Framework For Turnaround
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  • 1. Framework To Turn The Economy Around Tariq Siddiqui [email_address] © 2008 All Rights Reserved. for President-Elect Obama A Nation That Cannot Wait
  • 2. Extraordinary Problems …..
    • Close to Trillion dollar spent
    • Economy worse then before the economic stimulus
    • Banks holding on to their money
    • Credit not available to business to run businesses
    • Treasury plan in state-of-disarray
    • Leadership absent from the beginning
      • Reactive rather then pro-active leadership
    • Nation find itself in limbo
      • Sixty days of torture for it people while Rome burns
    • There may be no second chance for you
  • 3. Require Extraordinary Response Expect the Unexpected Build on Small Victories Rally the Nation Lay Down Your Vision Exude Confidence Start with Big Bang Lead from Front
  • 4. Framework to Turn Nation Around
    • Start with the Big Bang
    • Exudes Confidence
    • Layout your vision
    • Rally the nation
    • Built on Small Victories
    • Stay on the front, Obamanize
    • Expect the unexpected
    • Be honest and transparent
  • 5. Start with Big Bang Initiate, Innovate and Inspire
    • Ask people to do their part, we will
    • Out-of-the-box thinking
      • Extraordinary problems require extraordinary thinking
        • Government loan money directly to the tax payers
        • Tax payers can borrow against their future tax refund with no interest up to 10K
    • Push a major stimulus through congress, China stimulus is ½ Trillion why ours was only $250 billion
  • 6. Exude Confidence
    • People are hungry for leadership
      • Tell us we will overcome this and believe what you say
    • You can be wrong but never uncertain
    • Under promise, over deliver
  • 7. Layout Your Vision & Strategy
    • Identify the problems
    • Identify the solutions
    • Identify how we going to achieve them
    • Define Success
  • 8. Stay On Front, Obamanize
    • When Mississippi river levees broke on 1927
      • Herbert Hoover was on the top
      • Rail roads transported thousand of people for free
      • Herbert Hoover championed the use of new media, Television
      • People trusted and believed in him
      • Term “Hooverize” was coined
    • Take Control
  • 9.
    • Good Luck
    • You will need it