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  • Meeting new people is a great fun. Certain trips are made by having social interaction on mind.
  • deal with emergencies like loss of passports or money, illness or difficulties with accommodation.
  • mostly young, urban professionals with expendable income who want to spend their holidays and relaxation time on something other than spas or famous historical sites.
    But as India’s demographics change – the country is expected to become the youngest in the world by 2020, the travel preferences of its massive, and increasingly moneyed, middle class are evolving.
    International tourists – 65,78,000 in 2012-2013
  • Coordination Skills are required to coordinate with the the travel agent, Hotel manager, Sightseeing Manager,etc
  • Hospitality & Tourism

    1. 1. Careers in Hospitality and Tourism
    2. 2. Drivers of opportunities • Increase in Foreign Tourists Coming to India • More Indians Travelling Abroad • Increase in Domestic Tourism Increase in Tourism • More Eating Out • Increase in Adventure And Sport Activities • Concept of Vacation Becoming Popular Change in Consumer Lifestyle • Rise in Disposable Income • Ease of Finance • Increase in Business Travel Economic Growth
    3. 3. Players in the Market Hotels Resorts Restaurants Fast Food Outlets Pub, Bars & Nightclubs Banquet Halls Theme/ Amusement Parks Airlines & Cruise Ships
    4. 4. Some Hospitality & Tourism Careers Chef Banquet Manager Restaurant Manager Nightclub Manager Theme park Manager Tour Manager Travel Consultant
    5. 5. Plan Menus Create Recipes Supervise Preparation of Dishes Ensure Good Quality of Food Who is a Chef? A Person who Prepares Recipes & Cooks Dishes as per the Menu in a Restaurant, Club, Banquet, etc What does he/she do? Chef
    6. 6. What’s Exciting.? Thrill of Creating New Dishes Making Name for Yourself Chances of Getting Work Abroad Working With Food Items of Other Countries Express Creativity Through Recipes Frequent Customer Appreciation
    7. 7. Challenges Understanding the Taste Preferences of Customers Consistent High Quality Maintaining Hygiene At All Times Irregular Working Hours Supervising Work ofOothers Keeping Food Ingredients Well Preserved & Fresh
    8. 8. Career Path Prep Chef Head Chef Sous Chef Line Chef Executive Chef
    9. 9. Future Prospects Growth in Hospitality Industry Increase in Tourism Indians are Exploring International Cuisines Need for Professional Chefs High Demand for Chefs
    10. 10. Desired Qualities and Abilities In Depth Knowledge of Food Ingredients Knowing Cooking Techniques Good Memory for Procedures Creativity in Food Presentation Passion for Cuisines And Dishes Ability to Multitask Experimenting with Preparations
    11. 11. Restaurant Manager Conceives Ambience of the Restaurant Decides the Menu Ensure Prompt Customer Service Ensures High Standard of Food and Service Who is a Restaurant Manager? A Person Who Manages Every Aspect of a Restaurant or a Food Outlet. What does he do?
    12. 12. What’s Exciting.? Creativity in Designing the Ambience Guiding Customers on Dishes & Drinks Leading a Team Learning About Different Cuisines
    13. 13. Challenges Ensuring Prompt Service Maintaining High Standards of Food And Service Dealing with Difficult Customers Matching Customer Expectations
    14. 14. Career Path Maitre d’ hotel Trainee/ Assistant Manager
    15. 15. Future Prospects Growth in Indian Restaurant Industry Going Out -For- Dining Trend is Increasing Growing Exposure to the International Cultures and Lifestyles High Demand for Restaurant Manager
    16. 16. Desired Qualities and Abilities Strong Oral Communication Skills Familiarity with Cuisines that will be Served Creativity for Interior Design and Decoration Tactfulness in Dealing With People Calmness in Crisis Supervisory Skills
    17. 17. Nightclub Manager Ensures Good Ambience of The Club Assures Quality Experience Through Music, Food, etc Organizes Promotional Events Who is a Nightclub Manager? The One Who is Responsible for the Upkeep and Operation of a Nightclub or Pub. What Does he/she Do?
    18. 18. What’s Exciting.? Working in Fun Environment Meeting New People You Might Make Famous Friends Learn About Light and Sound Effects Pleasure in Seeing People Enjoy Hearing Good Music
    19. 19. Challenges Understanding the Cultural Differences Adhering to the Statutory Compliances Dealing with Bad Behaviour of People Ensuring Safety of the Guests
    20. 20. Career Path Beverage Service Executive Nightclub Manager Food & Beverage coordinator Manager
    21. 21. Future Prospects 5 -10 Night Clubs Opening Somewhere in the Country Every Month Young People has Started Earning Early and Want to Spend on Entertainment Dancing and Drinking Outside has Become Socially Acceptable Going Out For Leisure has Gained Popularity High Demand for Nightclub Managers
    22. 22. Desired Qualities and Abilities Customer Service and People Skills Creativity for Designing the Look and Feel Supervisory Skills Well Versed with the Aspects of the Industry Ability to Make Last Minute Decisions
    23. 23. Theme Park Manager Promote the Park Ensure Facilities and Equipment are Well Maintained Ensure Safety and Security Who is a Theme Park Manager? The Person Who Runs Theme Parks/Amusement Parks Effectively. What does he do?
    24. 24. What’s Exciting.? Fun and Pleasant Surroundings Interacting with Many People Making the Popular Pleasure in Seeing People Enjoy
    25. 25. Challenges Make Sure that Customers Keep Coming Back Managing Compliance to Laws & Regulations Dealing with Upset Guests Ensuring Safety of the Rides
    26. 26. Career Path Ride Supervisor Theme Park manager Functional Manager Manager/Director
    27. 27. Desired Qualities and Abilities Presenting New Ideas to Make Improvements in Park Keeping Abreast of Developments in the Industry Know the Technology on Which the Rides Work Competitive Streak Dynamism
    28. 28. Future Prospects Indian Amusement Park is Estimated to Grow By 10% Indians Spending Money on Leisure Activities Global Leaders Considering on Investing Billions of Dollars in India Like Universal Studios, Disney High Demand for Theme Park Mangers
    29. 29. Banquet Manager Directs Events & Facilities at Banquet Meeting Requirements of The Customers Ensures Good Service and Quality Who is a Banquet Manager? The One Who Organizes All Events in a Banquet Hall Like Wedding, Birthdays, etc What Does he/she do?
    30. 30. What’s Exciting.? Feeling of Satisfaction when Events Go Smoothly Meet All Types Of People No Scope for Boredom Getting Appreciation Express Creativity Through Decoration
    31. 31. Challenges Ensuring that Each Event Runs Without a Hitch Understand Customer Requirements Dealing With Difficult Customers Service is Provided to Meet Requirements
    32. 32. Career Path Assistant Assistant Banquet Manager Guest Relation executive Banquet Manger
    33. 33. Future Prospects Indians Organising Different Types of Social And Cultural Functions. Growth In Corporate Events Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions and Other Family Events Require Catering Services High Demand for Banquet Managers
    34. 34. Desired Qualities and Abilities Good Communication Skills Creativity Engaging Social Skills Charming Personality Well Versed with the Aspects of the Industry Problem Solving Skills Patience
    35. 35. Travel Consultant Help Customers to Find a Suitable Holiday Package Makes Bookings Advises Clients on Travel Arrangements, like Visa Who is a Travel Consultant The One Who Helps Customer on Deciding Places to Visit, Stay and Travel Arrangements . What Does he/she do?
    36. 36. What’s Exciting.? Travel Benefits Interesting to Plan Trips to Exotic Destinations Getting Feedback from a Happy Client Learning About Different Places
    37. 37. Challenges Being Constantly Updated with the Situations of the Destination Can Be Stressful, Especially During Peak Travel Seasons Understanding the Customer Specifications Planning a Good Trip in a Given Budget
    38. 38. Future Prospects Young Urban Consumers Start to Take Up Travelling as a Lifestyle Choice Projected Increase in Employment- 58 Million 1.8 Million Jobs to be Created Over 3 Years Increase in International Tourists High Demand for Travel Consultant
    39. 39. Desired Qualities and Abilities A Genuine Interest In Travel Ability to Understand Customer Needs Interest in Knowing about Places Being Updated at all Times Strong Sales Focus Computer Skills
    40. 40. Tour Manager Plans Tour Schedule and Itinerary Coordinates with Allied Services Makes the Trip a Success Who is a Tour Manager? The One Who Organizes and Accompany People on their Tours ,it can be a Business Trip or a Holiday. What does he do?
    41. 41. What’s Exciting.? It Can Take You All Over the World Meeting New People New Experiences Every Day Pleasure in Making People Enjoy
    42. 42. Challenges Make Sure that the Tour is Running Smoothly Dealing with Emergencies Irregular Work Schedule Meeting Diverse Kinds of Requirements of People
    43. 43. Future Prospects Indians Wants To Travel Abroad Generation of Additional Employment of 24.5 Million (Direct And Indirecta During 2010 To 2016. Increase in International Tourists High Demand for Tour Operators
    44. 44. Desired Qualities and Abilities Passion to Travel Ability to Get on Well with People of All Ages and Backgrounds Polite and Tolerant Approach Coordination Skills Knowledge of a Foreign Language can Work in Favour Good Interpersonal Skills
    45. 45. Nightclub/ Banquet Manager •Degree/Diploma in Hospitality/ Food beverage management/Catering •Certificate Course in Food & Beverage Services Education Needed Chef •UG Degree in Culinary Arts/Hotel Management •Short Term Courses/Certifications
    46. 46. Travel Consultant/ Tour Operator •UG Degree in Travel & tourism/Leisure Management/Any Subject •Short Term Courses/Certifications Education Needed Theme Park Manager •UG Degree in Leisure & Recreation Management/Hospitality/Any subject •Short Term Courses/Certifications
    47. 47. • Institute of Hotel Management (Delhi, Mumbai,Bangalore,Kolkata,etc) • Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development,Delhi • Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management (IIHM), Mumbai • Manipal University • Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad • FHRAI Institute of Hospitality and Management, Greater Noida • Institute of Hotel & Restaurant Management, Goa • GGSIPU, Delhi • Amity university Some Colleges to Study
    48. 48. Thank You