Twitter for newbies: Surviving in wild west of twitter


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Learn how to tweet. Twitter 101 presentation for Social Media Camp Bootcamp in Kamloops November 2013. Presented with a wild west theme because that is what Twitter is.

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Twitter for newbies: Surviving in wild west of twitter

  1. 1. It’s the Wild West Out There … 4 steps to surviving & earning the Twitter tin star Terry Rachwalski, MBA, CMC @consultingmania
  2. 2. Surviving the wild west Get a map Get your gear Practice range Tin star!
  3. 3. get a map
  4. 4. Mobile: 75% of monthly active users access via mobile Twitter gets 70% of revenue from smart phones & tablets Infographic courtesy
  5. 5. Gold rush: Fastest growing social network 408m Q2 2012 485m Q4 2012 Active usage* grew from 206m to 288m users * used or contributed in the past month
  6. 6. Timely & timeless: Instant Events Local info Referral traffic Funny memes Parody accounts Spam Junk Haters & worse
  7. 7. outfitters Get your gear
  8. 8. Before you start tweeting or baking beans: What is your purpose? 5W Time, tools Policies Authentic voice Cultural/community sensitivity
  9. 9. Short Name Profile photo, header image 1252 x 626 Name, location, website (short URL) Bio: 160 characters Turn off notifications
  10. 10. Learn the code ) RT re-tweet MRT modified retweet @ mentions DM Direct message @ mentions partners/supporters Engage w/ local community Themes: #followfriday Use & follow hashtags – no more than 3 #yka Use for URL shortener & to track your post clicks Follow back unless they are unsavory Do I care who follows me? Don’t just push your blog/product: 10 to 1 rule
  11. 11. @consultingmania
  12. 12. Learn to play nice practice range
  13. 13. Dashboards Hootsuite Social Oomph Tweetdeck NEW! Twitter custom timeline tool (like Storify) hPT
  14. 14. Other things dashboards can do: Schedule tweets Private or public lists Search by location or boolean: Apps like Trendspottr free
  15. 15. Hashtag & account use… don’t do this And no newsjacking
  16. 16. Spotting Spambots
  17. 17. big gun example: autodesk
  18. 18. Test: Google #AU2013
  19. 19. Oct 16
  20. 20. Nov. 11
  21. 21. get your tin star
  22. 22. ride with the cavalry Tin star activities Tweetchat like #HBRogue at events Contests Offerpop Tweetups Incl employees Ask for RTs Put handle on print/Icon at top of site
  23. 23. Lasoo some Apps Spam buster: Tweetreach Followerwonk; find accts by their bio Manageflitter: best time to tweet Tweriod: when followers tweet Twitdom: app store Intweets: find twitter lists/channels; Cool video Gene Autry National files
  24. 24. + 250.592.3838 @tartangroup @consultingmania
  25. 25.