2013 TMP Partners Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Reception


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  • Ensure continuity: TMP participation is embedded in our partners work plans and formally placed with appropriate staff.
  • 2013 TMP Partners Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Reception

    1. 1. Partners Conference and Recognition Reception 2013
    2. 2. The Mentoring Partnership uses a simple, but powerful idea: To help job-ready skilled immigrants build their professional networks in Canada and better leverage their experience and skills in the local labour market.
    3. 3. Program milestones 8,700 + mentoring matches to date over 1,200 / year 5,850 + mentors and over 750 /year
    4. 4. TMP Mentor Professional Development (PD) series Launched 2012 / Includes: • Workshops • Networking Events • Webinars 500 mentors participated since 2012 350 mentors participated in 2013 Mentoring hours and PD sessions recognized as PD credit by HRPA and CGA
    5. 5. Online learning modules Launched : For coaches for individual orientation: • Introduction to The Mentoring Partnership • Develop a Strong Mentoring Relationship For mentors: • Motivating Your Mentee in the Job Search Coming soon: • Enriching your Mentee's Networking Skills • Producing Standout Resumes and Cover Letters • Helping your Mentee Master the Job Interview Available on www.trieccampus.ca
    6. 6. Employer Partner Framework …Launched in November 2013 Objectives of this framework to: • • • • Provide a planning document for successful implementation Clarify responsibilities of TMP and the employer partner implementing the mentoring cycle Ensure program delivery and quality assurance guidelines Outline our shared commitment ‘Mentoring Plus’ in 2013
    7. 7. New Classification System • New Occupational and Industry Classification System • Consulted with Employer and Service Delivery Partners to revise classification to better reflect mentor and mentee pool • 2014 TMP will redevelop the classification and matching function in the IT system
    8. 8. Impact of mentoring: mentees Outcome* Employed in field or related field 6 months 12 months 70% 81% Behind the numbers: • 1,090 mentees reported to have obtained employment • 116 were hired by an employer partner *Reports April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013
    9. 9. Survey results: mentees High Rate of Mentee Satisfaction* • 93% • 91% of mentees were satisfied with their mentoring experience • 89% • 88% are better prepared for employment in profession feel their resume better reflects skills and qualifications in a way that is meaningful for Canadian employers can talk better about their skills and qualifications with confidence *Surveys of Mentees who complete partnerships in 2012-2013
    10. 10. ALLIES National Survey Findings* • Unemployment decreased • The percentage of those working in their field increased • Average full-time earnings increased • Successful mentees find employment faster than the average newcomer. Most mentees find work in their field. • Starting salaries (and future salary trajectory) are likely higher than those working outside their field of expertise and experience. • Most mentees find permanent work. They likely receive employee benefits, increasing their effective earnings. *The results are in: Mentoring improves employment outcomes for skilled immigrants
    11. 11. Survey results: mentors High Rate of Mentor Satisfaction* • 97% of mentors were satisfied with their mentoring experience • 94% understanding the challenges and barriers that skilled immigrants face in the labour market, and that they better able to appreciate the talent and experience that skilled immigrants bring to the workplace • 93% better able to motivate, coach and develop people • 88% can better assist immigrant professionals in adapting to the workplace and are now more likely to interview and/or hire IEPs • 88% more likely to interview and/or hire IEPs *Surveys of Mentors who complete partnerships in 2012-13
    12. 12. Thank you to our funders
    13. 13. Insert partner logo to cover this block. If no logo is being used then delete by going to master view slide Special Recognitions
    14. 14. Mentees who have become mentors Agustin Pinto Neil Fernando Ana Trinidad Neil Fernandopulle Anya Faingersh Olsen Briceno Basab Goswami Salma Wahwah Basdeo Upadhyaya Suresh Ramabadran Daniel Morodvanschi Tao Liu Indra Maharjan Tasneem Shaikh Joaquin Milo Xiaomeng Tang Manoj Kumar Yan Reznikov
    15. 15. I’m grateful to all my mentors. And the only way I can pay forward is to keep mentoring myself. You might have all the skills and qualifications, and you know you can do the work. It’s like you have a plane and you know how to fly, but you also need to know how to land and where. I called all mentors “traffic controllers” who direct mentees where to land and what to do to land successfully.
    16. 16. Mentors who have mentored 10 or more skilled immigrants Abdulhamid Hathiyani Angela Loconte Bill Simpson Debra Bloomfield Donna Messer Mike Velshi Ranil Mendis
    17. 17. You may have done it once, twice, three times, but as someone who has done it for ten years, the more the merrier! The more mentees you meet, the more you learn, so keep coming back to the program every year. You will be rewarded for that.
    18. 18. 100 MATCHES
    19. 19. 100 MATCHES
    20. 20. 100 MATCHES
    21. 21. 500 MATCHES
    22. 22. 1000 MATCHES
    23. 23. Service delivery partners
    24. 24. Active employer partners
    25. 25. New employer partners
    26. 26. Coaches Adolfo Castellanos Amy Zhang Beena De-Souza Brian Thomson Claudia Valenzuela-Parra Colleen Kelly Collette Smith Dana Savescu Devlin Balfour Eva Wilkinson-Knight Ewa Balinska Harpreet Shah Helena Guan Janet Gaffney Jenya Zukershtein Jingling Wang Jinmiao Xu Joanna Hong Juliet Allen Karl Lewis Kavitha Jeyaratnam Kristle Villanueva Liliana Lewandowski Lucy (Dexian) Sun Luisa Robinson Macarena Lopez Mahrukh Rostami Marcela Marin Marcello Scarsella Marisa De Luca Michelle Yu Myra Cosentino Natalia Schiopu Patricia Houghton Peter Pipiska Quoc Phan Raymond Yip Rebecca Rodrigue Rosa Cortez Rosaline Graham Said Omar Sandra Ornelas Silvia Lubecki Slava Gutkowska Suhad Yousif Andraws Taha Syed Tami Cooper Tom Ng Tracy Liu Valerie Gow Vijy Varghese Ying Que
    27. 27. Mentoring Coordinators Agatha Doerffer Ann Gordon Baskaran Rajmani Beverly Khan Brian Lee Bryce Phillips Carla Boose Cheryl Ogle Gene Jamieson Heather Meadus Jennifer Lu Jill Smith Jumi Gervacio Karen Tuschak Karin Larkin Lucy Walker Lysiane Hoffschmidt Mara Furlan Maria Freschi-Acosta Mark Williams Mary Da-Costa Lauzon Mugda Joshi Nabila Kanji Nicole Brocklebank Nicole Jacksic Nishant Pune Odilia Stapleton Pamela Preston Saba Zia Salim Nensi Sarah Masih Shehryar Hussain Shemina Khimji Sujay Vardhmane Sunita Guyadeen
    28. 28. Thank You!