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Kuka Lot Brochure

  1. 1. Brochure
  2. 2. DescriptionPlaya Kuka, the mostenvironmentally responsiblec o a s t a l l o t i n Yu c a t a nLot on 100 meters (327 feet) ofbeachfront, covering 10 acresinside the spectacular RíaLagartos Biosphere Reserve
  3. 3. LocationRio Lagartos Playa Kuka
  4. 4. Beachfront Lot•  100 m (327 ft) beachfront x 350 m /1,144 ft (mínimum) deep•  High yield investment
  5. 5. Finished home•  Purchase a lot on the exclusive Ría Lagartos Beach and contract the design and construction of your home with us.•  We comply with the most stringent ecological regulations in Yucatan.•  We apply architectural bioclimatic techniques adapted to local environmental conditions.•  Our experienced technical team will optimize your construction costs and handle the required paperwork.
  6. 6. Home ModelThe model home is located on a 100meter (327 ft) beachfront lot with morethan 10 acres of unspoiled nature. –  Constructed on pillars for better views and cooling breezes –  3 bedrooms –  Balcony off master bedroom –  Housekeepers room –  Laundry room –  Terrace with 700 gallon Roman Tub –  Beach palapa –  Wind and solar electrical generators –  Luxury finishes –  3G Internet connection –  Satellite TV –  Hybrid solar and gas water heater system –  Private access road –  Remote monitoring by Internet connected cameras
  7. 7. About Río LagartosFishing Village –  Río Lagartos is a small fishing village of 3,000 residents located on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, 21/2 hours from Cancún or Merida.Security –  Yucatan is the State with the lowest crime rate in Mexico, comparable only to that of the worlds safest countries such as Denmark and Iceland. Río Lagartos is known for its tranquility and safety to the extent that locals do not consider it necessary to lock their doors.
  8. 8. Activities & Attractions•  Swimming•  Walking along miles of white sand•  Collecting shells•  Boat tours•  Sport fishing•  Bird watching•  Hiking on trails•  Kayaking through the mangrove canal•  Interacting more intimately with nature
  9. 9. Natural Paradise•  The Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve is renowned for its w i l d l i f e a n d b i o l o g i c a l v a r i e t y. I t also contains the most important nesting site for thousands of American Flamingos that are only found on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.•  Playa Kuká is located in an area defined as "buffer zone" within the nature reserve where touristic and low impact infrastructure that complies with the reserves environmental regulations is permitted.
  10. 10. Do you like this lot?Contact us for moreinformationsThomas LloydTe l . 5 1 2 - 8 7 9 - 6 5 4 6tlloyd@topmexicorealestate.com