Competence center programme (stuttgart region)


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Competence Centers in the Stuttgart Region and the Competence Center Programme. Regional Competence and Innovation Centres are a suitable instrument for regional Cluster Management.

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Competence center programme (stuttgart region)

  1. 1. Competence Center Programme Stuttgart Region Dr. Andreas Findeis Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation TRES Study Visit | 19.11.2013 | PEC Waiblingen
  2. 2. Cluster and Network Management Cluster and Networkmanagement Clusterinitiatives (inhouse) Competence Center Program Horizontal Networks (inhouse) Automotive Mechatronics Financing Mechanícal Engineering Education Clean Tech Industrial Components and Surface Cleaning Packaging Technology Creative Industries VR/Simulation ICT/Open Source Environmental Tech. ... ... Labour Market/Talent
  3. 3. Why networks? Generating turnover due to product and service innovation (younger than 3 years) Rate of sales growth (average of last 4 years) Source: Improve, European Benchmark Study, 2008 70% of growth champions (10% of fastest growing companies) among SME’s in Europe count on close cooperation links to network partners with regard to innovation management.
  4. 4. Competence Center Programme Vision Regional Competence Centers are well organised regional networks by integrating possibly all regional companies, universities, research facilities etc. working in the same technology field. They provide a suitable basis for know-how exchange, innovative cooperation and project approaches among the partner institutions. Competence Centres improve significantly the coordination and effectiveness of (regional) research activities and the transformation of results into marketable products and services.
  5. 5. Competence Center Programme Objectives • Position the centres as catalysts for cooperation and competitiveness. • Initiate and support co-operation between businesses, universities, research facilities, public bodies and other relevant organisations. • Support start-ups and spin-offs. • Provide a platform for (large scale) innovative cooperation projects. • Create a joint learning environment. • Foster Open Innovation processes.
  6. 6. Competence Center Programme Schedule Regional Competence and Innovation Centres are a suitable instrument for regional Cluster Management. They support network creation and provide an instrument for economic development, which will assist even SME to meet the challenges of global competition. Competence and Innovation Centres schedule in the Stuttgart Region: End of 1999: Regional call for proposals 2000 - 2002: Initial implementation phase of „Regional Innovation Centres“ end of 2002: Evaluation of achieved implementation status since 2003: Project-oriented Support Phase Support of innovative projects initiated by the Regional Competence and Innovation Centres
  7. 7. Competence Center Programme Competence Centers in the Stuttgart Region Energy and Eco-Design Logistics Environmental Engineering Satellite communication Backnang Vaihingen/Enz County of Ludwigsburg Fuel Cell and Battery Alliance PEC – Packaging Excellence Center Packaging Technologies Rems-Murr-County Kornwestheim Waiblingen Fellbach City of Stuttgart Esslingen County of Böblingen Filderstadt Göppingen Denkendorf County of Göppingen Kirchheim/Teck Industrial Components and Surface Cleaning Software and IT County of Esslingen Telematics, Mobile Computing, Customer Care Mechatronics Technical Textiles Geislingen/Steige Virtual Dimension Center Virtual Reality, Simulation, Collaborative Engineering
  8. 8. Competence Center Programme Results of the Initiative • 12 Competence Centres in different technology areas • Very high level of participation: > 500 companies (80% SME) > 60 university institutes and research facilities • Focus on tangible business benefits / market orientation • Extensive private investments could be triggered with little public money (2 Mill. € for set-up phase) • Many innovative co-operation and/or research projects initiated (> 100) • Requests for additional Competence Centres (in and outside the Stuttgart Region)
  9. 9. Competence Center Programme Important success factors Important instrument: The „Network Manager“ who − sets up and cultivates the network, − relieves the network partners as far as possible from network effort and − keeps the partners’ participation and commitment alive Important process: The Communication between the partners which should be supported by modern technologies (e.g. a communication platform) Important constitutional element: Establish a legal body for the network (e.g. a union) to ensure the partner’s commitment for financing and (net-)working Important task: Initiating concrete projects to ensure the partner’s perception of (net-)work advantages
  10. 10. Competence Center Programme Important success factors Important structural element: - The “right mix” of SMEs, large companies, public bodies and research institutions. cover all elements of the “process-chain”; “network of enterprises” - Bottom-up insetad of top-down - Public-Provite Partnership (strong involvement of location municpality)
  11. 11. Competence Center Programme Regional Coordination Unit Coordination Unit at WRS provides a set of additional services: • initiation and promotion of innovative regional projects (regional funds) • support in marketing, communication and public relations (e.g. web, print, media, etc.) • assistance in the organisation of events, support of events organized by several competence centers (e.g. “Dialogveranstaltung”) • links to other existing (regional, national, international) networks in the Stuttgart Region • information and support regarding national and international grants/programmes
  12. 12. Competence Center Programme Project examples Project: (100 Mitglieder) Simulation universal storage system (virtual engineering) Project: Arena of Innovation Project: Energy efficiency Savings by new machine concepts Project: Guideline Industrial Services Projekt: Branchenatlas (CEC) Project: AR interior fittings Project: Simulation wind power
  13. 13. Competence Center Programme Contact Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation Friedrichstrasse 10 70174 Stuttgart Germany Dr. Martin Zagermann Fon: +49.711.22835 - 53 Fax: +49.711.22835 - 55 Dr. Andreas Findeis Fon: +49.711.22835 - 69 Fax: +49.711.22835 - 55