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TPG Mobile Analytics

  1. 1. Analytics: The Key To Mobile Success Analytics are the key to mobile success – especially for mobile. Is your analytics team and infrastructure ready to help you unlock the potential of your mobile marketing and customer experience initiatives? TPG can help your organization measure, optimize and monetize your mobile efforts – starting with understanding all of the puzzle pieces needed to tell the story of your mobile web sites or mobile apps: Platform, Channel and Campaign Analysis & Optimization Online Channels Offline Channels Web (SEO, PPC, Display, Affiliate & Aggregator Mgmt.) Data Strategy Predictive Modeling Email Prospect Segmentation & Targeting Retargeting Social Database Management Questions to Ask Questions to Ask What is your mobile Data Strategy? Are your Database Management plans firmly in place, helping to enable a “single customer view” of your data? Are you incorporating Predictive Modeling techniques to score and optimize prospect and customer mobile interactions, leveraging Prospect Segmentation & Targeting Retargeting tactics to interact with prospects and customers across your multi-platform touchpoints? Are your campaign plans, creative, execution and measurement systems prepared to handle the gamut of mobile (Web, Email, Social and App Store) channels? Do you have the agility to rapidly pivot on data outputs and provide actionable insights to adjust your digital campaigns – or mobile experiences – on-the-fly? App Stores Act as a Channel or Touch Point in the Mobile Customer Journey “ASO” (App Store Optimization) Available In Android Market Questions to Ask Do you understand how to optimize, measure, and integrate data from App Stores, regardless of whether they are a channel or a touchpoint in the mobile customer journey? Is your App Store content optimized for app store findability? Social Sentiment and Attitudinal Analysis & Optimization - Throughout the Customer Journey & Life Cycle Holistic Mobile Optimization Server-Side: Hitwise Mobile Benchmarking Acquisition Analysis: Quoting Optimization & Retargeting Servicing Optimization: Payments, Claims & Assistance Analysis Mobile Web App Screen Flow Analysis & Optimization Cross-Selling Up-Selling Optimization: Customer Segmentation & Targeting Retargeting Lifetime Value Modeling Database Management Questions to Ask Can you assemble all of the puzzle pieces of mobile measurement – mobile benchmarking, web app screen usage and screen flow analysis & optimization and server side data, complimented by social and attitudinal (Voice of the Customer) signals, to give you an overarching view of how your mobile experiences are being used, thought of, or competing against other mobile experiences?