Social media and social networking

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  • 1. Is there any difference between a social media and social networking site?
  • 2.  The easiest way to understand these two terms and their differences, is by simply removing the word social.   Media is responsible for broadcasting an interactive message to the masses. Whereas, networking involves interacting with people individually.
  • 3.    Therefore, social media is a term for the channel used to broadcast a certain message online. Whereas, a social network is the name given to any tool, device or utility, used by people to connect with other individuals. To further our understanding, we will take a look at examples of both social media (LinkedIn) and a social network (YouTube).
  • 4.  LinkedIn is one of the most popular websites for social networking. People use LinkedIn to connect with other people who share similar Interests and hobbies, as well as attend the same work place, college or school.
  • 5.  Also, like many social networking sites it is used for reconnecting people. in addition, many businesses use sites like LinkedIn to reach a wider range of potential clients.
  • 6.   YouTube is a great example of a social media website. It is the most popular website for uploading video and sharing it with the whole world. It's a perfect example of social media, which people/organizations use to broadcast their message to the masses.
  • 7.  It is a medium that provides people the opportunity to share expertise, knowledge, opinions, and experiences through video presentations.
  • 8.   If LinkedIn is a social networking site and YouTube a social media site. What are Facebook and Twitter? Consider the features of both and make a judgement.