Regional Platform: "Industrial services in mechanical engineering" (Region Stuttgart)
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Regional Platform: "Industrial services in mechanical engineering" (Region Stuttgart)






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Regional Platform: "Industrial services in mechanical engineering" (Region Stuttgart) Regional Platform: "Industrial services in mechanical engineering" (Region Stuttgart) Presentation Transcript

  • Regional Platform „Industrial Services in Mechanical Engineering“ Stuttgart Region Oliver Reichert Platform Industrial Services Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation TRES Project Meeting Stuttgart, 19.11.2013
  • The Stuttgart Region
  • The Region – Mixed Facts and Figures „ Population: 2.7 million from 170 countries „ Area: 3,654 km² „ Municipalities: 179 „ People in employment: 1.5 million „ Members of the Regional Assembly: 91 „ Hours of sunshine: 1814 per year „ Wine production per year: 42 million litres „ Spa water per day: 40 million litres „ Michelin stars: 14 „ Historic palaces and castles: 68
  • Economic Data of the Stuttgart Region „ ~160.000 registered companies „ „ „ „ Gross domestic product: 103 billion Euro Overseas Sales (manufacturing): ~ 60 % Unemployment rate: 4.3% (May 2013) Extremely high research-density and -intensity R&D expenditure by the private sector: ~7 % of the GDP! „ Most important industries: Automotive, Production Technology/Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, IT, Media, B2B Services. „ Headquarter of corporate groups such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Festo, Trumpf, Mahle, Dürr, Stihl, Kärcher, Celesio, EY, etc.
  • Industry as a backbone of the regional Economy Region Stuttgart 39,4% Baden-Württemberg 38,6% Region Mailand 32,8% Region Barcelona 31,9% Deutschland 29,8% Region Düsseldorf-Ruhrgebiet 28,4% Region Prag Region Birmingham Region München 25,8% 23,3% 22,6% Region Frankfurt 20,5% Region Hamburg 20,3% Region Wien 20,0% Share of industry as part of the total GDP in different regions 2008 Source: Statistisches Landesamt BadenWürttemberg
  • Mechanical Engineering in the Stuttgart Region Characteristics and Historical Development • Very early automotive industry: Daimler, Porsche, Bosch • Metal-working industry and mechanical engineering developed in accordance to automotive industry  production technology for automotive sector  Mechanical engineering cluster as part of a larger cluster of production technology industry • Especially family-owned business  Characteristic for industry until today  Very close relations within the dense network of automotive and metal-working industries and mechanical engineering • Very creative and innovative companies  Many breakthrough inventions like drilling machine (1895), copier (1948), disc laser (1992)…
  • Mechanical Engineering in the Stuttgart Region Cluster Mechanical Engineering - Companies • Industrial landscape dominated by SME • SME especially strong in niche markets and customerordered individual solutions  Focus on high-tech solutions  Premium segments • Most important customers: mainly automotive industry, but also aerospace industry, consumer goods industry, medical technology • Most important products: machine tools assembly machines & automation technology process technology packaging machines drive systems and components printing machines
  • Mechanical Engineering in the Stuttgart Region Cluster Mechanical Engineering - Companies • 2012: 346 companies (>20 employees) • Turnover 2012: 21.3 bn €  23 % of total Turnover of manufacturing industries  9.5% of German Mechanical Engineering Industry • Employment: 70,000  21.9% of total employment in manufacturing industries  7% of German Mechanical Engineering employment • Export quota: 63.2 % (individual up to 90%) • Most important target markets: largest share: Europe Largest single market: China Highest growth rate: Asia (without Japan), Russia, South America
  • Mechanical Engineering in the Stuttgart Region Cluster Mechanical Engineering – Research & Education • Stuttgart Region: European leader in patent statistics • Strong network of universities & research institutions • University of Stuttgart: 2nd largest department for mechanical engineering in Germany; 2 faculties with 35 specialised institutes • Esslingen University: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechatronics • Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering & Automation (IPA) • Institute for Micro Assembly Technology of the HahnSchickard-Gesellschaft e.V. (HSG-IMAT) • Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS-CHIPS) • Institute for Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf – departments fabric & structure technologies, modern production techn. • …
  • Regional Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Cluster
  • The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) „ „ „ „ „ Founded 1995 as a GmbH („Ltd.“) Major shareholder “Verband Region Stuttgart” 50 full-time employees Branch subsidiaries Operational Budget: ~8.5 million Euro Tasks: 1. Support for Investors 2. Location Marketing 3. Innovation and Cluster Policy
  • The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) Cluster Mechanical Engineering – Initiatives & Networks • • • • • • Technology Transfer Platform Industrial Services Studies Trade Fairs Innovation Financing Guide MANUFUTURE-BW • Competence and Innovation Centres: Mechatronics BW Packaging Excellence Center Virtual Dimension Center Cleaning Excellence Center
  • Industrial Services Importance for Mechanical Engineering Industry Standardisation of products / machines Market pressure, decreasing market prices Shrinkage of Product lifecycles Decreasing returns on machine sales Potentials of Industrial Services • • • • • … New business opportunities and markets, high margins Differentiation in global competition Leaving downward tendencies in price competition Balancing market cycles in investment goods industry Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Industrial Services in Mechanical Engineering Platform for small and medium-sized enterprises of the mechanical engineering industry of Stuttgart Region; objectives: • Information & Transparency • Dialogue & Communication • Networking between most important stakeholders Trends, Best Practice, methods, processes, research topics et al. Exchange of experience between SME, Transfer of knowledge & know-how Experts from industry & academia, further stakeholders, e.g. advanced training providers
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Build-Up Phase • Start: Summer 2009 • Interviews with decision makers of selected mechanical engineering companies (Subject: business development and influence of service business) Bild: Bosch Einspritzpumpentechnik • Regional survey 2009 on current status and challenges in the service business of the region‘s manufacturing industry Bild: Schuler-Mitarbeiter im Service-Einsatz
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Survey – Service in Mechanical Engineering Stuttgart Region (2009) On customer request only • 75 % of companies plan to extend their service business Investments into new business fields in the service business Partially systematic development Target: exploit the full business potential of „installed base“ Systematic Service Engineering • 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% … but only 15% of participating companies follow a systematic innovation management in their service business (service engineering)
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Services and projects • Regional Dialogue – product related services in mechanical engineering • Regional Industry Circle – Industrial Services in Mechanical Engineering • Competence Team „Service in the packaging machine industry“ , managed by Packaging Excellence Center (PEC), Waiblingen • Research project „Productivity of knowledge intensive product related services in the investment goods industry“ (BMBF-AESTIMO) • General Networking in the mechanical engineering industry Stuttgart Region
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Events / networking meetings • Regional Dialogue Designed as a central get-together for the whole branch (2 / year) Focussing on decision makers in the service units of ME companies Open to the whole ME branch in the region Methods, Know-how, Best Practices Exchange of experience & Dialogue • Industry Circle Designed as a meeting for a closed network (1/year) Focussing on decision makers of well-known pioneers in the service business Exchange of knowledge and experience on a high level host: one of the network members Open dialogue and personal contacts
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Research project AESTIMO How many companies offer the following Pre-Sales-Services (n=41) 98% 100% 90% 85% 80% 70% 60% 63% 51% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 10% 0% Bedarfsanalyse Needs analysis Technische Beratung Technical Consultance Machbarkeitsstudien Feasibility Analysis Planung und Planning, Projektierung Calculation Weitere Pre-Sales Other
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Research project AESTIMO How many companies offer the following Services in the sales phase (n=41) 100% 90% 90% 80% 78% 73% 70% 61% 60% 50% 37% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Engineering / Systems integration Transport assembly On-site setting up Financing
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services Research project AESTIMO How many companies offer the following After-Sales services? (n=41) 100% 90% 90% 90% 85% 85% 80% 73% 68% 70% 60% 49% 50% 39% 40% 30% 20% 10% 10% Other Withdrawal, recycling, disposal Optimization of processes and Costs Remote diagnosis Service Hotline Updates Training Spare Parts Maintenance, Overhaul, Repair 0%
  • Regional Platform Industrial Services in Mechanical Engineering Bild: FESTO AG Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation Oliver Reichert Platform Industrial Services Regional Development Department II Phone: +49 711 228 35 -872