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ASC Marketing Workshop - Mar 2012


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  • 1. Applying Data inYour Communications Decision-Making David Dombrosky, InstantEncore Amelia Northrup, TRG Arts
  • 2. Google AnalyticsWhich pieces of data will be useful foryou? Why?How will you use this data to informdecisions related to your work?
  • 3. When should we post things?
  • 4. Determining Relevance (For You – To Them)CONTENT USABILITY TRAFFIC
  • 5. Beyond Google Analytics:ticketing, social media, and email stats
  • 6. Ticketing & Admissions Data
  • 7. Key Numbers from Ticketing Data data capture rate new vs. renew reactivation & loyalty
  • 8. Data Capture Rate
  • 9. Data Capture Rate 1000 new patrons Subscription/membership campaign with a 5% success rate=50 new members/subscribers @ $200 each $10,000 Each name is worth $10
  • 10. New vs. renew
  • 11. Reactivation (Churn) 4 out of 5 new patrons leave… and never come back.
  • 12. Patron Loyalty The process of finding new buyers that are converted into frequent buyers, subscriber/members, donors Advocatesand, ultimately, lifelong patrons. Buyers Tryers
  • 13. Email Data • Open Rate • Click-thru Rate • A-B Testing • Keeping the Data Clean • Bounces • Opt-outs
  • 14. How Do You Decide Where toSpend Your Time & Energy? Founded Founded Founded Founded Founded Founded Founded in 2004. in 2003. in 2006. in 2007. in 2004. in 2010. in 2005. 845 33.1 100 44.3 51 million 25 million 800 million million million million members; monthly million monthly monthly monthly blogs. 80 million active monthly active active active visitors. users. active users. users. users. users.
  • 15. Facebook Insights
  • 16. Twitalyzer ( recommended that:If @CompanyX is interested in having a more measurable impact in Twitter we recommend the following:● It is moderately important that you find more followers● It is moderately important that you find a few more people to follow yourself● It is moderately important that you engage others in conversation more frequently● It is very important that you write more frequentlyIn the last 30 days the "average" Twitter user we track who has 25% more impact in Twitter than @CompanyX:● Has 58.1% more followers than you● Is following 87.3% more people than you are● Has published an average of 94.1% more updates than you have recently● Was retweeted 90% more times than you● Has retweeted other people 87.3% more times than you● Was referenced in Twitter 75% more times than you● Has been directly referencing 96.7% more more people in Twitter than youIn terms of our core measures of success at Twitalyzer, this "average" Twitter user:● Creates 33.3% more measurable impact than you● Is 99.9% more engaged with their followers than you are● Is 99.7% more generous than you● Has 95.8% more personal velocity than you
  • 17. Questions to Answer Before Digging Into Data• How much time per week or month am I able/willing to devote to researching our followers/fans/patrons and the analysis of our data?• What am I interested in knowing about my web/social media presence? Examples include: o Who are my fans/visitors? (Are they donors, members, subscribers, employees, artists, etc?) o How much of an impact am I having? (Am I reaching key influencers? How far are my posts being shared?) o How much of a return I am seeing on my investment of time or money?
  • 18. Questions to Answer Before Digging Into Data• How much money (if any) am I or my department willing to spend on analytics tools and what do we expect for that money?• How much buy-in will I get from senior management/the board? Will data provided by these analytics aid my case in advocating for future online campaigns?• Who will be maintaining a regular schedule for analyzing the data? Me? An intern? Someone else?
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Going Mobile:Engaging Audiences via Mobile Devices David Dombrosky, InstantEncore Amelia Northrup, TRG Arts
  • 21. Mobile
  • 23. Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps • Mobile is not going away and will only increase in importance. • Websites needed for access • Apps capitalize upon smartphone users’ behavior• Mobile app providers – Cloudtix, InstantEncore, Mobile Roadie, Toura, Toursphere, GuideByCell• Custom mobile site and app developers
  • 24. Tips for Making Your WebsiteMobile Friendly • Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate • Keep images to a minimum • Use .png or .gif images – faster to load • Test your site on a number of mobile devices • Optimization plug-ins for current content management systems • Create a separate mobile site o For example: instead of o Consider using services like MoFuse • Redirect mobile users to your mobile site site
  • 25. TheWarholMuseum
  • 26. DetroitSymphonyOrchestra
  • 27. LA Phil’s Bravo Gustavo
  • 28. The Mattress Factory
  • 29. LACMA’sArt Swipe
  • 30. The Show Must Go On App: Royal Opera House
  • 31. QR Codes • QR = “quick response” • Bar codes can be linked to content • QR Code readers are free • Generators are also free
  • 32. In 2011, marketing research firm Lab42 surveyed 500Americans over the age of 13 to discover wherepeople saw QR codes, how they were using them, andwhy they were scanning (or not)
  • 33. Cleveland Museum
  • 34. Location-Based Social Networks • FourSquare • Ask visitors to “check- in” • 10 million users • 3 million check-ins per day
  • 35. Things to Think About• What do your patrons or constituents want from their mobile experience with your organization?• What types of content do you already have to use?• What budget level do you have to devote to mobile engagement?• Can you leverage other resources or relationships?
  • 36. Technology Planning for Really Smart People(Who Just Don’t Have Time to Plan) David Dombrosky, InstantEncore Amelia Northrup, TRG Arts
  • 37. A technology plan is a frameworkfor selecting the appropriatetechnology tools to achievestrategic objectives efficiently andeffectively.
  • 38. A technology plan is a frameworkfor selecting the appropriatetechnology tools to achievestrategic objectives efficiently andeffectively.
  • 39. Components of a Technology Plan• Business Analysis • Facilities Plan• Hardware/Software • Acceptable Use Policies Inventories • Budget• Network Services & • Timeline Inventory • Appendices• Support Plan
  • 41. • Select the issues and processes that will be addressed• Describe improvement opportunities• Describe the current processes surrounding the improvement opportunities• Determine possible causes of problems in the current processes• Develop solutions and creating effective and workable action plans• Determine targets for improvement and measures for success
  • 42. • Put into action process changes described in the plan• Implement the plan in its entirety or take a phased approach• Monitor and track the measures for success
  • 43. • Evaluate the measures for success that you monitored and tracked during the implementation phase• Take this time to adjust the success measures, if necessary. • Sometimes we set lofty goals in the planning phase • Give yourself permission to course- correct
  • 44. • Assess your results• Recommend changes • If changes are required, make them • If not, make sure all of the procedures are standardized and well documented• Celebrate successes and communicate them to stakeholders
  • 45. Identifying and EvaluatingTechnology Tools
  • 46. MeasureTwice, Cut Once
  • 47. EXAMPLE:"When someone wants to order tickets fromthe Web site, they send us an email with theirname, contact info, number of tickets anddate of performance. We then call themback to get their credit card information,print their tickets and mail them out. Then wego into an Excel sheet and mark those seatsas sold for that particular performance."
  • 48. Give Your Criteria Weight
  • 49. Criteria Weight Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5Criteria 1 W1 A1 B1 C1 D1 E1Criteria 2 W2 A2 B2 C2 D2 E2Criteria 3 W3 A3 B3 C3 D3 E3Criteria 4 W4 A4 B4 C4 D4 E4 Score A5 B5 C5 D5 E5
  • 50. Research
  • 51. Word of Mouth
  • 52. Tech Blogs• Technology in the • Zen and the Art of Arts Nonprofit Technology• TechSoup • Gizmodo• AppScout • Engadget• TechCrunch • Lifehacker• Wired • ReadWriteWeb• NTEN • Idealware
  • 53. Pick a Winner
  • 54. What does it cost?• NEVER accept the first quote without reviewing others• Research, research, research• Off-the-shelf software and hardware costs are easy to estimate• Development costs are more difficult • Consult a technology expert• Granularity ensures accuracy
  • 55. Origin of a Tech Plan?You are the marketing director of a mid-sizedorganization. A Board member approaches you at aboard meeting and pulls out his iPhone and shows youthe Random Arts Organization’s app. He asks whyyour organization doesn’t have an app.How do you respond to him?What, if anything, do you do afterwards?
  • 56. ResearchIt has become clear that your ticketing system isn’tworking for you. The reporting features aren’t helpingyou properly segment your mailing campaigns, andyou are having to do many functions manually thatyou have heard may be automated in other ticketingsystems.How do you research a new ticketing system?
  • 57. The InheritanceYou are the new marketing director in a departmentof one. You have inherited a Facebook page, aTwitter account, a YouTube channel and presenceson multiple event listing sites.How do you determine which communication tools tokeep using?
  • 58. Mobile scenario, part 1Your Google Analytics data has shown a steady rise intraffic from mobile sources in the last six months. Yourcurrent site is not optimized for mobile—yourmarketing associate has shown you how she has to“pinch and pull” on her Android phone to navigate tothe areas of the site she wants to go to. You haven’treceived any complaints.How do you proceed?
  • 59. Mobile scenario, part 2Your executive director tells you that she wants theorganization to have a comprehensive mobilepresence – at least a mobile website, iPhone app andAndroid app. She saddles you with the responsibilityfor making it happen. The development departmenthas been able to secure $10,000 for the initiative.How would you proceed?
  • 60. Mobile scenario, part 3Your organization has recently launched a mobileapp.How do you encourage your patrons to use it?