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  • 1. Thompson Rivers University LibraryScholarly vs Popular Handout Scholarly vs. Popular  Written by journalists, reporters,  Written by researchers, professionals, freelance writers, and other paid or experts in the field Author staff  Authors credentials are listed  Rarely experts in the field  Advanced reading level  Basic reading level  Researchers, students, academics, and Audience  General public professionals  Language is understood by almost  Specialized or technical vocabulary anyone  Topic is narrowly focused and Language &  General/popular interest topics research-based Length and news items  Long articles: 5+ pages  Short articles: 1/2 - 5 pages  "Peer-reviewed" or "refereed" articles  Articles are reviewed and are screened and approved by other Review Process approved for publication by the researchers and experts in the field magazine or journals editor  Often a specific format: e.g., Abstract, Methodology, Discussion, Summary,  No set format Appearance & Charts, Conclusion  Attention-grabbing titles Organization  Descriptive titles  Lots of advertising  Limited or no advertising  Scientific, medical, and research  Grocery stores, newsstands, Location of institutions, libraries bookstores Information  In print and online at TRU Library  In print and online at RDC Library  Extensive bibliography and citations  Rarely any citations Citations & throughout  Difficult to verify source of Bibliography  ·Sources can be verified information Journal of Zoology, Journal of Macleans, The Walrus, Popular Anthropology, Journal of Clinical Examples Science, People, Where Calgary Nursing, Educational & Child PsychologyCreated by Lucy Scribner Library. Scholarly vs. popular periodicals. Retrieved from Adapted by Thompson Rivers University Library, September 2011Created by Nevada University Libraries. Distinguishing scholarly and popular articles. Retrieved from Adapted by Thompson Rivers University Library, September 20111 Updated October 2, 2011