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Presentation given to VINNOVA visit, November 2012

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  • So what qualifies me to stand in front of you and talk to you Well originally scientist , molecular oncology got fed up or waiting too long for things to happen So about 12 years ago moved into the development of the outputs of research TrusTECH is an organisation that enables that to happen
  • Richard Deed - TRUSTECH

    1. 1. Welcome to Vinnova and theSwedish Innovation Hubs Dr Richard Deed Innovation Unit Manager TRUSTECH - NW NHS Innovation Service 29th November 2012
    2. 2. Summary– Purpose of your visit • Understand how Manchester/NW works– Potential outputs • Develop complimentary linkages/relationships • Transferable opportunities– Programme for visit - today, tonight and tomorrow
    3. 3. Orientation
    4. 4. Manchester and NW Ecosytem – Central Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust - CMFT • aims to be one of top 5 performing UK research hospitals • 1mn patient episodes per year with multiple specialist centres – University of Manchester • Ranked 38th in world aims to be in top 25 by 2020 • Founder of MAHSC with 6 key hospitals – Manchester Science Parks • 25 years of growth • Tenants include 40 healthcare companies • Citylabs new 10,000 sq metre bio-health incubator – NW • Key assets in universities, hospitals and Industry, especially biotech and bio pharma, location of NICE • Culture, Transport and International links second to London
    5. 5. TRUSTECH•an NHS organisation•operational for 11 years•work with NHS and companies•team of 13 staff•broad range of capabilities•Immersed in local landscape
    6. 6. TRUSTECHImproving healthcare through Research and Innovation Industry Help NHS to get the Provide access to NHS innovations it needs to expertise, helping deliver improvements companies understand to care for patients the healthcare needs of the NHS
    7. 7. Why research and innovate?Improve Savepatient moneyoutcomesIncrease Improve safetyefficiency
    8. 8. Need for Innovation• Need to save ~ £20 billion – – can’t do this by cuts and efficiency alone• QIPP - focus on quality, innovation, productivity and prevention – Need NHS to drive up quality whilst improving productivity – means harnessing and spreading innovation and new ideas• NHS CEO Innovation Review - Dec 2011 – Innovation must become core business for the NHS – CQIN payments withheld unless high impact innovations adopted
    9. 9. Service to NHS Identify and develop ideas and innovations– Identification and Protection (IP)– Development and Commercialisation– Project management/Implementation
    10. 10. How we do we this for NHS Trusts– Raise profile of innovation– Case development and advice– Introduce new products and services • schemes, collaborations
    11. 11. Raise profile of Innovation• Provide – surveys and competitions – articles for newsletters – presentations at events – IP training for staff – assistance with innovation strategy and policy
    12. 12. Case Development and AdviceIP protection – patents, trade mark, copyright – IP ownership/use advice• Commercialisation advice – Asses commercial potential of innovative services and products e.g. scale of clinical need, market size, competition etc• Business development – Contract advice - CDAs, collaborations/licences – Assistance with funding applications – Company establishment
    13. 13. NHS and Industry engagement• Bringing technology/innovation to the NHS – Technology scoping – new solutions to NHS requirements – Framing strengths - attract companies for collaboration
    14. 14. NHS Service Outputs– Currently provide innovation services to 25 NHS Trusts in the region– fee based service level-3 tiers– Generates 40% of TRUSTECH operating costs
    15. 15. NHS products and services
    16. 16. Service to CompaniesProvide access to NHS– Clinical opinions– Market research– Product trials and evaluations
    17. 17. How we do this for Companies• Commercial clinics - for free• Database of clinical expertise/provide for a fee – expert opinions – Route to market/competitor analysis – Product evaluations• Access to start up facilities via MedTECH centre• Operate specific funded programmes to evaluate products and services in the NHS
    18. 18. Company Products
    19. 19. Company Outputs– Over 400 companies received support & advice– Assisted over 150 companies access NHS markets– Helped get 50 new products into market– Direct commercial contracts generate about 25% of TRUSTECH running costs– Specific funding programmes generate another 35% of TRUSTECH running costs but are irregular
    20. 20. MedTECH CentreAccelerating Medical Technology Development NHS Expertise. Market Research – Focus Groups. Support with Research Grants. in situ Clinical Evaluations. Business Support. Access to NHS procurement. Help recruiting students (University of Manchester / Manchester Business School) Expert professional advice – IP, Finance, Design. Systematic access to Clinicians & Patients. 10 minutes walk from Central Manchester’s five hospitals. Pilot phase of the Royal Eye Hospital Development Accommodation Workshop, offices, hot desks. (superfast broadband, office services, secure 24hr access, parking).
    21. 21. MedTECH 2Business accelerator for MedTECH companies on theclinical academic campus.
    22. 22. Top Tips for success1. Adopt a mixed economy model early2. Early successes/case examples are key3. Proof of Concept funding vital to activate projects4. Top down and bottom up approach needed for engagement5. Collaborate with local and national partners6. Get written into other projects7. Provide clarity on offering to all clients8. Strategy needs to be flexible e.g. MedTECH centre9. Quality staff are a key asset10. Utilise PR well
    23. 23. ContactRichard Deed:☏: 44 (0)161 276 5763/4