Managing Energy and Saving Money Through Your Facility


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Managing Energy and Saving Money Through Your Facility

  1. 1. T R E E D C Clarksville , T N July 9, 2 0 13
  2. 2. Implementing a Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program with a Focus on Occupant Engagement, Education and Behavior Change
  3. 3. Stewart Shunk Regional Director, Ameresco, Inc. Nashville, TN Miles Mennell Account Executive, Ameresco, Inc. Nashville, TN Introductions
  4. 4. Solutions and Capability Range  Self-funded upgrades to a facility's energy infrastructure  Development, construction, & operation of renewable energy systems  Custom-tailored financial solutions  Intelligent Energy Information Systems Ameresco (NYSE) AMRC
  5. 5.  Lighting retrofits and controls  EMS to monitor 53 buildings  Water retrofits  Irrigation system upgrades  Hydronic VFD upgrades  HVAC equipment upgrades  HVAC VFD upgrades  Boiler installations  Convert electric hot water to gas  Building envelope repairs  Swimming pool upgrades  Vending machine controls  Transformer replacements  Solar-powered hot water  Solar PV system installation  PC power network management  Golf course irrigation upgrades
  6. 6.  Local Government Projects  City of Knoxville  Henry County Government  Haywood County Government  Madison County Government  Higher Education Projects  Austin Peay State University  Cleveland State CC  Chattanooga State CC  Columbia State CC  East Tennessee State University  Jackson State CC  Northeast State CC  Pellissippi State Technical CC  Roane State CC  Walters State CC  K-12 Projects  Blount County Schools  Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools  Jackson-Madison County Schools  Loudon County Schools  Morgan County Schools  Scott County Schools Ameresco Projects in Tennessee: $100M+
  7. 7. Providing green jobs in Tennessee Over the past decade, Ameresco has implemented $100 million dollars of Energy Savings Performance Contracting in the State of Tennessee alone. All of our Tennessee projects utilize Tennessee contractors and trades. Money made in Tennessee is reinvested back in Tennessee.
  8. 8. • BMW Manufacturing -LFG2E Plant, SC • City of San Antonio Water System, TX • DOE - Savannah River Site • Bio Mass Generation Plant, GA • National Archives & Records Administration • University of Kentucky
  9. 9. 1. Implement a full range of sustainable energy & water services utilizing performance-based contract that self- funds 2. Identify energy cost saving measures to offset capital investment needs 3. Provide an Energy Efficiency Outreach program that encourages energy conservation through behavior change University of Kentucky Project Goals
  10. 10. Located in Lexington, Kentucky - Population 295,803 27,000+ Students / 12,000+ Full time employees 3 hospitals on the Main Campus 500+ Buildings / 800+ acres Electricity - 293+ million kwh/year Coal (steam) - 40,000+ tons/year Natural Gas (steam) - 400,000+ MCF/year Annual utility bills of $50 million University of Kentucky A Little Background Information
  11. 11. Comprehensive project including 61 classroom, office, research, lab, & administrative buildings - totaling 5.2 million square feet Innovative/renewable solutions Financed using low interest bonds Final contract: $24.7 million investment $2.4M annual energy savings 12-year term Issued bonds via State of KY Project completed in May 2012 University of Kentucky Project Overview
  12. 12. In addition to infrastructure renewal strategies, UK wanted to engage the campus community in developing and promoting an energy efficient mind set. The University of Kentucky’s Challenge was very specific… University of Kentucky Something New
  13. 13. “Elevate the energy IQ of the campus community and inspire individuals to participate in a culture of conservation.”
  14. 14. Sustainability Education and Behavior Change Programs A New Innovation (SEBC)
  15. 15. “A Sustainability Education and Behavior Change campaign designed to engage all facets of the campus community in activities of resource conservation.” What is an SEBC program? (SEBC)
  16. 16. To reduce behavior based waste and produce reliable & long-term energy savings  Create Awareness  Encourage Engagement  Prompt Action What is the goal of an SEBC program?
  17. 17. SEBC Case Study: University of Kentucky TM University of Kentucky’s Energy Monitoring System
  18. 18. SEBC Case Study: University of Kentucky TM Empowered™ is a one-of-the-kind Sustainability Education & Behavior Change (SEBC) Program It was custom branded, designed and developed specifically for UK by a team from Ameresco The empowered™ program is available on the web at, on mobile devices & around the UK campus via custom developed & branded interactive kiosks
  19. 19. SEBC Case Study: University of Kentucky What Makes the Empowered™ SEBC Program Unique? • It is a “Full Scale Behavioral Change Outreach Program” • The program is fully customizable & has been designed to: 1. Pinpoint wasteful behaviors 2. Educate individuals on the importance of reducing waste 3. Educate & train individuals on targeted waste reduction strategies 4. Incentivize individuals to take action TM
  20. 20. SEBC Case Study: University of Kentucky TM Empowered™ provides real-time energy information from across the campus & real-world comparisons that put this information into perspective Empowered™ is so much more than a dashboard! It is a robust learning resource packed with conservation tips, interactive experiences, videos & educational content
  21. 21. Welcome • Quickly see campus energy use & interact with savings tips & tools • Spend time in the Video Library • Spend time with interactive Energy Hypotheticals to see your impact on energy usage Virtual Rooms • See how energy is used in a typical campus space • Find Energy Hogs & get tips on how to save more energy • Interactive features to project how choices can save energy Choose A Building • Explore buildings on campus to see real- time energy use • Compare buildings around campus • Learn how factors such as time of day, weather & building use impact energy consumption
  22. 22. Now It’s Time to Get Empowered!! TM University of Kentucky’s Energy Monitoring System