A basque specialisation experience energi basque and the “bidelek sareak” project


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The presentation describes EnergiBasque, the strategy for the technological and industrial development in the frame of the Basque Energy Strategy "3E2020".
Then, it describes a case study, the "Bidelek Sareak" project, a project about Smart Grids developed in the Basque cities of Bilbao and Portugalete.

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A basque specialisation experience energi basque and the “bidelek sareak” project

  1. 1. The Basque specialisation Experience EnergiBasque Case Study: Bidelek Sareak Project A “LIDERA” Project for EUSKADI Bilbao, 27 March 2012 Co-Financed by European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC Programme 1
  2. 2. Content:1. Reference framework of the European and National Energies Strategies2. The technology strategy of EnergiBasque3. Case Study: Bidelek Sareak Project
  3. 3. 1. EnergiBasque in the framework of the European and National Energies Strategies BASQUE EUROPE SPAIN COUNTRY Bodies Energy 3E2020strategies PANER E4Technology plans affecting PCTI 2015 energy
  4. 4. Estrategia Energética Europea The Energy Strategy for Europe (Energy 2020) 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 20% of total energy demand covered by energy from renewable sources 20% reduction in energy consumption Technological energy and climate policies Research coordinated by public administration, companies and scientific & technological agents Development of a portfolio of low carbon emission technologies Budget estimate of 67,000 million euros (2010-2020)
  5. 5. EnergiBasque is part of the Basque Energy Strategy (3E2020) Basque Energy Strategy 2020 Commitment to renewable energies Development of strategies for demand management and to promote the T&D electricity grid and Smart Grids Commitment to research, innovation and technological & industrial development EnergiBasque is a comprehensive strategy designed to position the Basque Country as a benchmark of knowledge and a leader in industrial development
  6. 6. Seven selected areas: power generation and consumption and storage as an enabling technology. Smart grids (SG) Wind Electromobility Offshore (ELM) Wave Management of Storage energy services Solar (MES) thermoelectric (STE) PRIMARY ENERGY Unconventional gas exploration (UGE)
  7. 7. General Objectives of EnergiBasque First. To consolidate driver companies in the Basque Country as leaders in the field of technology Second. To develop business activities in emerging fields of energy Third. The investment made through 3E2020, to generate new energy- related markets and opportunities.
  8. 8. First: To consolidate Driver companies Drivers Positioning Iberdrola (5th ranking energy utilitySmart grids company worldwide) and various medium-size niche market leaders Gamesa (6th ranking worldwide) and Wind Iberdrola Renovables (3rd ranking worldwide) Sener, a world leader in central Solar receiver technology competingthermoelectric throughout the world
  9. 9. Second: New business activities in emergingfields of energy Storage Wave energy BIMEP is an ocean infrastructure Research laboratories and for research, testing, premises demonstration and operation of wave energy. Initial research focused on the field of electrical and thermal The main objective is to attract energy storage promoters and technologists, around the marine energy sector .
  10. 10. Third: New energy-related markets and opportunities within the framework of the 3E2020 strategy Promoting the activities of IBIL, theElectromobility company operating the power transmission system, and encouraging the participation of Basque companies.Management of Launching pilot projects for contractingenergy services energy services in central public administration buildings (Plan 2000 ESE) Developing a domestic offer of productsUnconventional and services, enabling full advantage togas exploration be taken of any investment made should any exploitable resources be discovered in the Basque Country.
  11. 11. Sector energético en EuskadiOrganisation: The sector is supported by a solid infrastructure of scientificand technological agents. 10 R&D 5 Business international Units Centres of Excellence
  12. 12. Sector energético en Euskadi Some key figures on the energy sector in the Basque Country.* Scientific and technological agentsBasque energy companies R&D Business Units (universities, research centres, etc.) 356 7 10Total turnover … in the Basque Country Total expenditure on R&D … in the Basque Country 44,206M€ 15,469M€ 324M€ 188M€ 35% 58%Total no. of employees … in the Basque Country Total no. of employees … in the Basque working in R&D Country 68,625 24,378 2,948 1,905 36% 65% * 2008 data
  13. 13. Conclusions:o EnergiBasque is a comprehensive strategy to position the Basque Country as a benchmark of knowledge and a leader in industrial development.o To consolidate driver companies in the Basque Country as leaders in the field of technology.o To develop business activities in emerging fields of energyo To generate new energy markets and opportunities through the 3E2020 Strategyo Selected areas: Power generation, Transport & Distribution, Consumption, Primary Energy and Storage.o The Basque Energy sector is supported by a solid infrastructure of scientific and technological agents.o In conclusion, we are ready to create our future.
  14. 14. Case Study: Bidelek Sareak Project CONTENT: 1. Definition 2. Legal Basis 3. Overall Objective 4. Partners’ Contribution 5. Project Objectives 6. Project Scope 7. Deployment of the Smart Grid Actions: Meters, Transformer Stations, Substations, Distributed Generation, Electric Vehicles, Development and Start-Up. 8. Investment and creation of employment in Smart Grids 9. Business Development 10. ConclusionsRedes Inteligentes - 14
  15. 15. 1. Smart Grids Smart Grids are essentially distribution networks equipped with technology for providing electricity suppliers and users with information to optimise the use of energy 15
  16. 16. 1. Smart Grids (II)A Smart Grid is atechnologicalenhancement of thepower distributionsystem, combiningtraditional facilities withstate-of-the-artmonitoring, informationand telecommunicationtechnology 16
  17. 17. 2. Legal basisDirective 2009/72/EC of the European Parliament states that80% of consumers shall be equipped with intelligentmetering systems by 2020Under Royal Decree 1110/07, Spanish law states that allmeters will be equipped with hourly discrimination andremote management technology prior to December 31,2018Smart Technologies require SMART LEGISLATIONBoth Iberdrola and the Basque Government believe thatcompliance with this legislation represents an opportunity toconduct a much more ambitious and far-reaching project 17
  18. 18. 3.Bidelek - Overall ObjectiveThe Basque Government (through EVE) and Iberdrola, on thebasis of their common interest in the matter, have taken theinitiative to equip both Bilbao and the town centre ofPortugalete with Smart Grids to ensure an efficient, safe andsustainable power supply, with a view to extending thisinitiative to other areas of the Basque Country in the future. 18
  19. 19. 4.Bidelek Partners’ ContributionIn addition to financial support, EVE will contribute its visionand know-how on energy saving and efficiency andimprovements to demand management for end users.Iberdrola will lead the Smart Grid Projectfrom the technological perspective,with a view to ensuring that certain selectedareas are recognised as reference areas onaccount of the quality and efficiency of their electricitygrids, both on a national and international scale.Joint investment will be in the order of 60,000,000 euros overthe next 3 years. 19
  20. 20. 6. Bidelek Project: ScopeThe project will be developed in the followinggeographical areas:Urban environment • In Bilbao – 30 & 13 kV distribution over a wide area • In Portugalete - 13 kV distribution over a concentrated area.Rural environment: • New rural sub-station in Lea-Artibai • Upgrading of the Lekeitio rural sub-station • Upgrading of the Markina rural sub-stationExtendable to other Basque Country municipalities 20
  21. 21. 7. Deployment of the Bidelek Project: ActionsI. Installation of smart metersII. Transformer stations (remote management, monitoring and automation)III. New concept of substationTo:• Integration of distributed generation• Integration of the electric vehicle• Development and start-up of applications 21
  22. 22. 7. Deployment of the Bidelek Project: Actions (I)I. Installation of smart meters:Existing meters will be replaced by new smartmeters • 200,000 meters for 360,000 people (Bilbao) • 27,000 meters for 50,000 people (Portugalete) 22
  23. 23. 7. Deployment of the Bidelek Project : Actions (II)II. Smart Transformer Stations:1,100 transformer stations will be set up toprovide the following services: • 235 with remote management • 700 with remote management and monitoring • 165 with remote management, monitoring and automation. 23
  24. 24. 7. Deployment of the Bidelek Project : Actions (III)III. Electricity sub-stations in the rural environment • Compact modular rural sub-station demonstration project in Lea-Artibai • Existing substations in Lekeitio and Ordarroa to be upgraded and equipped with smart technology 24
  25. 25. 7. Deployment of the Bidelek Project: Actions (IV)IV. Distributed Generation • Integration of 7 medium voltage CHP plants • Integration of 50 low voltage power plants 25
  26. 26. 7. Development of the Bidelek Project: Actions (VI) V. Development and start-up of the following applications: • A Smart Metering portal • Algorithms for automatic grid reconfiguration • A platform for the management of electronic equipment • A platform for grid information management • Cable monitoring 27
  27. 27. 8. Investment and employmentProjects on a national level• Investment : 5,500 million €• Creation of around 25,000 jobs for highly qualified personnelBidelek Sareak Project• Investment: 60 million €• Creation of around 1,370 jobs for highly qualified personnel 28
  28. 28. 9.Business Development• Iberdrola as a driver of projects focused on modernising electricity grids• Many Basque companies with the capacity to supply the required technology• An opportunity for Basque companies to boost their position as leaders in the field of technology, positioning the Basque Country as the “Electronic Power Valley” of Smart Grids• Other leading industrial sectors in the Basque Country (automobile, renewable energy, ICT’s, home appliances, etc.) can also benefit from this projectSMART GRIDS is designed to be a reference project worldwide and a driver project for energy companies and infrastructure 29
  29. 29. 10. Conclusions1. Smart grids combine traditional facilities with state-of-the-art monitoring, information and telecommunication technology2. Compliance with prevailing legislation represents an opportunity3. Project investment of €60,000,0004. The objective is to equip the municipalities of Bilbao and Portugalete with smart grids5. Low voltage (200,000+27,000) smart meters6. Medium/ high voltage: 1,100 transformer stations and 3 rural substations7. Integration of Distributed Generation and of the Electric Vehicle8. Benefits for users, the system, society at large and in the social and economic context9. Improved energy and environmental efficiency10. Demand management11. Driver project for Basque companies12. Reference project worldwide 30
  30. 30. EnergiBasque Case Study: Bidelek Sareak Project Many thanks www.eve.es Bilbao, 27 March 2012Strategy Plan 2015 – Consensus and Prioritisation Internal 31Analysis