How to do a social media content marketing storyboard


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Making a social media content plan starting with the basics of integrated marketing communications, digital marketing and moves into developing a strategic content plan. Presented at Social Media Camp's October 19, 2013 Bootcamp

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How to do a social media content marketing storyboard

  1. 1. @consultingmania Strategic Content Terry Rachwalski, MBA, CMC @tartangroup
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Strategic Content Planning Workshop Integrated Marketing is a symphony. • 5 easy steps • Action items • Ask questions • Practice •
  4. 4. concepts baby steps the basics groove plan perform 5 easy steps to rocking your content plan
  5. 5. Fear and Loathing Historical marketing tools Budget: time, people, tools Focus
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing: Convince the Boss Process Flow Discuss current marketing trends that impact operations Social Search Social CRM Stop talking about Twitter & hashtags Tools follow strategy
  7. 7. concepts
  8. 8. Creation & distribution of useful content that supports your business goals.
  9. 9. Digital Presence (owned) Print, email, newsletter Social Media (collateral) Message Promotions PR (earned) In person Advertising
  10. 10. Social Media Stark Realities You need to learn to use the tools. Everyone starts at zero. Awareness first. Build your community before you need it. Talk – don’t sell. Software is free, time is not. Content strategy matters. Know your audience. Commit, Learn, grow. DIFFERENT OUTLETS HAVE DIFFERENT STYLES. Pinterest isn’t just mid-west Mormon Moms anymore. It’ll change next year. Facebook owns your Facebook page. ROI is in engagement. Integrate the story/feel and promotions across platforms. Google + does so matter. Social Search is real. It’s going mobile….
  11. 11. baby steps Where are you starting from? Who are you? Infrastructure
  12. 12. ACTION: Social Media User Scale Owner operator Small operation Medium operation Large, corporate •New to social media •Unsure •PT of FT marketer •Owner not as involved •FT marketer and possibly one person dedicated to social media •Social media teams •FT marketer •PR in-house or agency Owner There are tools? Marketer Dashboard management Marketer/ Community Manager Monitor/measure/ engage Marketing team Monitor/measure/ engage/report/ refine
  13. 13. Who are you? What’s the goal? ACTION: Write it down Industry, product, people Brand vs on-going promotions. What is influence for you? What is the role of each marketing outlet? What is not a fit for you now? Why?
  14. 14. Infrastructure matters. SEO Google Social search Mobile Monitoring Reporting
  15. 15. Audit Policies Procedures the basics
  16. 16. ACTION: Elements of an Audit 1. What do you have? Competitors? 2. Website visibility & ranking vs. social media 3. Google keyword planner 4. Available resources: now or later? Budget allocation or reallocation? 5. What are you measuring? 6. What/who are the stumbling blocks? 7. What could possibly go wrong?
  17. 17. ACTION: Policies & Procedures What could possibly go wrong? Policies: internal and external How will you interact? Content procedures Campaign and contesting Community Management Escalation matrix
  18. 18. plan
  19. 19. Do I dare Reddit? Storify? Tweetchat? Theme? What do my users like? Google + Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linked In Instagram Youtube Vines Apps? 3rd party sites? Options? Blog Videos (w. text) Images & infographics User generated content Technical papers Promotions/contests What about? Email, Newsletters Webinars, hangouts Sponsorship/partners PR Where? What platforms for what content?
  20. 20. Interesting or useful. People don’t read…much Your content doesn’t always have to be yours! If it fits your theme, your voice and your purpose, share it.
  21. 21. perform
  22. 22. Action: Let’s plan some content! What’s coming up? Message Theme Promotion Sale Campaign
  23. 23. Content Planning Q1 Company: Timeline Lead Theme Status Purpose Key Message Google Keyword Planner Images Outlet Call to action? Comment Metric Graphics? Webmaster App? Call to Action Dependencies Budget Other Outcome Comments
  24. 24. Storyboard & Content Strategy What outlets are available?
  25. 25. Find your rock stars. Inspire them to engage.
  26. 26. Integrated Marketing Communications Content Strategy Story board Know your outlets Build & use your channels
  27. 27. + 250.592.3838 @tartangroup @consultingmania
  28. 28. Resources Template: Google Keyword Planner SpyFu, Keywordspy Hootsuite, Sendible MOZ, Followerwonk Klout, Kred Wistia