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Valco Mall 5/13/2004
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Valco Mall 5/13/2004

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Pull: 140’/6” under restaurant

Pull: 140’/6” under restaurant

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  • 1. TRIC Training Log: 05-13-04 Client: West Point Solutions Job: Dynasty Restaurant, Valco Mall Pull: 140’/6” under restaurant
  • 2. When fusing long sections of pipe, keep in mind eventual entry point of bursting head (shown assembled for demonstration; leave head off during fusing).
  • 3. Multiple interior excavations to uncover plumbing connection points. Green dashed line shows path of pull under dining area.
  • 4. Path of pull under kitchen.
  • 5. Preparing pulling hole.
  • 6. Drawing cable upstream to pulling hole with duct rod.
  • 7. Moving pipe to entry point.
  • 8. The more the merrier!
  • 9. Parking lot exit lane is blocked off to facilitate pull.
  • 10. 140’ ready to go!
  • 11. Inching along…
  • 12. Breaking out old pipe at pulling end.
  • 13. Cribbing soft earth at pulling end. Wood is braced between dirt wall and pressure plate to distribute load.
  • 14. When wood is insufficient, steel poles are driven into the ground instead to stabilize pulling equipment.
  • 15. Managerial review…
  • 16. Unnecessary clutter at entry!
  • 17. This is how NOT to start a pull. Actual entry point
  • 18. Get rid of the clutter! Shown here at entry are at least six to eight bands and couplings, including a vertical stack, that will only be dragged into the earth and become one big obstruction. Band cutting blade attached to bursting head functions only when pipe is part of an undisturbed system that is secured underground. Actual entry point
  • 19. Due diligence…
  • 20. Clean entry!
  • 21. Removing exposed bands, couplings, and connections in middle open trench…
  • 22. … to avoid inevitable “traffic jam” of loose (uncovered) connections being pushed along rather than burst away.
  • 23. Remove all exposed pipe, bands, and connections in bursting path. This material will only create problems by cluttering the bursting head.