Illustrations - 19th Century French Magazine

  1. 1. Special Edition Brought To You By; Chuck Thompson of TTC Media Digital Publishing; September, 2013 French to English Translation September, 2013. Visit Us. Ab to Paris - 3 months, 8 en -. 6 months, 15 fr -. A year 30 fr. Price each N º 75 c -. Monthly collection br, 2 fr.. 75. Ab for Dep -. 3 months, 9 en -. 6 months, 17 fr -. A year, 32 fr. for Foreigner. - 10 - 20 - 40 No. 53. Vol. III -. Saturday, March 2, 1844. Offices, rue de Seine, 33. SUMMARY. History Week , View of the city of Alicante,. portrait against Admiral Dupetit-Thouars - Courier Paris . - Salon of 1844. Visit the workshops. Portraits MM. Ingres, Delaroche, Eugène Delacroix, Horace Vernet, Decamps and Charlet, the Jury of the Exhibition, by Decamps, three cartoons. - Fragments of a Journey to Africa . (More.) - The Mysteries of the Administration . Writers Workshop Illustration of the day Writers Workshop at night, Editorial Office Illustration. - Don Graviel the Alferez. maritime Fancy. (More.) A Burning. - Episodes of the Life of a gold coin , told by herself -. Army . Recruitment, Circulation. Three Engravings. Theatres . Royal Academy of Music.A Scene
  2. 2. Lady Henrietta -. Bureau subscription rue de Seine. - Library Bulletin - Allegorical Figure of Mars -. Methods . A Burning. - Correspondence -. Rebus. Story of the Week. To Alicante. Never, perhaps, since the great struggle of the parliamentary coalition, the Chamber of Deputies has been plagued by more vivid than those who agitate for a few weeks emotions. We reported a week ago, the rejection of the proposal of Mr. Rémusat after a discussion which had excited the House. The statement by the office of a majority against this proposal has caused complaints and protests that resulted in a request to amend the regulation. Mr. Combarel of Leyval suggested that, while maintaining a secret ballot to vote on all laws and for other cases where the twenty deputies ask whenever we procédât a split vote that ten members of the House it would demand. Admitted to reading three offices, this proposal will be developed and consideration discussed in the meeting of March 9 -. Friday of last week, was read the report of Mr. Allard on petitions in the House against the fortifications of Paris. The discussion on the findings of the commission proposing the agenda was set for the day when this issue will be -. Discussion on the bill introduced by Marshal Soult for a pension of 3,000 fr. was recorded on the ledger of the state in favor of miss Dronet Erlon, as a tribute to the glorious services and pure unselfishness Marshal his father, this discussion, which at any other time would have passed unnoticed, had She also political repercussions. A member of the opposition, Mr. Lherbette, recalled how the explanatory memorandum to the bill he supported contrasted with certain agendas and some proclamations published in 1815 by the author of that statement, against Marshal in whose memory we now made a worthy tribute. This striking contrast Mr. Lherbette brought out this morality, recommended him to men and political bodies should never wither opponents -.
  3. 3. Understandably, this general provision, this animation of spirits in the House the poorly prepared for the discussion of laws.We said what happened to the law of the hunt. The patent law took a little fatigue than the last, had experience and desire we had to finish to achieve political discussions which the parties present were given an appointment. The votes of the first articles are succeeded with some, speed, but it is more likely that the House of Lords will undergo their useful amendments and more than one of them will come again, amended on Chamber of Deputies. In the debate, some speakers are held to show that the tax on business income is a remnant of feudalism, a kind of slavery that still weighs on trade and industry. The tax is now a fairly general slavery for industry and commerce have to be ashamed to be bound like everyone, we hardly see that pensioners on the State which are provided . This claim, or rather declamation, so had little chance of success, and it was better to focus only, without diversion misunderstood, the real point of the debate, the issue that dominates all others, whether the patent will continue to form a tax quality , or if we will go into the category of other contributions, establishing it as tax allocation . With the current mode, the tax taken as a whole would not be beautiful too high, it could even beyond measure and inevitably crash into each other and household. Inflexible prices blindly impose the same loads, little difference, individuals who pursue the same profession without taking sufficient account of the extent of their industry. With the mode of distribution, however, asked by most of Paris patented a petition they circulated in the House, the annual Finance Act would set the sales tax to be borne by the industry, and partition between departments as it does for other direct taxes, the treasure would remain outside of the division, which would be made between districts by councils, between the towns by the borough councils, and between taxpayers by Commissioners distributors, that is to say by their peers. The minister and the rapporteur of the Committee fought this system, the most logical and the one that would most surely the administration away from any particular claim. Their reasons have seemed as specious. There were far as patent wholesale dealers and retail merchants, we imagined the intermediate license dealer's semi- wholesale. Some members wanted to see in this creation a political means put in the hands of a ministry to favor certain patented the first class, and take in some other respect the past. Without believing in this calculation, we see in this little subdivision trench an inevitable source of abuse even involuntary. As the industry classifications, or rather their nomenclature, it presents unique patentable professions. One would think that the operator, that is to say, the quack who practices in the fairs and market places, and that the police court condemns as practicing medicine and surgery without a degree is granted amnesty, but it is true, patented by Minister of Finance! It reminds too innocent in the eyes of the control rights together, adulterated wine, provided that the mixture had paid the law. The operator will he subject to license wholesale, semi-wholesale or retail?When he will not pull a tooth at a time, it may be third class, but when a sudden you tear the whole jaw, full, it must be stored in the first, or the tax n ' hear good or equity or interests, which would surprise us to varying degrees. He must know how to respect the laws, but one of the surest ways is to make them respectable. Moreover, we repeat, the House was eager to end this discussion, yet so important, because of arrests of Mr. Carne, Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs on the measures taken by the Cabinet on Tahiti were announced and fixed Thursday. She did not succeed, and the discussion of the law of patents had to be stopped. We realize it, a week ago, decay, delivered by Admiral Dupetit-Thouars, Queen Pomare, who had stubbornly refused to perform the treaty, and take possession of the island of Tahiti on behalf of the French king. We said that the government's silence about the event was variously, but not against the Admiral Dupetit-Thouars.favorably interpreted. The British Chambers and the cabinet of St. James had, on the contrary, the strongest protest heard. The Monitor finally spoke. Here is the official note is inserted February 26: "The government has heard from the island of Tahiti, dated 1 November 9, 1842.Mr. against Admiral Dupetit-Thouars, arrived in the Bay Papéiti November 1 to execute the treaty of September 9, 1842, the king had ratified believed he should not stick to the provisions of this Treaty, and take possession of the full sovereignty of the island. Queen Pomare wrote to the king to claim the Treaty provisions which ensure the internal sovereignty of his country, and beg him to keep his rights.The king, on the advice of his council, not finding in the reported facts sufficient reasons to
  4. 4. depart from the Convention of 9 September 1812, ordered the outright execution of the treaty, and the establishment of the protectorate French on the island of Tahiti. "Along these lines were sent to the Monitor, a telegram was sent to from a corvette with Mr. Dupetit-Thouars a recall order. On Thursday, a very lively discussion ensued about it. The arrests of Mr. Carne have opened. Mr. Foreign Minister replied. A Guizot succeeded Mr. Billaut. The both have captivated the attention of the House. The minister of the navy may have been less fortunate, and left too beautiful game Dufaure, who came taxing bias by the thoughtlessness firm and repudiation of the conduct of MM. Dupetit-Thouars and Bruat recklessness.The minister of public instruction has felt obliged to participate in the debate. The Chamber has shown distracted during his speech, and attention was aroused by the proposal of Mr. Ducos thus motivating the agenda: "The Chamber, without approving the conduct of the ministry passes the agenda. "Guizot strongly requested the referral of the discussion to the next, so that it was possible to bring the platform of the new evidence. The House, despite his impatience to vote approved the referral. The next discussion was trailing. For most part of the session, the platform was occupied by the stooges. MM.Guizot, Thiers Ducos and well at the end, made a lively debate. But disposions the Chambered were obviously changed, and the department received 233 votes out of 420 voters. The opposition was, having found more than 187. Other no less vivid than those we reported and announced is still gives an idea in a very near future discussions. Charles Laffitte, whose election in Louviers was once canceled by the House on the same proposal of the Ministry, as offering corruption too obvious that their finding would require an investigation, Mr. Charles Laffitte recently re-elected again by the same college. The cancellation of the election will she pronounced with the same unanimity?she will instead be fought, and an investigation she ordered? That this House shows consistent or inconsistent with itself, there will again certainly a curious session for fans seeking the busy struggles.The next request for a credit for the secret funds bring new -. Was noted in the House, with a curiosity mingled astonishment, the silence of Lamartine, who had so often and so busy impact of various fora between the two sessions, and has delivered a very short speech from the parliamentary rostrum is open.His newspaper, the public good , imitates his reserve, and is hardly out once to attack the opposition.
  5. 5. Special letters of Beirut, January 10, mention the following fact, which deserves to be quoted. Towards the end of December and a few days after the arrival of the new Pasha Haider, an Algerian Jew, unaware that Jews were forbidden to pass the church of the Holy Sepulchre, approached the building.He was immediately attacked by a band of Christian lunatics who cruelly abused him and left him for dead on the spot. When the poor Jew had recovered his senses and he could walk, he went to the French consul, M. Lantivy, and informed him of what had happened to him. The consul immediately sent a complaint to the Pasha, who ordered the arrest of the culprits immediately. This caused a great sensation in the Christian population is invoked as an excuse to use that forbade Jews to attend the vicinity of the church. Priors of Latin and Greek convents intervened in favor of their co- religionists, but M. de Lantivy would not listen and insisted that the command, Thou shalt not kill thee , should rather be seen as a barbarous custom, even enshrined tradition. Haider Pasha was quite the opinion of the French consul, but the priors of monasteries who committed their word no outrage like this would not happen, M. Lantivy consented to release him that the prisoners after few hours' imprisonment, provided they pay the expenses that require the healing of their victim. In addition, the Pasha issued an order forbidding the Christians, under the severest penalties, to mistreat Jews who now spend in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Can not be high enough to approve the conduct of our consul in this circumstance. It would swallow the influence that belief can ensure compliance to France among these populations that do not use to prevail above all the sacred interests of humanity. Our special envoy to Haiti, Mr. Adolphe Barrot, who had sailed there on January 8 corvette Dawn , entered the port of Brest on 21 February. It did not grant any discount on annuity payments of compensation due to the French settlers, and reported 300,000 piastres (1,800,000 f.). Haitian commissioners will be sent to Paris to agree on the payment of interest on the loan. Before his departure, Mr Barrot had witnessed the installation of the new President of the Republic, General Herard, France was also represented at this ceremony by the cons-Admiral Moges and the staff of the Nereid , and brigsEngineering and Butterfly , who remained in that port. The new constitution proclaimed in Haiti says that Africans and Indians, and their descendants by the father or the mother, may become citizens. No white can get this title. The second part provides for civil and political rights. The third is declared the equality of citizens, freedom of the press is guaranteed. Schools will be open to both sexes, and education will be free and open. The people have the right to assemble, but without weapons. The legislative, executive and judicial powers are defined. Executive power is in the hands of the president, the legislature consists of a Senate and a House of Commons. One third of the Senate is renewed every two years. The jury is established. The colors of the republic are blue and red, arranged horizontally; weapons: a palm surmounted by liberty cap and decorated with a trophy of arms with the legend unity is strength. Port-au-Prince is the seat of government, and took the name of Port- Republican. An amnesty was declared, but the exile of President Boyer is maintained. We should look away from Spain if it was not the duty of the entire press to banish nations bloody men who decimate today. We reported the terrible dispatch of the Minister of War. General Roncali, the same one who accused justly Espartero miss generosity, humanity during the execution of Diego Leon is not only told twice and immediately proceeded to murder on the largest scale. Seven senior and junior officers were shot on his command, and the fallen at the same time that these unfortunate hands of Brigadier Pardo were also decimated by order, Roncali. It will be understood such monsters and next to similar crimes the following measure is not a kindness. The editors of the newspaper El Mundo were ordered as follows: "GOVERNMENT POLICY OF THE PROVINCE OF MADRID. From that day, you will cease to publish the newspaper called El Mundo . God bless you! Madrid, February 18, 1844.ANTONIO BENAVIDES. "- The city of Alicante, where the insurgency is mistress is blocked. Perhaps at the time of writing, the ruin and death reign only within its walls. New Lisbon make us little about the relative situation of armed parties in Portugal. All they tell us clearly is that again, as in Madrid, the constitution is outlawed. The attention and ovations followed O'Connell in London. The Whigs, he has so often abused in
  6. 6. Ireland's popular rants, have shown generously forgetful, and testified that her sympathy was, on several occasions, brought to the enthusiasm. It was announced that he had to attend a meeting of the league against the grain was convened at Covent Garden. A long line of carriages, floats tight, fiery people, headed to the theater. The room could contain a very small number of these curious. Most members have exhibited their cards in vain, everything was busy, and the most brilliant women showed themselves at the forefront. Posters were put up outside to announce that the room was packed, and any attempt to enter would be useless. The outdoor crowd resigned, but not disperse, and soon announced to cheers privileged spectators they will see come O'Connell. The whole room rises. The applause bursting with enthusiasm, with, fury, Covent Garden in seems shaken to its foundations. O'Connell finally was able to take place, it has to speak; transport recur, then give way to a religious silence. "By coming here tonight, he said, I intend to do an eloquent speech, but fortunately I have start with what might be called the solid part of oratory, from a person which deserves, and a friend of mine, to be named a friend of justice, and urged me to start my speech by giving you 100 pounds. In any case, there is an eloquence sterling and if you find ninety-nine imitators of his example, you have your £ 100,000 (the league has called this amount for the budget year) and now I must admit that, given the money, I am out of my rhetoric "It was just a spice exordium, and the speaker, who is said to end eloquence, then made one. speech where he also showed a lot of movement, so clever, and more touching than in any of his previous speeches. The rapturous applause that had more than once interrupted erupted again when he had finished speaking, and its output, as its input, was a triumph. The Ministry is obviously uncomfortable for these events. The tranquility of Ireland also seems a disservice to his projects, and he consoled himself by making every day a rumor plots stale and discovery frames. Moreover, the House of Commons voted on the motion of Lord Russell, against which Mr. Peel gave a speech where he showed measured, but very insensitive to Ireland, and very strong against O'Connell . The latter, in the same discussion was very tight arguments, much more sober than usual images, no longer trying to move, but to convince. Lord Russell, meanwhile, responded to the minister, and highlighted the danger to Englandstatus quo in Ireland. However the motion was rejected by 324 votes against 225. It now appears that the English ministry would come to be convinced that as long as it does not abuse O'Connell, Ireland remain peaceful. We read in the Times the very curious note as follows: "We learn from a reliable source that the Duke of Wellington decided that Mr. O'Connell would not be put in prison, he thinks that the conviction is sufficient and that imprisonment would be useless if Mr. O'Connell wants to be moderate, although we think it will not be deprived of his liberty. As for us, we are happy to be so "in Dublin, Dr. Gray and Dr. Atkinson owners. Freeman's Journal (Journal of the Freeman ), Mr Barrett, owner driver, Mr. Staunton , owner of the weekly paper -Weekly Register , and Mr. Duffy, owner of the nation , have sent their resignation of members of the recall. This is motivated on the statement made by the Attorney General that any member of the organization was responsible for publication of periodicals whose owners were affiliated with the association. The strongest fermentation still reigns in papal legations, and she came to manifest as assassinations. In Ravenna, a shot was fired at the person of Mr. Claveri, police chief, but the guard who was escorting was only reached and the next day we saw displayed in the streets an anonymous review stating that if Mr. Claveri did not leave Ravenna, it does not fail again. In St. Albert, Fusignano, small towns the same legation, Swiss sentries were disarmed, the Carabinieri were killed. In Bologna, who wanted a customs stop a man who was said to have been part of August band was extended death of a pistol fired by one.Finally, a member of the special commission to try political Ancona accused of this city, Mr. Alessandrini from Ancona in a street accompanied by two gendarmes, was stabbed with a dagger by a man Masked who lunged at him, to which the crowd immediately opened its ranks to allow it to blend with the other masks. The condition of the victim is desperate. The suspension of the pleasures of the Carnival was immediately pronounced.
  7. 7. Several newspapers had announced on 15 February that the Museum of the Baths and Hôtel de Cluny was open. This, news was premature: the museum will be delivered to the public as to the 15th of this month. Meanwhile, the installation work continues in earnest. The collection has been assembled not only includes some of the most valuable art objects from the Middle Ages, and especially French art, but other very valuable antique objects and unknown artists. Baron Reynaud, a former examiner of the Royal Polytechnic School and the Navy, has died in Paris. Courier Paris. Finally the noise died down: after noise, silence, fasting after the orgy, the sacred temples were reopened and the Opera Ball is closed, the pious preachers voice has replaced the mundane and cries the unbridled joy. We lived like the damned, we'll live like saints sin, we go to penance, and fat to lean. The abbot of Eavignan reign and Musard abdicates, at least it is not descended from the throne without honor his last stroke of the bow was a masterstroke. It was the last Saturday of his kingship, it was five o'clock in the morning, chandeliers paled, and not throwing the vaults of the room a feeble light, the most intrepid tanks were exhausted and panting, all went out to both gas and dancers Musard only stood and flamboyant. Suddenly, a loud voice in the middle of dull murmur of the crowd shot: "No! is he cried, he will not say that we leave so! Are you then fellow Musard? "At these words he waved his bow and singing full orchestra Quadrille Students . Or is it all: the Quadrille Student is the Opera Ball that the sun of Austerlitz was for the great army: "Soldiers! Here the Austerlitz "and they sprang another win sun."Tops! Here the Quadrille Students! "and they rush into the fury of a new dance. Quadrille makes this magical force to upset, health to the sick and the dead to life. Then you would have seen all this multitude revive uttering cheers happy, and then finally, in the climax of the dancing fever, surround Musard, take him away from his band and scroll loudly Musard in mind. The Emperor said: "! With brave as you, I conquerrais the world" - "With tanks of your strength, cried Musard, I would gallop the universe!" So Musard copy to Napoleon end, it remains for him to import the Quadrille Students at St. Helena, but Hudson Lowe is no longer there to dance. Campaigns Musard never end without a lot of dying or dead. There is no head or legs removed by a bullet or shrapnel, but as fever, pleurisy, of apoplexy and pulmonies! Statistical see a very significant increase in mortality after the fat days. Do you know who pulls the Carnival the most clear benefit? the funeral: Have fun, trémoussez you! Have fun, have fun, beautiful! Have fun, have fun! Since the ball is closed, we have the concert - between Scylla and Charybdis - The concert is the natural fruit of the season which begins and grows in March to bloom in profusion with Holy Week.. The concert will be in effect for abstinence time, can be stored without difficulty in the class that put innocent Archbishop allows, and that do not compromise in any way the sanctity of Lent there are talents, voices and instruments so thin - Read, music sheets, stop hanging on the front windows of music stores posters, and you will be afraid of the vocal and instrumental with March and April you threaten flooding. Here everyone pretend to be an artist, as is also the first came to the deputation and ministry and, as the concert is the baptism of the artist, concerts rained from all sides. This is Mr. Pancras is Mr. Pacome is Mr. Babylas or Barnabas invite you to air their bassoon, their flute, oboe them, their violin and clarinet their c ' Eulalie is miss, Eugenie, Emphrosine, Euphemia, Anastasia, Epiphany offering you the pleasure of their piano or their throat, eight o'clock at midnight, and all these poor people whose names are buried in the most corners obscure the calendar out of the smoky and
  8. 8. deserted when they dragged their porter, his children and his children's grandchildren living, to form a public, they go out, I say, this cave where they crippled Haydn and Beethoven, or gargled of Auber and Rossini, firmly believe they are wonderful, and the world has nothing better to do than draw them forthwith statue -. ago something worse than the self-esteem of the great artists, it is the pride of the small, and here the little that we eat. - I know a man of great taste, very fine music connoisseur and gourmet delicate, that never goes out during this season and remains locked until the start of his home in May The other day I asked him for the reason, "Hey!My God, he replied, Paris is sure by the time it is, if I went out, I would inevitably met and murdered by a concert! " All is not harmony in the musical world, and if occasionally the voices are okay, people will show mood quite jarring: the Italian Theatre gives the last few days, evidence obvious. On stage everything goes well: Harmony and her sweet sister Melody will reign in perfect unity, it feels like heaven on earth. But behind the scenes, this is something else, the dissonance is complete: the first tenor refers more to the prima donna, the bass with the soprano and baritone with the impresario. The sound of this discord erupted outside: the warring parties have sounded on both sides, boot and saddle, and gave the signal for hostilities - One morning, Mr. Vatel, the director, has awakened with. news that two or three of its lead singers refused to sing you imagine soldiers who deserted at the time of the battle. Pretext to abandon this, our fugitives gave, one a sore throat, this one a head cold. Mr. Vatel addressed immediately to justice, so that she was willing to heal, a good stop skimpy, voices that do not pay fifty and sixty thousand francs they amuse themselves say colds for whim. Mr. Vatel had even more reason to keep his right with this severity, a recalcitrant voice had been seen the day before in a famous salon, wanting beautifully, singing, laughing and joyful life leading up . five in the morning - We wrote letters to newspapers, was launched factum to build the public on this serious matter, however, the public has ranked the party of the unfortunate manager, and when the guilty voice s is finally decided to sing on Tuesday, the audience, fair judge, he was honestly administered the punishment of a few whistles.Whistles meant that loyalty in commitments and loyalty to duty must complete the talent of the artist, and that seriously undermines its reputation and name so lightly playing with the interests of a serious undertaking and commitments of his own conscience. The directions of theater actors and pay a huge price singers, there is such debiting of prose, verse, and capers and somersaults which is listed on the stock exchange dramatic ten times above its actual value; directions ruin themselves for the actors, and some actors to link to the zeal, dedication and talent as a proportion of these extraordinary efforts, are more selfish, more demanding than ever, and lighter scruples - An honest. poor soldier who receives a payment of five cents a day, and is still fighting going on the attack, all mangled and bleeding, a well pampered and very cool sir, that affects banknotes dozen pretext that it makes a nice roll, a climax and a trill, cares very little compromise a company that provides it so richly and fattening, and ruin if necessary, about a head cold that it does not even have. We talked about the increase in roll and caper; precisely here is a recent example and prove to what degree of madness, we may say, the price of this commodity is grown. Miss Carlotta Grisi, our friendly Peri, has contracted an engagement with one of the theaters of London, it is the use of leave Mr. Leon Pillet gives the Wili; leave is six weeks and commitment Carlotta in London have the same duration.Well! Do you know what those six weeks of round legs and thrown-fought cost the poor English manager? 36,000 fr.! Otherwise, for the French, 6,000 fr. week, where 3,000 fr. by representation. I know not what moralist said that the greatest sign of the decadence of nations was the high cost of athletes, charioteers and dancers. Duprez will also pass the strait, he will sing for the small pleasures of London, William Tell, the Huguenots and the rest of his repertoire, it does not say under what conditions, and if it is 1 fr. or 1 fr.50 percent. the note. Duprez won 80,000 francs. at the Royal Academy of Music; annual leave supplement the 100,000 books we admit that there is ample enough to pay for the lessons of the famous English tenor has taken recently to sing hereditary Asylum , in the language of Joint Bull. In theater, it's all in Bohemian, we already have the Bohemians of Paris , at the Ambigu-Comique,
  9. 9. andthe Mysteries of Paris , Porte-Saint-Martin, which are only gypsies under another name. On the Gaiety Theatre has completed the collection of the children of Bohemia by the Bohemian in Paris , drama in five acts mixed with jeers by Paul de Kock, and wickedness, by M. Gustave Lemoine, one is for gallant and part burlesque, one for blackness. This bohemian Paris is the daughter of a merchant old thrift, his first care was to give his mother away to fall into all the faults and all the vices, there is no further: Bohemian n 'not fail, so that it reaches the vice crime: the slope is natural and inevitable that unfortunate lives lost in this world with a repulsive effrontery under the appearance of elegance and good taste, it hides most infamous companies, here is a child she steals and she raised as her own daughter to seize a considerable fortune, there are diamonds rich ornaments that subtracted by theft or by violent. With the proceeds of his corruption and his criminal actions, this woman - if you can call it by that name - is a state of brilliant home, receiving honest people fooled by the appearance, but the bottom this so beautiful inside consists of crooks and bohemian, secret agents and executors of the dirty work of the Bohemian chief. In the midst of this lie reputable and this brilliant and honored life, the Bohemian commits another flight of four hundred thousand francs long it escapes impunity, through a complication of melodramatic events that we does not undertake to tell, God forbid! but finally Providence Boulevard occur, and the alleged lady is known for the girl fripière, the virtuous woman for an intriguing ignoble, the mother of a thief children poor girl she had associated with shame his life escapes him happily with all its purity. The rest of the crimes committed by the Bohemian, the policeman who stops at the denouement will do proper justice -. This however shows in fashion! Moral degradation, the cheeky vice, the Assize Court and prisons! If Mr. Etienne said so in his acceptance speech at the French Academy, and if indeed the history of contemporary mores can be done by the theater, we think that future historians? By viewing the current theater as a faithful mirror of this time, do not they conclude that the century was a century of prostitutes and gangsters - Fortunately we are still more indifferent to the harm actually bad, and we suffer these representations rather violent and shameful negligence by extreme corruption, though perhaps it is time that decent people close the lock and pushes the flow poisoned - This literature prisons is like the Seine for a few days and has grown suddenly and threatens to overflow and cause havoc, if not stopped. The gym has given us, for compensation, Aunt Bazu . This old aunt is a good woman, a little hacking, very touchy and somewhat carried away, first she is angry and you quarrel, but there is nothing better in the world than its reconciliations, his greatest anger always denouement for a blessing or a good deed, so in a first movement of resentment, Bazu aunt is about to ruin his nephew and to remove a charming woman he loves, but this joke does not last long, the 'honest Bazu repairs soon all evil, married his nephew, made her happy and opens her safe all full of cute banknotes. If you come across an aunt Bazu available, provided with such a heart and such a safe, please give me his address, I'd be glad to do my aunt and her nephew become. - The project to erect a statue to Rossini, home of the Opera is full execution path, the committee is constituted and has launched its appeal to purchasers that kind of agenda is recommended by the signature of the most distinguished and the most illustrious names; Auber is headed: it is rare to see a man take the initiative in a company that aims to glorify a colleague living in, and this approach honors the character of the graceful and learned the French composer which must att so charming and so many crowns. As for Rossini, it does not say if he was asked what he thought of this statue we want him to draw his beard -. D'après recklessness where he lived for ten years, and the species he seems to have forgotten his person, his genius and glory, one can believe that if had to consent to lay the foundation stone of the statue, he would refuse his signature. M. de Balzac is positively income Russia we met yesterday in the flesh, very large, very fresh, very healthy, with this jovial smile and sparkling eyes that set it apart from our pale gloomy and fashionable writers. The presence of M. de Balzac in Paris is already evident: a bookseller will publish a new
  10. 10. production of this tireless and ingenious writer, for its part, the Journal of Debates is it a novel in three volumes, born in operas as soon as our honorable sheathing policy and sounding the retreat, leave the field open to poetry and imagination. - We'll see if Balzac will forget Sue, and if the Mysteries of Pariswill find a formidable rival in the novel of author of Eugenie Grandet, which still hides the title and the weapons of his newborn to surprise more and hit the blue. - The son of Charles Nodier asked permission to add his name to that of the spiritual, clever, unfortunate deceased, and to call Menissier-Nodier pious tribute that everyone agrees - Announcement death. Madame Rossi-Caccia, distinguished singer, obvious reason for that is thriving, and we learn tomorrow resurrection. - The Queen Dona Maria just sent Donizetti about the design, we know that because of SM design is lavish. Salon of 1844. VISIT TO THE WORKSHOPS. March, the first month of spring, brings us two periodic phenomena, sleet, and the annual exhibition of paintings. And there is more similarity than we think these two things. Be said without malice, the multitude of tables are developed in the most painfully unknown workshops as in the most famous workshops are coming one day fall upon the prejudices museum administration. What a terrible avalanche! In March - to continue our comparison - the days are not alike; well! if you happen to pass by the back door by which painters come with their work, you will see that the paintings also follow and no two are alike. There is a rough grading to do, and when the judges, these great scholars who are not infallible gave their approval or vetoed, the criticism still has his choice. Its task is arid, barren, difficult. Arid: reports of the show give little boost to the imagination. Ungrateful it is especially in such matters we should try to be a little fun, if possible. Difficult, because we must consider more than twelve hundred works in a few days. To judge carefully, they need to see, and, despite their good eyes, critics can not always look at pictures really unfortunate - dark color charts, placed in dark bays, in the shadows, and almost touching the ceiling. Also, to get some more ideas, as soon as the noise exposure circulating among artists, we arm ourselves with courage, we climb the heights of Montmartre, we travel the wilderness area of the Observatory, and less a week we visited the most famous painters, residing for Avenue Frochot up the street from the West, from the rue de la Ville l'Eveque until about Arsenal. Our impatience is forgivable. It is so sweet to know something of comedy before the curtain! We love both commit indiscretions backstage! This is the first that will some details that the public does not know, but wants to learn. Today, the news is almost anticipating the future, and the illustration , the priestess of the news - that we forgive this little and innocent vanity, - can never talk too soon the things that concern the general attention. We will not tell you the names of all those not exhibiting this year. Marshals paint, write as M. de Balzac, are almost all of the art lovers today, and some turn their workshop on permanent display.
  11. 11. M. Ingres. Since Saint Symphorien , terrible memory, we can say, Mr. Ingres does not see fit to explain. That is his right, and we do not question him, and he is free. His Stratonice and Madonna Host , his work for M. de Luynes, were his last productions, and perhaps its most important. We know Mr. Ingres not exhibit; M. Ingres or wants to criticism. That is his right, but he's right? And the public, he is guilty if Mr. Ingres was treated with disrespect by several feuilletonistes? The bad example was followed. Paul Delaroche transformed, too, his workshop open only to a select few friends showroom. Why is it Mr. Delaroche closed out the field? If he had to complain of injustice on the part of the press, the crowd nevertheless remained always eager for his works, and stood gazing at them. That forced him to take such an unyielding as was that of M. Ingres resolution? You remember the Children of Edward of the death of Constable of Armagnac , of Jane Gray , of Lord Stafford and Charles 1 ? Paul Delaroche. What a success!what a crowd! M. Delaroche was moved because many critics have overlooked his talent, but we had not been up to the punch at his St. Cecilia , as they had done before the Saint Symphorien Mr. Ingres. However, recently, two new works by M. Delaroche were not exhibited in his
  12. 12. studio, few artists, most critical point, were admitted. M. Ingres and Paul Delaroche no longer appear in public exhibitions at the Louvre. Rooms for 1844 and subsequent years, these two great artists should not be counted as absent: they are dead, dead people, indeed! So regrets are unnecessary; hopes to still admire are illusory, it remains for us, for them, to seek all possible means of consolation. Mr. Eugène Delacroix. A painter, more than they, was challenged, denied, in turn admired and misunderstood, rejected by the jury, blacklisted by the Academy is Mr. Eugene Delacroix. Strong colors we know the power of composition that characterize, has not forgotten his Massacre at Chios nor his Medea . Great controversy arose in the place of his talent and highly exclusive men say for or against. When Mr. Delacroix exhibited his Medea , I remember meeting in the Salon Carré, a highly advisable artist, who said, looking at the table " ! Medea exposure is there for me! I'm not in the other bays. ! Incomparable What masterpiece "A few steps further, I met a writer, he left hastily -" As you hurry, my dear.! I said trying to remember - Yes, I haste, he replied, continuing his run,. I avoid watching this vile crust "He pointed the. Medea . After that, think if Mr. Delacroix admired and set pieces, it was however not given to exhibitions, and should be welcomed. As for Mr. Horace Vernet, whose fertility is proverbial, we will see this year, several paintings due to his brush, including thelength portrait of the Chancellor Pasquier , our readers already know, and Sled Race souvenir of his recent trip to Russia.
  13. 13. Horace Vernet. M. Decamps, hopefully, will not fault, and it is a good fortune for the public as a table, even one of the author of Torment of hooks . Where else, more light, more color, more excitement, as in the paintings of this exceptionally talented artist? Mr. Ary Scheffer did not allow us to put in your eyes his portrait, although he painted himself with that superiority which he is known. Mr. Ary Scheffer is one of the artistic glories of the time. Alas! he has not finished his Marguerite ! And Mr. Charlet, the Napoleonic painters Napoleon! nothing beats its popularity. He takes the kids to school, then the child wears troop, and led, with drums beating, to Invalides. Never was drawn with more spirit, truth and intelligence this artist exhibits every day for merchants prints throughout Europe: what, for him, the annual Salon? Mr. Decamps. Now, our visit to the marshals of the painting is done, we gave their portraits; penetrate into the
  14. 14. workshops of lieutenant generals, generals, etc. disclose. mysteries of the show - themysteries are the order of the day. Luther and the Workshop of Rembrandt , Mr. Robert-Fleury, are completed, he works in a large, page history, Marino Faliero down the stairs to go to the Giant's death . But Robert-Fleury, during our visit, was still undecided, he knew he would expose, and hopefully resolution was in the affirmative. Henri Scheffer, long suffering, has perhaps not yet completed its arrest of Madame Roland , throughout its natural Charlotte Corday . Mr. Couture presents the Fool's Gold, A Tale of La Fontaine , and beautiful portraits. Mr. Chassériau sends a large religious picture, Mr. Hippolyte Flandrin, entirely to his work of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, sits working for posterity Henri Lehmann is in the same conditions, for his work in St. Merry: he nevertheless painted the portrait of the Princess of Belgiojoso; Louis Boulanger will perhaps be received by the jury, which refused him last year's Death of Messalina , a beautiful Mother of pain , Mr. gigoux completed a huge historical canvas, the Baptism of Christ , Mr. Couder has completed a still greater notice where, they say, thousands of people, more than he was in his in the States General ; Mr. Pain, suffering a paternal pain, could not finalize its Reading Testament of Louis XIV : nothing is known to us of the exhibition Mr. Leon Cogniet, including Tintoretto was a success if sustainable last year Mr. Hesse sends the Jacob Wrestling with the Angel , MM. Papety Deraisne, Guichard, Granet, etc.. Etc.., Do not miss the call, and march at the head of historical painting. Mr. Charlet. The type will also glorious representatives. Tony Johannot exposes a Geneviève , the most delicious creation of George Sand: Mr. Fortin admirable Britons: Mr. Eugene Lepoittevin a charming small paintings, Mr. Adolphe Leleux sends Navarre Cantonniers and Picardy Peasants : exposure would be more complete if he had had time to complete its market Béarn andBrittany Tedder , as we will see in 1845 without losing wait.His brother, Armand Leleux, displays the fountain Washers M Guillemin three tables, including God and the King and the Doctor Consultation . This time, we will not tell the joyful , but the sentimental Guillemin. We spend and the best. We were out of breath climbing the many stairs that lead to the workshops of these gentlemen. The reader certainly does not want to follow us, even just reading, if we wrote so long names of exhibitors. He forgives us, however, the chapter ofmysteries is not yet at an end. There is a fire of Sodom , Mr. Corot, who in 1843 was refused by the jury, and which will undoubtedly
  15. 15. received in 1844. - It is true, say the judges, Mr. Corot worked again for deserve this great favor. Mr. Cabat will probably fault: but Mr. Marilhat has a set of all the most charming than the other tables, and Mr. Aligny reported his trip to Greece several views escort his Samaritan , but Mr. Gaspard Lacroix a beautiful landscape, Paul Flandrin painted the edges of the Rhone. Tiroli and women at the fountain : Mr. Achard is still in progress on his latest exhibition, already remarkable, Mr. French has completed its table Bougival, Mr. Desgoffes will not fail to produce the effect, and Mr. Marandon Montiel sent three landscapes. Tomorrow is the last day. Among the paintings we put the number of events, regardless of the variety of subjects, regardless of the merit of the performance, we will mention a magnificent equestrian portrait of the Duke of Orleans, by Alfred Dedreux, sending of other tables yet, the Death of the Duke of Orleans , Mr. Jacquand, the view of the Chateau de Pau , Mr. Justin Ouvrié, and theinauguration of the statue of Henri IV in Pau , Mr. Guiaut, the ' Arrival of the Queen of England , by M. Isabey, the view of the canal de la Villette, Mr. Testard, etc.. Ford, that death took us during the 1843 years, has left many tables they say charming, and we do not know if it will be exposed to a posthumous work Perlet. Mr. Jadin performed important paintings intended to decorate the apartments of Count Henri de Greffuthe, he exhibited three or four pictures of a series of panels, the Boar Hunt, the Departure of the Pack, the Go you, etc.. We predict them a success. Mr. Dauzatz exposes a mosque and a battle Mr. Auguste Charpentier included a beautiful Adoration of the Shepherds : Diaz sends several charming paintings, Mr. Adrien Guignet sends the Melee and Salvator Rosa in Brigands : Mr. Lemud the Offline lithographer tackles this year, painting, he is happy for his debut, as was Mr. Alophe, we also see a few
  16. 16. productions. Jury Exhibition by Decamps. Admiral Gudin gives us a part of the ocean, as always, and the coaster Mozin sailed Trouville Honfleur without prejudice to the work of MM. Morel-Fatio, Mayer and Coweley.
  17. 17. A universal painter. We have omitted or ignored by many names, we have said nothing of carving or engraving, but waiting for the opening of the exhibition. It is necessary also to dwell a bit on the fact of exposure. The jury, we know from a reliable source, will not be severe: does that mean it will just? This is strict justice rather than the indulgence we ask. When all tables have passed before his eyes, when, on the other hand, the famous expert Mr. Decamps have given their opinions, we will make our judgment with awareness. Frankly, this is a very memorable than the opening of the Exhibition period. Many hopes attached to it, and follow the cruel despair. In the workshops, when February 15th comes, the poor performers do not know where to turn. Here is a painter who contemplates his work with the rapture that can be seen from examining the father's heir. "My friend, your table may be refused - Bah! replied the painter, watching with his insurance shy half, I'm glad it ended well, they would not dare deny me this, "And often, what a disappointment.! Other misfortune, we hastened to repair. The painter is late, the picture is not complete, and now two of his friends cut down the work. "Quick! this head is qu'ébauchée, this red drapery is too dark in color. Come on! come on! Ah! my God! ! and sky, the sky that I had partially forgotten "The three painters set to work, said to date to hour, the table is ready. I know an artist that his friend dared to private charter on February 19, he placed in his hands a brush and palette, and seemed to say, "Help me, or death!" Other artists, however, are ahead. For them, the exhibition is a focus, they work the day it opens, to get the next year at this time.
  18. 18. It will not be denied. Finally, it is speculators painting watching the show as a market or thereabouts. It is important to offer them the best possible choice buyers to have a good season. They work on everything and everywhere. They undertake "everything about their condition." Want a portrait, these gentlemen are very good portrait -. Want a religious painting, these gentlemen are their specialty -. Want a genre picture, these gentlemen understood perfectly the kind. In short, they concurrently exhibit a marine, a landscape, a history painting, a small canvas like a Descent from the Cross - which has not made a ? Descent from the Cross - and especially a battle, - that did not paint a small battle? It would be very awkward: Versailles is so little corners! Enter their workshops, you see, palette in hand, enough to the huge variety of work they have undertaken. We take it, laughing, and yet it has its bad side. All these paintings are completed with precipitation lower than if they were left unfinished. We do not want to wait a year, and to come, we risk its reputation. Artists do not understand: it would be better to expose only every three years, and produce the effect, that seem to all rooms, with tables dropped , weak or even bad. That said, we look forward to the doors of the museum open, in order to judge the paintings at the Salon that we've seen in the shops, or repair oversights that we could do here by announcing the main tables. Fragments of a Journey to Africa (1). (Read - View t II, pp. 358, 374, 390 and 410...) Note 1: Reproduction of these fragments is prohibited. During the four hours we spent in the plain, El-Krarouby was for me an almost obsequious kindness. He did not leave me a minute. The following details are to me the minister himself.
  19. 19. The soldiers are divided into regular and irregular body, as I said earlier. In peacetime, or in the range of campaigns, often regular military exercises. The use of arms is shown by their instructors who served in Algiers under our flag, and who deserted before knowing how to handle a gun themselves. It is curious to see the Bedouin perform a maneuver: the overall alignment and above are impossible for them things movements, but the leaders are content to run their soldiers for two hours, under arms or the shoulder.In companies, we see a giant next to a mirmidon the hunchback beside a lame, the old man near the child who needs his arms to support his weapon. The regular service is unlimited. They are part of the active army as it pleases the emir not to dismiss. Grades are based on those of the Europeans. There are corporals, sergeants, officers, colonels and colonels. The hallmarks differ grades. Corporals wear a strip of red cloth over a crescent, and attached to the left sleeve. The tape is silver for sergeants. Characters written on the tape indicate the dignity of one who is clothed. Arabs designate an officer of the word fissian . The fissian carries a small silver sword, sewn on the left sleeve. The battalion commander's gold sword with an inscription. The colonel is recognizable by its beautiful suit of red cloth, his head is surrounded by a black rope camel hair, the Colonel is required to have a white beard. Senior officers are riding alone. A military order, Nicham was established for soldiers who distinguished. It takes a bit of Nicham- IftikharGateway. Payroll privates is ten francs a month is added every day bread and a half-pound of tchicha (crushed wheat), they cook in water with a few ounces of butter bad. Every Thursday we also distributes a sheep, a goat or a goat, thirty-two men and these animals are generally very thin. Sergeants affect eighteen francs, two breads, tchicha at will, three ounces of butter or oil, and a sheep for fifteen weekly.The officer and the battalion commander receive a thirty-six, and the other fifty francs a month, a quarter of a sheep per week, and every day, two breads, tchicha at will, and two pounds of butter. The salary of Colonel totaled eighty-six francs he is entitled to four pounds of bread and a sheep. So much for peace. In times of war, the troops simply cookie, they rarely have the tchicha and meat. The bread that gives them is detestable cookie is not better. Colonel receives, upon his appointment, a horse that sends the emir, but should he maintains at his own expense and provide a complete equipment. The government does not pass him and the battalion commander, a ration of barley per day. The regular uniform consists largely of blue wool pants coarsely woven jacket topped with a gray cap, a white woolen waistcoat, a shirt escamile a chachia (small red cap), they wear the shoes Algerian, and provide at their own expense Bernous. The government replaced the worn effects, and the prices charged on the balance, it is a net benefit to the Treasury. Corporals have the same uniform with a leather belt and pouch. Sergeants, officers and battalion chiefs wear cloth pants, a jacket without hood, a red vest and a white turban. The uniform of Colonel is distinguished from that of the officers by the fineness of the cloth and some gold braid. The first suit is provided to him by the Emir, the dignitary bought the following. Each company is strong sixty men, she has a corporal, a sergeant and an officer. The battalion commander and Colonel in command of all troops in the city where they are, because the infantry is not divided into battalions or regiments. The army is divided into divisions. The men marched two by two, the drums beating. Each company has its own particular flag and the rallying cry of the army is the standard example of a marabout, and as there is no shortage of marabouts among the Arabs, there was I spoiled for choice. The flagship is an officer. The recall is beaten every day at seven o'clock in the morning in the city or at the camp. As soon as the troops are met, we proceed to the call, and at ten o'clock the drums summon soldiers to exercise; retirement ringing six o'clock in winter, and at eight o'clock in the summer, but the point that forbids soldiers out after retirement is not strictly observed.Colonel comes once a week to review the troops. Cities do not contain barracks, soldiers are
  20. 20. sent to the inhabitants, unless we put them with the houses which outlaws seized the government. Where was bread family, are piled one company. Bed is a filthy mat soldiers, and some of their leaders get permission to sleep out, and will ask for hospitality to their friends. During the war, everyone is under the tent, and no other layer the soil moist. When the Arabs entered the field, they asked the Prophet to them the grace to be killed rather than injured. This can give an idea of the suffering endured by them and they have to recover from another doctor that nature, other food rations and other specific as oil and butter. They make lint from wool and cotton. The injured succumbed after almost every horrible agony, and there is concern only their state, and I saw in the camp of the emir, a wounded die of hunger and cold, and it is found that he was dead when, for four days, his body was rotting. The regular cavalry is regimented and divided into companies, each with an officer, which meets at the same time functions sergeant. The squadron leader is called Colonel riders. To be admitted to the body, it must provide a horse. A simple jumper key fourteen francs a month and as a soldier rations. The balance of the squadron leader is one hundred francs, and that of the officer of twenty-six. The squadron includes all riders a aghalick. Each Kalifat command a regiment. The costume consists of regular cavalry breeches, waistcoat and jacket without hood, while the coarse red cloth. The cloth is worn by the leaders of the highest quality. Grades are indicated by the same signs as in the infantry. Each company also has its own flag. The cavalry officer is called SIAFF el chriala .The riders are not going to exercise and are rarely reviewed. They are used to transport letters and various missions in the interior, where they escort the tax collectors. The sword they use theirs, they profess the highest esteem for the French arms factory. The infantry companies are headed drum, those of a cavalry trumpet. The Arab army also has in its ranks a large number of Europeans who have deserted our flags, expecting to find fortune and glory to the emir. Almost all belong to the foreign legion. We see a lot of Germans and Spaniards, and some French. Deserters are not quite arrived at Arabs they deplore their crazy approach and, if it was only five years in irons, they immediately rally their companions. Most often they take with them their arms and baggage, to get a better reception, but the greed of Arab awakening at the sight of these objects. It remains the unfortunate, is shaved their heads, they are forced to embrace Islam, then they are incorporated in the regular battalions, some become gunners and fight developed, others are placed first in all events , so they almost all die. It is very rare to see them go up in rank.There are those who, overwhelmed with disgust and ill-treatment, taking refuge among the Kabyles, others roam the countryside, where they are dupes and give to doctors. All end up being killed or eaten by wild beasts. Those who have the state operate freely, but although less wretched than the first, they do not acquire any influence in the tribes, and constantly fear the wrath of the natives, who are looking to get rid of them. Abd-el-Kader was about eight thousand foot and two thousand horsemen in his pay. It might need to bring them all together on a single point, with the exception of garrisons and Ziben Ghronat, who are sedentary and maintain these tribes in obedience. The weapons come from French and English factories?The emir count two thousand more in his army, he had lost six hundred regular in revolt Ziben and twelve or thirteen hundred men téniah of Monzaïa during the campaign in June. As irregular, their number is greater or less, according to the press or lift is more or less done in the interior, it is impossible to specify the number of quotas during the last campaign, but I guess their maximum can be increased to twenty thousand auxiliaries taken in aghalicks subject. The auxiliaries are holy war on their own. The government provides them with weapons or food or feed, or balance. Abd-el-Kader had promised, as the incentive to replace horses killed in battle, he even gave them a pound of powder and flint, but after the campaign, who stood asking him to keep his promise, were badly received. The emir gave them, instead of a horse, a camel price of ten to fifteen boudjoux (about twenty francs). Fifteen thousand auxiliaries that can meet the Sultan form ten thousand horsemen and five thousand infantry. It
  21. 21. only remains to say a few words of artillery, and we went through all the Arab forces. The number of pieces of campaign does not go beyond twelve. The rooms, all in fairly good condition, are shared between kalifats. Most out of the foundry Tlemcen, led a Spanish officer and four of them were sent as a gift to the emir by the Emperor of Morocco. The time fixed for my return to France approached, when I was suddenly suffering from fevers and forced to submit to me the absolute rest. During my convalescence, hostilities broke out hundred twenty-five heads were made to French Medeah exposed to markets, then thrown into the road; six thousand loaded guns arrived there soon. These trophies boastful Arabs. When the news reached Tekedempt, the population fought a fierce joy on all sides curses rose against what was known as French. My position became even more painful than my young fellow had fled: his departure aroused the wrath of Abd-el-Kader against Europeans and those who surrounded the emir, knowing me the friend of the fugitive, and having lost hope to take advised their master to decapitate me. "He's a spy, they said, and one day, it will give your enemy useful information on your government - You may be right, he replied;., But I did not some evidence, and my religion forbids me to take his life. His death did not add a radius to my glory, so he lived. We simply take what he has. Private means that could facilitate his escape, he will not try to escape. " The orders of the Sultan were executed point by point: horse, money, goods, it stripped me of everything, it remained me that the clothes I had on me. And in custody, prey to the most horrible misery, ill, with only the ground to extend my exhausted body and a stone for a pillow, I waited impatiently death. I would inevitably succumb to the languor and hunger, without the generosity of the French workers without them, I never saw my country. However, I was weakening me every day and I had already said goodbye to my mother, my friends, what I liked here, when, when I least expected it the Emir called me translate some letters. My nakedness and my pallor struck him. Since the leaders had accused me, he received me so coldly that I was discouraged, and this time the smile passed over his mouth gave me hope, and I am emboldened to tell him Me. "Consider, I said, the state I am reduced. I came to you to make trade and increase your treasure you hold me captive, and you robbed me of everything. I suffer and I have no resources to ease my pain. Or make up my mind, or give me the means to live. I have some funds to Medea, I ask permission to go and touch it. " The emir listened carefully. After thinking a moment, "I permit it, he told me, of you go to Medea, but you will not go further, because I published that anyone caught pointing the French possessions would head trench. Go, and come back when your business will be completed. " On hearing him speak, I almost fainted with joy. Feeling too weak to start off a long road, I procured an ass, I went to Medeah with Ben Oulil. The journey was arduous and dangerous I missed twice been murdered; cold fevers revived my bad off, and I could not arriving, get off my horse without the help of my companion. I found the city of Medea in dismay, people were screaming in pain. That day, the French had won a victory over the Arabs reported under the very walls of Blidah: five hundred men had fallen at the hands of hunters in Africa, almost all belong to the most powerful families. This time it was not the regular who had suffered, but the son of Cadis, sheikhs and merchants who, in obedience to the prince of believers, had merited heaven by being gloriously kill in the holy struggle. The devastation was widespread: for three days, the road that leads to Blidah Medea was only frequented by inconsolable widows and orphans. The corpses littered the ground, and beer can not be enough to carry them, they are removed in pairs on carpets and blankets. My debtors abused my poverty and denied their debts. A respectable marabout, believing that I had embraced Islam, I was offered hospitality. We soon learned that the French were preparing to open countryside. Abd-el-Kader resolved to oppose their vigorous resistance, four redoubts were established
  22. 22. téniah of Mouzaïa under the direction of a sergeant engineering, deserter, the two guns cocked. The emir himself came to Medea, to lead the tribes to war. His orders were that children and the elderly remain alone in Douairs. All Arabs answered his call, and those who had no weapons armed themselves with sticks. The evacuation of the city was then ordered. I can not reproduce the show qu'offrit drain inhabitants, they left, taking only their most valuable effects, without knowing where they find shelter. The emir had given twenty-four hours to evacuate the city, he assumed that the French columns were heading in that direction when leaving, Blidah. He was wrong, and our troops marched on Cherchell. The meetings took place between them and Hadjoules were fatal to them, five hundred dead were left on the battlefield. The people of Medea took advantage of this time to enter the city and take their treasures. It was then a strange confusion all trade had ceased, the Arabs no longer provided within the markets, and wheat was priced it at an exorbitant price. For two weeks, two hundred mules were assigned to move, and finally, when believed in the French were heading Milianah we saw them, thanks to the mist and a clever maneuver, cover téniah their columns. They would have passed without opposition, because the emir had left only a few companies of regulars, having gathered his forces on the Oued Djer, but he had time to send four thousand soldiers and a cloud auxiliaries. The first kept the redoubts, while others perched on the heights, were rolling down from the mountains of huge blocks of granite. The case, undertook two o'clock in the evening, twice repulsed the French, electrified by such resistance, the enemy turned and crushed the third shock. The knife was a horrible slaughter of Arabs who left the place twelve hundred combatants. Of Medea we heard the gunfire. The authorities warned residents than would be found the next day in the city would be put to death. Leakage and disorder began again a second time. The chaouchs began to hunt native sticks. Medea was empty at night. I was hoping that the French would come to seize and I would find myself in the middle of my countrymen ... vain hope! A storm stopped their march, the city was filled with deserters and was crossed during the night, for the wounded being led to Boural. The next morning there was more Medeah the caid, the Cadi, and some chaouchs me. The French army was sitting in his camp wood trees. I was repeated orders to leave, and I reluctantly obeyed, but stay longer I would have been compromised. I took the road Milianah; shooting constantly whistled in my ears, clouds of smoke and dust rose into the air. The French were just not me, and he had to flee! The day after, they entered the city, they soon left to go to Blidah. This retreat allowed the emir to dismiss the auxiliary and disseminate its regular, which he granted fifteen days leave. El Berkani was left alone with a few thousand men around Medea. No less strange that I had just witnessed hit me upon my arrival in Milianah show. The town was deserted, an order of the Emir had ordered its inhabitants to seek refuge in the Chelif valley and mountains. Regular profile of the disorder had to surrender the city to plunder; same neighborhoods were destroyed by fire. The camp of the Arabs stood against the bottom of the valley Chelif, Al-Cantara bridge the Romans. One evening when the Emir, after paying his troops, took his meal, consisting of an orange and a bit of roasted wheat flour, a courier arrived from Medea, told him that the enemy was approaching Milianah. It was at this time a few troops available, and this new overtook much, but he sent letters in all directions to remind his soldiers, and, springing on his horse, he galloped, with the Bey of Milianah and five hundred horsemen. In the evening, a thick reddish smoke surrounded the city, the French were in sight, they burned everything that stood in their way. Abd-el-Kader, meanwhile, set fire to houses, the whole country was writhing in hugs a large fire. Taking advantage of the moon, our army was divided into two bodies, one walked on Milianah Chélif to another, where he soon returned to join the first body.The consternation was soon spread through the camp of the emir, camels were required to transport luggage, mules are affected to the wounded. Arabs, fleeing in disorder before our battalions
  23. 23. crossed Chélif and retreated to Tazza, where I was forced to follow. Abd-el-Kader had taken the lead. I traveled in the company of Kalifat Tlemcen, Bou-Hamidy, who was his master the amount of taxes levied on the tribes of his government. The Emir came to meet us, mounted on a magnificent gray horse, which he held of the Emperor of Morocco, his music went before the procession, and a numerous escort pranced at his side. Arrived a few steps from us, everyone dismounted, and Abd-el-Kader kissed Bou-Hamidy with a cordiality which left me in no doubt about the affection that united them. Games, which notables took part, celebrated the arrival of the bravest kalifats. The festivities once completed, we headed for the city. I intended to find the place Tazza as I had left it, with its miserable huts and unfinished tower, but what was my surprise to see, instead of the desert, a very well built and decorated with art houses with shops, similar to buildings. The land was cultivated; existed, around us, in the rice harvest. The city was animated by the presence of several chiefs, many tents were scattered over the plain, and under these tents, people forget the holidays in his latest woes. Everything exuded joy, abundance, movement, and this trip, without being jealous, then seemed to me one of the most pleasant of Africa. The next day I made my way to the fort which was the emir, when the battery arrived, I saw a crowd that seemed to keep the door dreadful cries came from within the multitude. Expressive gestures of the Arabs, their eyes, the horrible grinning smile on their lips, filled me with dread, and I was tempted to turn back, but I was ashamed of myself and I continued to move forward. My instinct had not deceived me these cries were cries of death, a bloody drama was going to play in this place, and the crowd that was assembled to enjoy his adventures. I made inquiries, and a thousand voices cried to me that would decapitate one French. Can not believe this unanimous testimony, I spoke to an old man who was near me, asking if it was true. "You can not fool you, he said, giving me a fierce look, this is an infidel that will cut off the head. With the help of God and the Prophet, we will soon be much to all those who have invaded our country. - What is his crime? I asked, stammering. - His crime? He became Muslim, then he has disowned the holy religion of the Prophet, not content with that, he practiced espionage was found on him some papers that revealed his plans. He deserved to lose his life, and in each allah ! he will lose. " The outrage, astonishment and awe nailed me in my place, and the eyes of the crowd were staring at me with unspeakable ferocity. A French would perish before my eyes without my being able to save him careless word would probably have my head with his dropped! An abyss of hatred between me and these tigers and, in fear of being stripped their victim if I could up the emir, they closed the entrance of his house to me. A refinement of revenge carried them to lead me to the tent where the unfortunate condemned waiting for the yatagan ended his days. I walked, drawn by this hideous populace and the lure of blood drunk. In glancing at the ground covered with a bad mat, I felt my knees ready to fall, the heart failed me, and I would have fainted without the help of two Arabs who supported me. In that the expected punishment, I recognized one of my friends! ( The end to an upcoming issue. )
  24. 24. The Mysteries of the Enlightenment. TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. This title is not the most frightens timid modesty, do not worry, dear subscribers, I just want to teach you today how the illustration manages to solve the problem every week of his life. After showing you two of the three major action where ideas that give rise to it's design and realize centers - the editorial office, the workshop engravers and printing, - I desire give you in very few words some little known on the various intellectual and physical operations which must necessarily engage in turn details, editors, designers, engravers and printers of your newspaper. If this does not offer you any interest, do not read what follows. It was (ever memorable day) March 4 of 1843 years, three hours forty-seven minutes, the first copy of the first issue of the first year of the Illustration finally came out of the womb ... (See the first number, year) mechanics MM. Lacrampe and company. - The birth was long and arduous, despite some apparent symptoms of weakness, newborn announced a vigorous constitution also good observers do they deceived the point, they predicted it a long and glorious future! What prediction was accomplished more quickly? As soon as she was born, the young Illustration was able to prove himself worthy of the good name that his family had given him. Before the end of the first month she surprised the world with its wonders. No newspaper had ever done in as little time such progress. The big news was spread with the rapidity of lightning from one end of the earth to the other end. In less than a year, the illustrationactually became a universal newspaper. What she did to deserve his success, is it necessary to remind you? ... If all attempts have been also happy, you must at least make him this justice, which has spared no obstacle, no sacrifice has cost him. Moreover, should we not forgive a few mistakes by inexperienced young age? Surprise yourself rather she could offer you fifty-two numbers as varied and complete as those which it has bestowed you during the course of his first year, and ask yourself using what means she was able to get incredible results because this is the question I will try to answer. As all the powers of this world, the illustration is courtiers, the capital of his vast kingdom is Paris and has established the seat of his government rue de Seine, 33; ministers it has chosen a rare insight governin his name, but also the high officials and dignitaries sworn, it has in all the cities of France and abroad a number of volunteers who, eager for his favors, long for the happy moment when it will be their allowed to give him a pen or pencil, a striking testimony to their loving devotion. It receives each day, with congratulatory addresses, detailed relationships and original drawings of all important events that happened during the week on our planet. The Council of Ministers regularly assembles 12:00 to 6:00 and examines communications received, tears and burns those that seem insignificant to him, and subjected to a thorough discussion those he hopes to build. The lifting session, couriers go in all directions; each run by artists to ask for drawings, others are moving hastily to the homes of writers commissioned to write the same day an explanatory text - Since. foundation of the illustration , the traffic has almost doubled in Paris. Have you ever met the famous convertible that runs through the city in all directions with such frightening speed? you barely glimpse when he passed in front of you, faster than the fantastic horse's ballad Lenore. This is the favorite steed of the illustration ! He takes with its driver smart executioner decisions of the Supreme Council, whose famous name more than once probably hit your ears. It is not enough to Illustration to be educated at the moment of whatever happens, he must also know what needs to happen. Mystery, I am forbidden to reveal it to you. I will not tell you how the prophets of your newspaper come to know the future! Do not ask me more, and follow me now Place Saint- Andre-des-Arts.
  25. 25. Penetrate together in this narrow, dark and wet street that links the Place Saint-Andre-des-Arts in the Rue de la Harpe, and named street Pouper . Reached the middle of the street, we stop in front of an old house newly whitewashed, and even painted in oil, No. 7. It is slightly bent by age: but do not worry, its foundations are solid. It was built at a time when architects are believed still forced to work for several generations. Let's face it though, if our ancestors had the good sense not to suffocate in a kind of candy, they were under no idea what we call comfort - These apartments are large and well ventilated;. But as staircase that leads to stiff and is dangerous! Madam Chair then rested his hands on this pretty little coarse iron railing, her cute feet trod without hesitation or fear the wet tiles. As our current presidents did they decide to live more like a home. Everywhere the bourgeoisie to the proletariat abandons its old houses, finance, the judiciary and the bar gave way to industry. The industry, in fact, needs space, barely even if it is at home in these huge rooms of yesteryear. Take a look at the writers' workshop in Illustration : all seats are occupied, everywhere where light penetrates, it is avidly pass intercepted by a group of artists that ever before the eye of the master. In the evening, the tables that are around windows are abandoned and all drives loaded, in turn, spend the night, gather around circular tables rows of distances. It is a most curious spectacle. The rays of the big lamp stands in the center of each table, passing through glass globes filled with water, spread such a bright light on their hands, figures, chisels and wood each burner, all the rest of the area seems plunged into darkness. The dazzled eyes, we are moving in the dark to the bright lights. You'd see one of the most colorful of Rembrandt paintings. I do not here tell the story of the woodcut another, more competent than I in such matters, one day undertake this interesting work, I summarize only some general information on the art of modern origin, without which the Illustration would not have the happiness to yours. The artist draws with a regular graphite pencil on a piece of dry wood, although united, slightly bleached, like a sheet of paper. Drawing, tried and accepted, is immediately brought to the general workshop burners, including the attached drawing gives you the true picture. Of what happens, it is serious, without truce or rest, day and night, because often it must be completed in less than forty-eight hours. The process is very simple, but the implementation requires great skill. It is, in effect, remove, using loot of different sizes, all parts of the design that should be white. The woodcut at all different from the engraving intaglio - The engraver on copper or steel hollow on the board the same features as the engraver on wood care to leave in relief. In other words, the engraver does not touch anything that is in the engraving, be white: wood engraver, however, perfectly intact leaves everything to be black - Not only do we work day and night. this workshop, but when necessity requires it a drawing cut into two or four pieces, which are etched separately and after being carefully glued are retouched and finished by a skilled master. The engravings are completed, they are immediately sent to a remote area where they are always eagerly awaited -. Then go across the Seine, and transport ourselves in the midst of the Court of Miracles, not far from the Passage du Caire. Another time we'll show you the most beautiful print that exists in Paris, the famous courtyard, where primary schools have replaced the shelters ribald and beggars of the Middle Ages, these large workshops where hundreds of workers are constantly busy compose, correct or print masterpieces of contemporary French typography. Today we'll just teach you how the newspaper is printed. We Friday: from the night before the paper is completely finished, there are only a few insignificant to make corrections. Who among you has not seen a print? You all know, I suppose, that every composer has before him a number of boxes of different sizes filled with letters of lead: his eyes are almost constantly fixed on the manuscript, and his hands are so familiar places wherein are placed all letters of the alphabet, points, Commas, the spaces , etc.. etc.., they will mechanically take themselves never go wrong. A composter, instrument steel, serves to receive letters and gives a measure of the lines. The lines in number together form a packet; then we pass the packets on a glue roller wet with ink, is
  26. 26. applied thereto slightly wet paper and then, using a brush, a test is made on which corrective and author of the article fall turns grammatical or typographical errors. Corrections made on Thursday, the director gathers all packets pages and pages of forms after an order adopted and indicated in advance, this kind of disorder is sometimes called, but we know it well, we are obliged to have a decent draw to all prints a number on pages 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 16, so the articles prints do not always occupy the place that they would assign the logical order. Pieces of lead temporarily replace that which has not yet been completed, and should be delivered the next day in the morning. Two-page form called a form and the eight forms met up sixteen pages, or number. Until then nothing but very ordinary, but on Friday morning, prints arrive, and then starts a new job difficult to explain that people in the business call makeready . Writers Workshop in Illustration during the day. Relief printing is the engraving intaglio the huge advantage of being able to shoot at the same time and in the same way as letters, but to get such a result, it is necessary to make him undergo prior lengthy preparation: First, it makes a perfect level engravings and characters, and then we proceed to the start- up itself. This preliminary operation is more important than is generally believed, because of its start- up depends entirely on the effect of engraving: a masterpiece of MM. Andrew Best Leloir and, badly drawn, would be regarded, even by connoisseurs as the rough draft of an incompetent apprentice. The woodcutter does not have the same resources as the engraver, it produces, with his chisel, as white and black uniforms, halftones, it does not do. To give some color to a woodcut, it is essential to varying degrees tinting the black parts, it is the job of the director train long and hard work. The director now takes on a light box, a test of burning it is printed: then, using a sharp instrument, he takes on the cardboard parts of the engraving that should not be completely black, more colors will be weaker, he digs more deeply. This kind of cutting or burning is complete, the card is firmly glued to the part of the
  27. 27. mechanism that presses the sheet of paper on the compound shapes prints and print. Therefore it is readily apparent that corresponds exactly to the burning cardboard cut will pressure more or less strong, and therefore will color shades more or less vivid, as the board was more or less deeply notched. Often this initial work is not enough, we must, for several hours, stick pieces of paper on the cardboard parts that are not prominent enough, and still dig those are too. Writers Workshop in Illustration at night. However, the start-up is complete, the final corrections are made: at a given signal, the mechanical is in motion, and each spin number of the illustration has himself put all printed between cylinders. This beautiful and curious machine which we will one day be a likeness, made itself more work than twenty men. Without it, all current subscribers of the illustration could not be served in the same day, and what would become of us in a few months? It prints 600 numbers per hour and eight workers could, in the same space of time, in print, to press his hand, that 200. As and when they are printed, the numbers (Saturday morning) are transported in the workshop bookbinders, or more than fifty people are employed in the fold, putting them in band. From there some go to the post office, others are immediately removed by porters to put them back in Paris to their subscribers. A number returned rue de Seine, No. 33, the subscription office, where they are sold separately, monthly collections or volumes. Then, printers, binders, carriers, etc.., Rest for a few days from their labors or move on to other exercises until the next issue calls for the use of their time. Only the editorial board and writers never rest. We no longer have to deal with the present, we must look to the future. I will not reveal the mystery of your projects that you need to see happen during the
  28. 28. coming year: it would deprive you of your pleasure, that of surprise, and I love you too, O my dear subscribers! for if you play a dirty trick. Be sure, however, that you'll be even more amazed and happier in 1844 than you have had to be in 1843. Editorial Office of the illustration. Keep abreast of everything that happens in the world, try to anticipate what needs to happen to contribute to the common goal for the greater satisfaction of readers, various activities scattered around the big city, this is the task of the members of the drafting committee, which kind of Areopagus seat permanently, and which come to be judged articles on all sorts of topics, stories, novels, drawings, engravings, romances, etc.. and do not ask me their names, they continue to remain hidden, as they say, under the veil of anonymity. In political newspapers, in magazines, they have the right to be free, but here they are the illustration. . Don Graviel the Alferez -. Maritime Fancy (Read - View t II, pp. 393 and 406...) III. Fifty deserters from the Santa Fe , twenty slave, remaining crew Caprichoso , against the master Brimbollio master of maneuver, the midshipman Fernando Riballosa, lieutenant, and teaches
  29. 29. Commander gift Graviel Badajoz, captain; at all seventy-three fighters, plus a black cook and some foams, was the composition of the staff schooner against which the Governor of Havana now deployed all his forces of earth and sea is natural that we find Dona Juanita were to omit de las Ermaduras still enclosed in the room of honor, trembling, weeping, a prey to the cruel apprehension. The gunboat Fernando maintained after his sights crossed the road Caprichoso . "Captain, should be fired? asked the pointer. - Guard thee well, unhappy! Graviel replied, it is necessary to come to this, which God forbid! at least let them begin. - Certainly, murmured the lieutenant, he wants us to tie a rope! It would be so easy with a good discharge bullets, sweep the deck of the boat, the devil! " Whereas subsequent designs, the brand was anxious not to make war against his countrymen. But the gunboat approached the brig back against earth she soon found herself half-pistol range on the port front. Already we distinguish the voice of Captain Don Antonio Bertuzzi and Barzon, both at the height of exasperation one ran after his ship, the other after his daughter. The first was found in the boat, we had started, and dégarrotté débâillonné, which allowed him gesticulating and shouting at his ease, he abused the permission. The second, no less thundered, had jumped aboard the gunboat with his guard and his aides. All the slave landed Caprichoso were on the same building, the bandits burned for revenge, it was that would arm the oars, they raged. "Miserable thief Badajoz! roared the governor, not necessarily aware nothing ah! arrant thief you pay dearly your audacity! Give me back my daughter, villain! I'll just make you hang! Otherwise, the blood ... " This stream of insults and threats made to Graviel donate all his composure. "While significant, certainly! illustrious lord, he answered the megaphone. I only warn you that your daughter is on the bridge, and if you get shot, it will also be exposed myself. - Comrades! Bertuzzi shouted to those of his people who were still on the Caprichoso is because of you that we do not draw, but all the time â help us ...! " We lied interact with a touching agreement. "Hey! Brimbollio! Graviel interrupted, if, unfortunately for him, one of the oldest brick not rowing with all his might, we make him jump head first for warning! - Be quiet, sir, 'said the master against these things go without saying. We are armed and they are not.You hear cute? "Added the harsh marine, addressing the slave. The fight came down to a contest of speed and maneuvers. Strong waiting for the fire was beginning governor, and the governor dared to bombard the ship where his daughter Bertuzzi did not want more damage to the hull of his beloved brig, he had to remove the collision. He had no idea of the competition with those of its people Graviel donation Brimbollio were invited to paddle in terms so persuasive. We have seen that the sign persisted in not strafe compatriots, the father of Dona Juana was aboard the gunboat was one more reason to refrain from violent means. After this brief review of the secret thoughts and expectations of our key players, let's take a look at their respective military attitudes. Bertuzzi at the helm of the building hunter gift Graviel that the schooner. This shaves shallows and starboard walls of Morro with wonderful art, avoiding as much as possible, the collision of the other, but the onetime slave captain is sure to succeed to hang in three minutes, however, if no incident upset the clever impulsion to the gunboat. Don Graviel and his companions see it clearly, the midshipman caress his firebrand and coughing; against the master wields his ax and swear; deserters are stealing
  30. 30. their oars like feathers. "Fernando! Fernando! suddenly exclaimed the ensign, to me, come quickly. " The midshipman obeyed the young captain then said in a low voice: "This is to deprive them of a cannon every port oars, does not hurt anyone, I have my reasons for this, and I answer the rest. - Good! I would have loved to run the once, but then you want as well, you'll see! " At these words, the phlegmatic lieutenant resumed his post and his gun repointa 24. "Are we there yet? asked Graviel. - Perfectly, "replied the pointer. The gunboat then presented obliquely, the life and soul out of jib touched the brick, and its first trains were about to engage in those of Caprichoso . "Fire!" Commanded the sign. Dazzling explosion covered all other sounds of the harbor. Fernando had done wonders, and its discharge end bearing had won all the oars on the port side of the gunboat, which turned on itself like a bird with one wing is cut in its flight. Don Graviel advantage of this movement, a narrow space was free. Before Bertuzzi had taken the proper route and replaced his oars broken, the Caprichoso won in right direction good three ship lengths, but new dangers around him, the first explosion was followed by twenty others, responded to the strong room pivot. "Ah! they will kill my poor girl! cried Don Barzon, which, it was brutal, Dona Juana loved dearly. - Heaven! they will sink my lovely ship, the captain said with pain. Bertuzzi ... And they prevent us from continuing the hunt! If we could jump into the collision, my poor Caprichoso had been taken without damage! " By a singular coincidence, the two bitterest enemies were Graviel gift and wishes for the artillery forts did not reach the goal. However, the balls fell like hail around the small building, and some trains were swept away, and the arrows of the number of poles and cut maneuvers, most sails breakthroughs day fortunately the hull and mature were not affected. To open the port, Caprichoso felt the breeze. The gunboat was left far behind, and as the wind freshened, it was soon out of reach of the strong. "There is in all this more happiness that played well," said the master against which continued to rail against women in general and particularly against Dona Juana. Fernando, after swab and reload the famous room of 24, went to Don Graviel, who hastened to give him command of the operation, and finally down into the cabin. One was found at the edge of vast funds royal cigars master Brimbollio it drew extensively; orderly midshipman took a regalia , lit in the principles, then held for providing replacement sails screened at the damage repair, installation service, he commanded to bring a hot toddy, ordered the cook to distribute rations to the crew, and turned his telescope on the harbor entrance, which fell to the south- southeast.The first rays of the sun whitened the ramparts of the great Morro have was allowed to laugh now, but they also reflect a less harmless object, that is to say, on the wing of the frigate Santa Fe , responsible for up-and-down canvas, port and starboard, projecting forward, threatening and more to be feared that the land breeze gradually increased. The sea was choppy. Fernando nodded coughing.
  31. 31. Before opening the door of the cabin, giving his best Graviel repair the disorder of her dress, ran his fingers through his hair, pulled his shirt collar wide, tightens his pistols in his belt, twirled his mustache, and swore twice to cheer and then he went. We will not describe the manner of our forefathers, the captain, maritime true boudoir. We also know that the furniture is a pirate is too little for being magnificent: it is silk in gold, cashmere carpets, precious wood, sapphires and emeralds, a Palace of the Arabian Nights daguerreotype. Dona Juana was sitting on a unique Ottoman and she was holding a lovelynavajilla Seville to the blade of polished steel, the handle tortoiseshell inlaid with ivory and silver. At the noise made by turning the door, she stood up and ran to hide in a corner, and proud as a worthy SOPA, proceeded to defend dearly his honor and his life. "Bravissimo! Senorita says Graviel gift, I like to see you take this martial pose. Caramba! it suits you to perfection! But first let your submissive slave to ask pardon for his rashness. You agree that I only occasionally delivered. - If you make one more step, senor ... - Say Captain Lord, I beg you, interrupted the ensign, who always wore: as I swore I pirate captain today, Christmas Day. " At these words donation Graviel damask curtains opened the skylight, a ray of light penetrated into the cabin. "You see, my dear queen, that your apartment is not bad, nothing will miss you, and you have all my love over the market. - Silence, nasty pirate! replied the trembling girl, in my life I will not forgive you your conduct unbecoming. - Faith Corsair! you are so adorable qu'adorée! Your anger is dazzling, and, for an empire, I would not have been in private. I knew you in your sulking, Juanita, but navaja in hand, this is all new to me, it's spicy! If ever you had a rival in my heart, it would be forgotten forever. Your eyes shine with divine wrath fire, they pierce me through, I swear. Allow me a closer look at this delicious cuchillitito . "
  32. 32. As he spoke, Graviel donation had knelt at the feet of the girl, but not before deftly seized the hand in which the graceful glittering dagger, so dona Juana could not make use, then, that your semi-mocking he was accustomed to take to make statements to the girl. "In an effort to please, he said, to meet one of your whims, dear soul, I expose myself to be hanged, but if you can be nice to cut my throat, do, do you not be shy, it would be sweet to pass away under the care of the ... - Let go of me, then! Juanita interrupted exasperated. - Slowly, my angel, continued Graviel gift, I would first like to finish my speech, only in your interest: I know then after you find more guards up there, Fernando, my second, is not at all gallant master Brimbollio that kept you in the gig, a very surly bandit, and yet this is what is best for my board. If you give me life, cherub of my dreams, I'll keep in compliance, they all crawl in front of you, but if you decide otherwise, I tell you that my responsibility is entirely covered, these rascals, moreover, would be able to blame you for my death ... Do not get impatient, my sovereign, even a small word of justification. Listen carefully: this is serious: I do not pirate, but corsair distinguish! I will not make war than English, our enemies. I delivered the sea a real pirate in me grabbing the Caprichoso , which captured the Spaniards as well as others, with the tacit approval of your respected father ... On the other hand, I love you, I love you, I want to marry you, I did not have a sad maravedi property, it would shamefully cast me from your presence, if I had the misfortune to show my claims , you inspired my project, I obeyed you timely, am I so guilty ...? Within a month, my achievements have made me rich, famous, awesome, worthy of you in one word, and you'll grace that will beautify my life, unless you prefer to be immediately decide that the Parque thread . " As he spoke, giving Graviel pressed weaker hand Juanita, who became more attentive and at the end, this plump white hand rested gently in hers, the girl did not withdraw, the bold rider thither lips with transport. Juana sat on the ottoman: "On your honor, she said, always forgetting his hand, what you just said is the exact truth? - On my honor! on my faith! on my love for you! I do not know oath stronger. - And you behave towards me as an honest and honorable man? - Juana, stab me, but do not insult me. " There was a knock at the door, the girl had put the navajilla in its sheath, gift Graviel was sitting next to her: "Captain says a foam which was not trespassing, Lieutenant fact warn you that the frigate Santa Fe we support hunting and that we win. - Dear friend, said the happy sign rising, pray to God that we do not catch the point. Looking for the English, not Spanish. " G. THE LANDELLE. ( The end to an upcoming issue. )
  33. 33. Episodes from the Life of a gold coin, Narrated by HERSELF. I was born a great lady and a thousand times more beautiful than the day. I began to be admired starting to live. No sooner had I put on my dress brilliant, all eyes were fixed on me with an expression of lust that at the time of my early, confused and startled my innocence my modesty. Since I acquired the happy assurance that provide great success in the world, I know the art of not blush before my courtiers.In fact, today, I know I'm worth the price, and I accept without embarrassment tributes are addressed me everywhere, because I have the confidence to deserve everywhere. I do not want to tell all my adventures, it would be a work too long and tiring for me because I contracted the tastes of the characters with whom I used to live and, therefore, like the softness and idleness . I just want to let you in on the main episode of my brilliant life, you will see from the samples that I like to put before you, my noble birth has not always kept me humiliation, and as the great and century, I experienced mixed fortunes that would probably educated me, if I consent to you to confess, I was not born proud. I made my first entry into the world in a very hard condition for those times, but I had the singular good fortune to escape first a coarse touch, and fall into the hands of a Corsican gentleman who began in that time, to make a pretty nice figure at the head of the French republic. I never toyed a nobler part, I never exerçai on earth for more than this time in my life influence. It was at the Tuileries in 1804, I was sleeping peacefully, with many of my sisters in the drawer of a table covered with maps, when one day my grave suddenly opened to the light. At the same time a fine white hand, a true dictator hand, slipped a silence to me, grabbed me with brutal vivacity and threw me, trembling with vexation, on a huge map of Europe M. Buonaparte, my master - I give him, as an exception, because my other owners are my servants, - M. Buonaparte was, that day, a little man in military dress, with a face humorique, with a large brow furrowed folds dismissive. I saw him later bold, fresh, and, I suppose, delighted to live, but at the time I speak of, it was not so, he looked very much like a man with no appetite and sleepless. It was a bilious face conspirator I met others like him in some respects, but they were not mine so proud. The First Consul, as he then was, took me to distraction in his hands, turned to me and turned me around in all directions, looked pike surmounted by a cap which stood gnawing on my back, stared Liberty standing on my face then, smiling a smirk, let me again back on the table. He stood up, walked around the corner into the room like a lion in a cage, stopped long before a window which passed the crowd, struck his broad forehead with his small white hand, folded his arms behind his back, coughed a feverish cough, looked up in the air, looked at the floor slamming under his restless feet, pictures hanging on the walls, the chandelier sparkled on his head, muttered softly confused words, unintelligible, then returned Suddenly, a sharp turn, the air resolved though pale, sitting down on his golden chair at the table where I was watching. He was so excited, the hero, that I trembled under my dress metal. This man plagued by a secret grand thought scared me. I understood that I was going to witness a solemn spectacle, but I hardly expect that this young conqueror, the only man perhaps of modern times who had the courage to despise me, gave me the arbiter of his wonderful destiny. He always whispering something between his teeth, and made gestures like a madman who quarrel with ghosts. Attentive to the slightest sound, I heard him say several times the name of empire and emperor.He spoke of France, Europe, the world, he named the people, the army - I do not much mind, though ultimately no one has more than me, but I do. not long to understand that it was nothing less than to get rid of my pike, to entrust me a scepter and a crown to replace my ugly Emperor Phrygian cap.