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  1. 1. The Tom Silver Seminars - Testimonials from delegates at this seminar - HI Tom, Many thanks for your e-mail, apologies for the delay but I have been busy using your inductions!! I have seen about 12 clients since the seminar and with each have used the hand to face induction. In each I have then rapidly taken them into trance whilst they are in the recliner using the 'look into my eyes..' technique. All have gone very deeply into trance, so that I have not bothered to use any of the previous 'convincers' I have used previously. After each session the client has assumed the 'trance' has lasted 5 -15 mins, in reality it's been 35 mins - that's a powerful convincer! I have also used on a couple of clients the emotional replacement technique and this has also gone down well. I feel more confident now that I have a wider range of options to choose from - so thank you once again. Dave and I are still very keen to purchase an EEG machine in readiness for our presentation to local GPs on 1st July - so will probably come back to you with further questions once we purchase this! Regards, Elaine Gold [To Tom Silver) Hi! Sorry to have been so long in writing to you - busy week after the seminar… Well, you were nothing like we imagined. I think we sort of expected some American celebrity who would be a bit business like and not so approachable. You were quite the opposite. Every one uf us thought your training was absolutely brilliant. One thing though, I was very disappointed to find out just how much I didn't know!! Your enthusiasm was infectious, not for one single minute did I get bored. How you keep going all day, full of smiles etc. I don't know. You taught us a lot and it was worth every pound. It was great meeting your family too, that was extra special for us as we
  2. 2. all became one big family, it really couldn't have been better. Your training, the location, the food, the sing songs in the evening. More like a weekend break than a training seminar. Really hoping to meet you and your family again. Marvin Jones Hi Tom, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you… Anyway with regards to the brilliant weekend we shared with you in Bath, I wanted to make 3 main points: I have been on many management training courses (mostly American) and they have all, without exception, been big on Razamataz and small on content. You get back to the office and there’s actually little that you can apply. Your training seminar was the complete opposite. Whilst your delivery was exciting and my attention never wavered for an instant during the whole of the 2 days, the time spent with you was packed (and I mean packed!) with exciting information and insights, but more importantly…. …practical methods and techniques, which I have been practicing and am starting to apply in my sessions already. Your personal enthusiasm, genuine love of helping your clients and your students shone through for the whole of the 2 days and was truly inspiring. Your genuine commitment and conviction to raise the profile of hypnotherapy as a modern science and your commitment to us (the students) is rare in the cynical world of today and again shines as a beacon of inspiration to me to do my very best to follow in your footsteps. On a personal level, you have totally altered my approach to the client. We were taught to sit back from the client, not to touch them, not to invade their space; that approach is very frustrating when, as a physical and passionate person, it effectively puts a straight-jacket on how I can relate to the client. Through your more physical and emotional approach, I already feel that I am able to commit myself much more to the client and become a far superior hypnotherapist as a result. Thank you for a truly inspiring weekend and a powerful reminder of why I became a hypnotherapist in the first place. I am looking forward to your next visit to the UK already. All the best, Mark Newey
  3. 3. Hi Richard Thanks for all the emails you are continuing to send, and thanks for arranging such an amazingly successful seminar with Tom Silver. And how about the conference centre? - first class. I don't think you could have found either a better speaker/trainer/therapist/intuitive person than Tom Silver, or accommodation with better service. What a combination! I have already used his 'Magnetic hand drawing towards the face' induction with a Back-up client who was nervous of going into hypnosis so that I could overcome her initial anxiety and take her down into deep relaxation rapidly.......with great success. And on Friday I am seeing my first 'non stop-smoking' client - a Nail Biter . I have written my script and chosen my approach from Tom's training, book and videos. And also Richard, thank you for the script you sent me a little while ago - I am finding it so powerful I now use parts of it as an anchor at the end of all my sessions, and haven't had a single back-up since introducing it. Many, many thanks. Best regards Ann James Dear Tom Really great training - thank you. Yes, I have been using the techniques to my surprise, because I felt I wouldn't be confident enough to deviate so far from what I'd previously been taught. Guess what.... they are GREAT and now I'm beginning to feel like a real hypnotherapist because I have a much greater range of options at my disposal. By the by, I was having some spiritual counselling a while ago and I was advised to quot;work from your heartquot;. My counsellor rightly intuited that I was working from my head and not comfortable with that. I knew what she said was right but I didn't know how to change that. Well now I do, thanks to your input and I AM!! That was and is the value for me. With love and thanks Sian Lowther. Hi Tom
  4. 4. It has been over a week since we were all together training with you and what a week I have had. I have been using some of the inductions you taught and – wow(!) - they worked wonderfully. I would like to thank you so much for all the fantastic stuff you taught us at the weekend [because it] was just wonderful. I haven't come down from it yet. I have to say that your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. In my mind I keep seeing your excitement at what you were doing and your expressions were such a delight to see, like a child at Christmas. I just hope I can project as much enthusiasm. I am very new to hypnotherapy having spent years doing various different things but never really finding my thing [but I now] truly believe this is it. I have read your book twice already, it is fantastic. I am building up my knowledge reading as much as I can. Well once again many thanks for everything and I look forward to your master- classes. Best wishes to you and your family. Rebecca Hayes Hi Richard, Sorry I did not write to you sooner (busy week and bank holiday away is my excuse). Lets get straight to business, even though I've missed half a day of the 2 day seminar (migraine) I found the time spent with Tom Silver educational and inspiring. Tom as a teacher was fantastic he's very approachable, willing to answer every question, his enthusiasm for us to get things right during the practise was very encouraging. As soon as I came back I was able to put ‘his teaching’ into practise and for the first time, after completing PB training in October, I [was daring enough] not to use a script! For the first time I felt in control. FANTASTIC feeling. Thank you very much for organising the seminar. I’ll speak with you soon. Alexandra Lizak
  5. 5. Hi Tom I really enjoyed the seminar and in fact used the hand to face induction the very next day on my clients with great success. I have also utilised the removing the emotion to 0% technique last week and indeed on my first client today. I'm really looking forward to utilising all the different inductions, especially with the highly analytical clients, whom had not responded to a confusional or progressive approach before. I now feel my hypno-toolkit contains the power tools I was lacking before! I would be very interested in attending any future seminar in the UK specialising on phobias, trauma, pain etc and would be grateful for details as and when. Please pass on my best wishes to Renee. Sarah Cuesta Hi Richard I thought Tom was great - very inspirational - I felt privileged to see him work and I learnt a lot. I am already using some of the rapid inductions - I like the idea of having so many to choose from - the book was great - but there's nothing like seeing them work and demonstrated right in front of you - and on you! and as a therapist - I now have more tools in my tool box. Every client now gets a different induction each session ! - it has quot;opened upquot; the scope of my practice. I am very pleased I came and will probably never forget it. I liked Tom's very positive approach - as opposed to negative aversions - and he was approachable and friendly and helpful and genuine. Congratulations on choosing the venue too - it was a lovely hotel / conference centre and the rates you negotiated were excellent too. Melanie Phelps Hi Tom I have to say I'm still reeling from the seminar in Bath. To be taught by someone with such a passion for his subject and life in general was very inspiring.
  6. 6. I’ve already started to incorporate some of your inductions into my sessions with excellent results. Hypnosis is such a huge subject, so it's a great asset to tap into your vast knowledge. Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could do a master class later in the year? My Best Regards Sue LeBlanc Dear Tom The seminar was great and as I said to you at the end I very much appreciated your honest professional attitude and very caring manner. You are a lovely man. You worked hard and it was totally fascinating. After leaving Bath on the Monday I used the hand in front of face induction on my first client at 5pm that day. The client was for smoking and the habit removal method worked a treat. Since then I have been using your methods several times and I love it. I think that the inductions are very useful in producing deeper states and I will endeavour to refine the inductions by practice and from the tapes. This is what I was looking for a long time and is more interesting than some of the methods I had been using before. I had done a lot of NLP and cognitive psychotherapy trainings, but it's been a long time since I [worked] on hypnotic techniques. Thank you Tom for the inspiration and the passion. My best regards to you and I will keep in touch Peter Mirzoeff Hey Tom First thanks for a great seminar in Bath, and yes I have learned some great things that I have already put in to action and it works very well. Today there was this client who was very analytical at the last session so [ this time] I used a rapid induction [ and in] 15 seconds she went down - way down - so those techniques that I have been taught are very useful… Thank you for letting me know those techniques and I am looking forward to learning some more of your great stuff - please let me know…
  7. 7. Your Danish pal - Martin Larsen “ Hi Richard I can' t believe a week has passed already. Thanks for organising such a fantastic weekend. Tom was brilliant. I have been using his inductions already this week and they worked great. Thanks once again Richard Love & Light Rebecca Hayes” Dear Richard Thanks so much for organising the seminar. The accommodation was so nurturing, absolutely wonderful, the food, the rooms, the staff. All that and lots of PB's from July - perfect. THE SEMINAR ITSELF WAS AWESOME! Thanks so much to Tom for all his energy. I have to say I have used the stop smoking [procedure] he demonstrated, on eight Clients. and I really enjoyed it! I used the hand up to face induction which worked well with everyone… … even the analytical Scotsman and especially well with the guy who's Dad had told him he had sleep-walked as a child. It felt really good… SO WHAT CAN I SAY BUT THANKS SO MUCH, Sincerely Marilyn Charlton” “Hi Richard Hope you have recovered from last weekend!! Many thanks for organising it. It was a truly powerful, practical and stimulating couple of days! I have put Tom's rapid inductions into practice immediately and had great results. Best regards Elaine Gold”
  8. 8. _________________________________________ Tom, Fantastic weekend and yes, not only did I learn a lot… …I'm practising the techniques with every client. There were lots of interesting ideas which I'm incorporating. I just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend you gave us over here in the UK and I'm sure all my colleagues would want to join me with this sentiment. Having a degree in psychology I'm also keen, like you, on pushing the acceptance of hypnotherapy as a 'real' part of science rather than dubious mumbo-jumbo and I think any evidence, like changes in EEG etc can only help with the acceptance. And thanks again for a tremendous weekend. Mike Klein _________________________________________ “ Hi Tom It’ s Peter Bennett ( The distinguished looking guy, with the grey hair). Joking aside, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your weekend. Not only was it incredibly instructive, but it was also such great fun. I know that as a result my life is changed forever and want to sincerely thank you for that. Once again thanks for changing my life, I considered it a great honour to have worked with you. Yours very sincerely Peter” _________________________________________ “ Hi Richard Thanks again for a magnificent weekend with Tom! I' ve started using some of the new knowledge already - Can' t wait for the Master class. Again thanks Regards Sue LeBlanc” _________________________________________ “Dear Richard
  9. 9. Thank you for all your efforts in organising the Tom Silver training. It was just what I needed, in terms of extra skills, understanding and personal confidence. So thanks again. Thanks a million for a great weekend. Regards Paul Vyvyan” _________________________________________ “Hi Richard. I want to thank you for a fantastic weekend. Whats the story on the Mind machine. We want to get one as soon as possible so please put us down for one now. Would you be able to offer some kind of a discount if we wanted to come along again in June to see Tom? I think it would be fantastic if perhaps Tom could do a CD induction with a whole list of positive affirmations to help build up peoples belief in themselves as hypnotherapists. What do you think. I'm sure everybody would want to chip in something for it. Speak soon and Thanks once again Chris Coxon” _________________________________________ “Hi Richard, I just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous weekend – you were just fantastic – you really came up trumps – you really came up smelling of roses – thanks once again! Debbie Bonser” Hi Tom I just wanted to thank you for a lovely weekend in Bath. I learned heaps. I've been practicing and studying Hypnosis since 1995 so this was by no means my first training. I understand stuff I learned years ago so much better now. Thanks for revisiting some really good deepening techniques and of course the rapid inductions which I learned in a brief way when I first trained but which I never had the confidence to use. We finished on the Monday morning by 2.30 Tuesday afternoon I was in a session and before I knew it I was doing a rapid induction on an analytical
  10. 10. person who needed a wow hypnotic experience. She did come back for a back up appointment but I think she would have done so even with progressive relaxation since there was a lot of grief tied up with her smoking. I saw her today and she admitted it was a stretch to give it all up in one go. We can only do so much. Rest assured your pearls did not fall on stoney ground. I will be using your techniques as and when appropriate and it is great to have more strings to my bow Many thanks for Bath Claire McMillan Dear Richard, Thank you very much for organising Tom Silver's debut training in the UK. It was a 'goldmine' of ideas and techniques and applications that has enhanced our present skill-set. I can't wait to 'mix 'n match' the techniques with our present system! Tom Silver is a superb trainer and his passion and warmth as a person was evident throughout. Thank you again, for the opportunity to learn from a master. Chris Matson Tom Thank you for the email. I did learn a great deal from the weekend seminar, but not only that, but I had a great time, I was starting to feel that hypnosis for stop smoking was boring, you certainly proved that it isn't. At the moment I am reading back through your books and practicing the inductions, and plan very soon to start using your methods in what I do. I hope your flight back to the USA was pleasant and we see you here again very soon. Warmest regards Peter Hayward Devon, UK Hello Tom, This is Amarpal Just writing to thank you again for an awesome weekend. Your passion for what you do is unmistakeable, and a great inspiration.
  11. 11. Training to be an expert in the areas mentioned below interests me considerably. I just want to be sure that once I come out of this training, I really will know all I will need to know to go out there and get results! The rest I know is down to practise. I have been to many seminars that purport to give you all you need, only at the end to be told that 'oh...you might need to attend this or that seminar to really be an expert'. I know that continuing education is important, and I have spent over £30,000 over the last 4 years developing my skills and potential in many areas. I hope very much to keep in touch with you, because I believe you are one of those few individuals who will hold nothing back and eagerly share whatever it takes to make somebody a competent and passionate practitioner. I am really passionate about creating deep and lasting change; especially encouraging people to explore their spiritual side; I want to act as a catalyst for transformation and really open their 'mind's eye'. I very much look forward to details of any in-depth trainings you may be developing. Warm regards and best wishes, Amarpal Hello Tom Thanks for your mail - but most of all thanks for your energy and enthusiasm the other weekend in Bath - it was inspirational to watch you work and has certainly given me something to aim for! Yes, I learnt a great deal - and I thank you for that too. I love the way you combine physical movements with the removal of emotions and the sheer variety of induction techniques to suit all personalities and situations. One of the most valuable lessons, however, was how you managed to convey that the difference between a mediocre and good hypnotherapist lies in the amount of commitment on all levels to the client and the degree of self belief in one's own abilities. You demonstrated this wonderfully by your total commitment and dedication to us all during the seminar and how much you gave of yourself all of the time... and always with a smile! You were great - more than that – in fact I came home inspired. I do hope Richard has managed to persuade you to come back next year and hopefully do a longer session as I know you'd get a full house again. All the very, very best - and thank you again
  12. 12. Janet Bishop Hi Richard Yes, of course you are welcome to use any part of my email as testimonial...... I think you are an angel in disguise with all the work/communication you are doing to create these seminars and our contact with the amazing Tom Silver. Best regards Anne James Hi Tom, Hope you are well and enjoyed your stay in England! I haven't been practising hypnotherapy for very long and I found your training on inductions most insightful. Sometimes when we don't have much experience in an area we feel lacking in some way and your training has given me more options and tools to use with my clients, which in turn has inspired more confidence in my abilities as a hypnotherapist. Your enthusiasm and passion for the field of hypnotherapy was refreshing, and that combined with the technological advances that we can use (i.e the brainwave machine), can only help to propel the science of this therapy to gain the recognition and status that it deserves. Once again very many thanks for your time with us, and look forward to seeing you over here again in the future! Very best wishes, Yousouf. Hi Tom Bless you for all you did for us on that transformative weekend – your passion, compassion and dedication shone through your every moment. I feel truly blessed to have been with you and particularly with the programme you did for me. My sleep is now easier, and more blissful since using your tape. The techniques I am starting to familiarise myself with and they are working well and with great enjoyment so thank you for all your teachings. When you are next over in England I would dearly love to meet up again and have already mentioned to Richard that I would be happy to assist on the next weekend to help other participants with their inductions.
  13. 13. With my very best wishes and gratitude for the loving person that you are Susie Heath Tom, The thing I want to say is thanks very much for the seminar. It was great. I enjoyed it very much. The only thing wrong was that it was not long enough. It felt like we had barely got started when it was all over. I was sorry to leave. The really interesting thing from my point of view was that: your style of hypnotherapy is totally different from anything I have learned elsewhere and totally different from the Practice Builders way of doing things (Elman induction). I now realise more than ever before that there are a myriad of inductions out there, most of which I have probably never seen. I learned a couple of physical inductions at the American Board of Hypnotherapy convention in Newport Beach during February, but I was not convinced I could use them in my practice. You have changed my opinion. Thanks again for a great seminar. Regards, Bill Dear Richard, I have now received the [seminar group] photo, looks good. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and meeting Tom and [his] family, and [I] learned an awful lot. I know there wasn't enough time [for everything] although I feel that what we learned was terrific. You did a great job, we were all really impressed with the location and we will be attending any other trainings. Marvin Jones Richard, Just a quick thank you once again. The [Tom Silver] weekend in Bath was truly inspiring and reminded me of how much I’ve got to learn!
  14. 14. Thanks Again Mark Newey “Richard, Can you remind me how much the EEG machine will cost (excluding import duties, etc) and give me some idea when they will be available please? I did register my interest at the seminar and although I was initially unconvinced, I now can't wait to get my hands on one. I thought the seminar was great. Thanks very much for organising it. I learned a whole range of inductions, most of which I would never have considered using for my clients, but which now I will definitely start to use on my backups. Once I get more experience, I will start using them as my primary induction. Interestingly, since the seminar I have had some clients who described symptoms that will probably not go away with the induction [I was first trained in]. Now I have a new tool to try. Regards, Bill Webb” _________________________________________ “ Hi Richard First of all congratulations on running a superb weekend. Hope Tom can come back next year for a Master Class. Overall great - super venue by the way, delighted. We are definitely interested in an EEG Machine, I explained it in detail to my business partner Eileen and she feels our practice would benefit greatly. Please keep me informed. Looking forward to hearing from you, Kind regards Peter Hayward” _________________________________________ “Dear Tom I was one of the delegates at the weekend. The training was wonderful, thanks for all your input and suggestions.
  15. 15. I have been watching the videos you gave us, which are fantastic and I will be working to incorporate some of these wonderful techniques into my practice. Best wishes Shelley Peel PS I would love to see you again when you come over in June. Maybe you would like to do some TV/radio appearances while you are here.” Hi Richard, The Venue was excellent, and Tom Silver is not only an astounding hypnotherapist but in addition a very down to earth, humane and likeable guy. I would dearly like to have a greater opportunity to learn more from him at some time in the future whether it is here in England or in California. I would like to express my thanks to you Richard for arranging to bring Tom over here and giving us guys the opportunity to see a master in action. I now have a goal and a standard to aspire to. Regards Ed Duerden