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Using an LCD Projector and Playstation to Enable DDR Fun
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Using an LCD Projector and Playstation to Enable DDR Fun


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Step-by-step instructions to get an LCD projector ready to project DDR from a Playstation.

Step-by-step instructions to get an LCD projector ready to project DDR from a Playstation.

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  • 1. Using an LCD Projector & Playstation to Enable DDR Fun
  • 2. Words of encouragement before you begin…
    • If you have set up a projector with a DVD player this will all be very familiar.
    • If you have set up a Playstation with a television this will also be very familiar.
    • If everything is new, simply follow these instructions and you will find the process surprisingly easy.
  • 3. The cord that comes with your Playstation inserts in the projector like this.
  • 4. The Playstation has two outlets on one side. The first connects the Playstation to the projector (the other end of the multi-color cord) and the other connects it to power. Connects to projector Connects to power strip
  • 5. Prepare to turn the power on. After the power strip is on and everything is plugged in, push to the left to turn projector on. Connects projector to power strip.
    • Plug both items into the power strip.
    • Insert the DDR game (just like you would play a CD)
    • Turn everything on.
  • 6. Troubleshooting
    • When you can’t get the projector to turn on, try a different outlet in the power strip and make sure the power strip is on.
    • If that doesn’t work, try the power strip in a different outlet as well.
    • Check your cords. Make sure you have everything in the right spot and inserted all the way.
    • If a cord has a short sometimes just wiggling the cord a bit fixes the short temporarily.
    • If you are still having trouble, ask for help. Many of the teens who show-up for a gaming program will have a Playstation at home so just inquire and someone will jump to the rescue.
  • 7. Once everything is on, fiddle with the projector settings until the projector recognizes the Playstation. First, push the standby button to get it going. Next you push the input button repeatedly (go slow) until the Playstation is projected.
  • 8. If you haven’t already done so, make sure the lens cover is over. Then adjust your picture until it is in focus. Lens cover pushed to the left Twist here to adjust focus
  • 9. Insert the DDR Dance mats in the Playstation just like you would insert Playstation controls. Two dance mats inserted In Playstation.
  • 10. Dance pads should be set to each side so dancers can view the screen.
  • 11. At some point, take a moment to consider safety. Tuck the power strip under your stand/table so it’s out of the way. Cords from the DDR mats could be secured with tape if you want to be extra safe. Cover up the cord that connects to wall with a rug so you don’t have a tripping hazard like there is here.
  • 12. You’ll want to set up chairs behind the gamers so others can watch the fun.
  • 13. Final words of advice…
    • The volume is controlled with a remote that comes with the projector. If at all possible blast the sound out. It’s much easier to learn DDR if the sound is up very high (all the way) because then the beat is stronger.
    • Once the program starts, let the teens playing choose the settings they want. If someone is playing for the first time ask an experienced player to set it up for a newbie--they’ll know how to adjust the settings to make it easier for a beginner.
    • Created by Lisa Lindsay
    • Young Adult Librarian
    • Fresno County Public Library