Nothern Ohio Crisis Team
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Nothern Ohio Crisis Team



TPComps, Service Master, Best Technology, Maintenance Unlimited, and other firms have formed a business relationship to bring a compreshensive crisis management solution to businesses in nothern Ohio. ...

TPComps, Service Master, Best Technology, Maintenance Unlimited, and other firms have formed a business relationship to bring a compreshensive crisis management solution to businesses in nothern Ohio. This presentation outlines the companies and thier offerings.



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Nothern Ohio Crisis Team Nothern Ohio Crisis Team Presentation Transcript

  • North Ohio Crisis Management CooperativeBusiness Overview Slides
    Presentation to explain the offering
  • Introduction to TPComps
    Introduction to ServiceMaster
    Introduction to Best Technology Strategy
    Introduction to NEOMA
    How this cooperative works together
    Example event
  • Leader in Business Resiliency Planning founded in 1993
    Publications and Articles: PACC Progress, News-Herald, COSE Update, Ohio Bar Association newsletter, blog
    Staff Certifications: CISM, CISSP, IAM, BCMMA, QGCS, cbcp
    Affiliations: ISSA, CPO, ISACA, NOFI, ICOR, CERT, PCPA
    Memberships: PACC, COSE, DIBS, EBG
  • Resiliency Planning Overview
    Business Impact Analysis (BIA) / Business Continuity Maturity Model Assessment (BCMMA) / BOST Diagram
    Uncover possible hidden or inherent threats or risks from neighbors, environment, or system processes
    Reference to frameworks (NFPA, CobIT, ITIL, ITGC, etc.) for standardization
    Understanding of business critical processes, operations, and applications
    Ability to link failures to financial and non-financial impact costs
    Clarify and justify RCOs, RTOs, and RPOs (Recovery ** Objectives: Capacity, Time, Point)
    Prioritize risk mitigation based on quantitative data with a management review meeting to discuss findings
    Report listing reviewed findings, remediation actions, and potential next steps
    Security Assessments (continuation of the BIA process)
    QualysGuard mapping and vulnerability management external report identifies all computer resources across all platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)
    QualysGuard used for audit and compliance (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, internal policy, etc.) verification that can be presented to partners and auditors
    Report on exposure evaluation, potential risks, and threats (building, access, utilities, environment, location, etc.) with an eye on your secureness and recoverability and tied to current HR policies
    Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning (continuation of the BIA process)
    Understanding of why having a data backup is not disaster recovery
    Develop response procedures (identification, declaration, escalation, notification, communication, etc.)
    Develop team procedures (IT, Finance, etc.) to handle unique interruptions (PC crash, fire, etc.)
    Develop restoration procedures (personnel, IT, facilities, telecom, clients/vendors/suppliers, equipment, etc.)
    Correlate procedures to RCOs, RTOs, and RPOs to ensure business drivers are realized, adjust any as needed
    Testing of all plans and procedures to verify they are complete and workable when time is critical and resources may be short
    Training of staff on the plan and their roles in the recovery
  • Resiliency Planning Overview
    Business Continuity (BC) Planning (continuation of the DR process)
    Recovery efforts may take months with operations resuming at different facilities or on different equipment
    Develop operational continuance procedures (Payroll, Invoicing, etc.) without access to the core systems
    Develop alternative staffing plans for possible shift changes or remote work
    Develop supplier plans and alternative supply channels to ship and receive resource materials
    Identify protection mechanisms for critical forms, papers, and supplies that are irreplaceable or require long lead times
    Review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage protection limits
    Exercise plans to verify workability and Train staff on alternative work processes
    Life Continuity Planning (Unique no- or low-cost business benefit)
    Lunchtime introductory training session available for employees and their families
    Evaluate exposures to potential risks and threats (building, access, utilities, environment, location, etc.) with an eye on secureness and recoverability
    Assistance to create a supply kit tailored to the family with home inventory, medical records & key documents
    Develop the core plans (evacuation, communication, meeting, etc.)
    Education on information security concerns (PC crash, PC hacking, ID theft, etc.) and ways to avoid common events
    Review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage protection limits
    Coordination of plans with work, schools, neighbors, and religious institution
    Ongoing Support
    Plans must remain current to be effective and useable - Quarterly, biannual, or annual reviews available
    Provide executive statements or reviews as needed to meet upstream requirements or audits
    Non-major adjustments to the current plans are part of the maintenance agreement
    Priority support and guidance are given during a recovery event, up to and including on- site staff
  • Thank You Questions, Comments, or Concerns
    TPComps LLC
    P. O. Box 1303
    Mentor, OH 44061-1303
    phone (440) 375-0088
    fax (440) 354-2527
    TedKozenko or TPComps
    TedKozenko or TPComps
    “Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater their power to harm us.” –Voltaire
  • Every Disaster, large or small, presents unique challenges in terms of recovery, clean-up, and restoration.  
    ServiceMaster Clean’s expert staff is always on-call to respond to your emergency at any or night!  ServiceMaster Clean leads the restoration industry in quality and customer satisfaction.  Our commitment to  superior results, courteous and timely customer support,  and conscientious cost control is reflected in our  unconditional guarantee.   
  • GO GREEN with ServiceMaster Clean!
    ServiceMaster by AmeriSteam embarked on a carpet reclamation and recycling program in 2009 as part of a nationwide carpet recycling effort by the carpet industry and Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). An estimated 5 billion pounds of carpet gets sent to US landfills every year and ServiceMaster is doing its part to lessen this burden on our earth. But, ServiceMaster doesn’t stop there, in the event of a loss ServiceMaster:
    • Will recycle everything that can be recycled (metals, wood, flooring, plastic, etc.)
    • Will do this for our clients seamlessly
    • Any unsalvageable materials coming out of your building will come back to our office to be sorted for recycling, rather than going in your dumpsters or directly to the landfill.
    • Will provide upon request a manifest with percentages of material recycled.
    Please go to to watch us in action!
  • Questions?
    Jaime Shoens
    Sr. Account Manager
    ServiceMaster by Ameri-Steam
    5280 West 161st Street • Brook Park, OH 44142
    Office: 216.271.7223
    Cell: 216.509.1221
  • Services Offered
    • Complete I.T. Helpdesk Outsourcing
    • Tactical Incident Response and Hands-on Support
    • Network Engineering and Business Consulting
    • Proactive Monitoring Services
    • Break/fix Dispatch Services
    • 20 minutes from all points in northeast Ohio from Sandusky to Erie, PA
    • Retainable to same-day response time
    • Team play culture: you have a relationship manager and full team of qualified, informed service technicians.
    • Less frequent dispatches because of advanced managed monitoring services
    Best Technology Advantage
    • National reach for delivery of project resources.
    • Industry-leading infrastructure expertise.
    • Fully insured and debt-free.
    • Sensitivity to your business concerns.
    • Owned right here in northeast Ohio.
    Northeast Ohio’s I.T. Response Leader
  • Ted Wallingford
    Executive Consultant
    260 Burns Road
    Suite 200
    Elyria, OH 44035
    (440) 471-0344 ext 101
    Contact / Questions
    The Leading Authority in
    Strategic Infrastructure Management
    Sustained Facilities Maintenance
    Green Technology Implementation
  • The NEOMA DifferenceBlending a variety of resources to create operational efficiency.
    • We eliminate the inefficient “layers” between management and contractor
    • We act as a one-call, single-source facility management resource
    • We take a preemptive approach to systems maintenance
    • We provide NO-FEE strategic consulting services
  • NEOMA Key Competency: Facilities Maintenance Cost Containment
    The NEOMA Process
    Facilities Assessment
    System Evaluation
    Cost Containment Calculation
    Program Implementation
    Monitor Results / Reassess
  • NEOMA Contact Information
    Northeast Ohio Maintenance Association
    Joseph P. Friscone, President
    14800 Foltz Industrial Pkwy
    Strongsville, Ohio 44149
    (440) 238-1162
    Maintenance Unlimited, Inc.
    Joseph P. Friscone, President
    37 years experience in site work, excavating, emergency response, and service and repair of underground utilities in Northeast Ohio
    • Vast experience addressing the specific needs of facility directors, property managers and building owners
  • How We Work Together
    Each member brings their own specialization to you to solve your business’ immediate needs and to help you proactively plan for future events.
  • Crisis Mgmt. Team Overview
  • Work with your existing staff to augment their efforts or provide outsourced resources
    Provide a planning methodology to potentially avoid interruptions
    Provide the execution of proven plans when time is critical and resources may be short
    Can provide a one-call solution
    Help you control costs by moving from reactive management to proactive planning
    How This Helps Your Business
  • Provides an implementation of the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (aka Title IX of US Public Law 110-53 / The Public-Private Readiness Preparedness Act) and other regulations
    How This Helps Your Business
  • Payroll Interruption due to a water leak
    TPComps coordinates the recovery effort: works to activate alternative plans, coordinates crisis communications, and provides updates to all stakeholders
    ServiceMaster handles the water removal and remediation
    Maintenance Unlimited / NEOMA handles the physical pipe and building repairs
    Best Technology handles the rebuild of the damaged payroll server
    Situation Example