Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment - Oak Ridge National Laboratory






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  • ANL: Cell fab to develop electrodes to be in a balanced electrochemical couple and demonstrate compatibility and cycle life for cells up to 0.5Ah.SNL: 18650 cylindrical winding facility with cell assembly for laptop type battery demonstrationORNL: Manufacturing R&D from material to final product and large scale demonstration and development up to 7Ah cells with current chemistries.
  • The rainwater is harvested and treated by filtration and UV Light Sterilization. The water is sent to the toilets and urinal to reduce the amount of potable water used in the building. The treatment skid is in the mechanical room.The high-bay area will house an apparatus for simultaneously testing air and moisture penetration of large-scale wall assemblies under any weather conditions encountered in the United States.
  • The unit is sold for less than 1,000 $

Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Institutes for Sustainable Research Development & Deployment - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Presentation Transcript

  • Sustainable RD&D at ORNL ORNL’s 3rd Annual Southeast Sustainability Summit Martin Keller Associate Laboratory Director Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate August 22, 2013 Knoxville, Tennessee
  • 2 Sustainability Summit_1308 ORNL is DOE’s largest science and energy laboratory $1.65B budget World’s most intense neutron source 4,400 employees World-class research reactor 3,000 research guests annually $500M modernization investment Nation’s largest materials research portfolio Most powerful open scientific computing facility Nation’s most diverse energy portfolio Managing billion-dollar U.S. ITER project 2 Green Economy 1302
  • 3 Sustainability Summit_1308 Providing solutions to pressing energy challenges Sustainable transportation Energy efficiency in buildings Advanced manufacturing
  • 4 Sustainability Summit_1308 New technologies and processes for: • Safe, secure, and affordable vehicles for passengers and freight • Domestic production of transportation fuel • Reducing environmental impacts of transportation • Predictable, reliable transport schedules Electrification • Wireless power transfer • Advanced power electronics, fuel cell, and battery technologies • Electric motors without permanent magnets Efficiency • Engine and aftertreatment technologies • Hybrid powertrains • Lightweight and propulsion materials Alternative fuels • Drop-in biofuels for legacy cars • Renewable fuels for advanced engines • Natural gas Intelligent systems • Managing congestion • Efficient operations in commercial vehicles • Data for decision-making • Communications Sustainable transportation: Developing a diversity of technologies
  • 5 Sustainability Summit_1308 Scope Partners Impact at ORNL • Nationwide program bringing >500 charging stations to Tennessee • ORNL and partners have installed 144 solar and nonsolar EV charging stations • City of Knoxville • University of Tennessee • State of Tennessee • Nissan • TVA • EPRI • Others • 25 solar EV parking spaces • 30 employees own EVs − 22 Nissan Leafs − 5 Chevy Volts − 1 Prius − 2 Ford C-Max EV Project: ORNL is leading activities in Tennessee
  • 6 Sustainability Summit_1308 Battery manufacturing R&D facility at ORNL Nation’s largest open access facility • Assisting industry in meeting demand for safe, affordable, extended-range hybrid and electric vehicles – Chemical and materials suppliers – Battery manufacturers and their customers – System integrators – Original equipment manufacturers • Focus areas: – Manufacturability – Scale-up – Integration of new materials – Processes for higher production yield, lower cost, and more efficient assembly • Supported by DOE Vehicle Technologies Program and Advanced Manufacturing Office
  • 7 Sustainability Summit_1308 Wireless power transfer Transformational technology for vehicle electrification • Amenable to existing highways • PHEV/EV fast charge on the fly
  • 8 Sustainability Summit_1308 Building technologies RD&D at ORNL: Focus areas Envelope Equipment System/building integration Develop component technologies that are more resistant to heat flow, airtight, and moisture-durable than existing technologies Develop component technologies that deliver the same amenities while using significantly less energy than existing technologies Verify that advanced component technologies deliver what they promise and are durable and reliable in real buildings
  • 9 Sustainability Summit_1308 ZEBRAlliance Research Houses Collaboration with TVA and Schaad Companies • 4 houses that demonstrate different strategies to achieve 50−60% energy savings • Builder and industry partners invested ~ $2M for land, building materials, and labor • After the project completion, Schaad Companies were able to reduce HERS indices of their average home by 30
  • 10 Sustainability Summit_1308 Flexible Research Platforms (FRPs) Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory (MAXLAB) • 1 story metal building: Working with Metal Building Manufacturing Association to evaluate energy efficiency improvements for older buildings • 2 story light commercial building: Working with HVAC manufacturers to evaluate multizone systems • HVAC environmental chambers • Apparatus for testing air and moisture of wall assemblies • ORNL’s 6th LEED Gold facility • Innovative energy saving techniques: − Rainwater harvesting system − Daylight sensors, motion sensors, lighting relay panels Commercial buildings: Research tools
  • 11 Sustainability Summit_1308 Product: GeoSpring™ Market transformation Consumer benefit • Realized 62% energy savings compared to a conventional electric storage water heater • Energy-efficient alternative with the same footprint and electrical connections as standard water heating technology • An excellent retrofit candidate • First hybrid electric Energy Star®–qualified water heater manufactured in the U.S. • February 2012: Began production • Currently being sold by major distributors − Lowe’s − Sears − Ferguson • Receive up to $300 in federal tax credit • Realize annual energy savings up to $325 ORNL and General Electric: Heat pump water heater 11 Green Economy 1302
  • 12 Sustainability Summit_1308 Product: GeoSpring™ Trilogy 40 Q-Mode Market transformation • First geothermal heat pump (GHP) certified by Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute with Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) >40 at ground-loop conditions • Heating, cooling, 100% of water heating (not just a desuperheater) − Energy savings: ~65% vs minimum efficiency (SEER 13) equipment − Energy savings: ~33% vs state-of-the-art 2-stage GHP with desuperheater • Outcome of a 4-year collaboration • Currently in limited production ORNL and ClimateMaster: Trilogy™ 40 Q-Mode™
  • 13 Sustainability Summit_1308 Conducting manufacturing and materials R&D Leveraging ORNL’s distinctive capabilities Tackling 2 principal focus areas • Reduce the energy intensity of U.S. industry • Support development of new products • Strengthen our nation’s vitality • Neutron scattering • High-performance computing • Pilot-scale carbon fiber production • Advanced characterization • Carbon fiber and composites • Additive manufacturing ORNL’s advanced manufacturing initiative ORNL’s vision Provide industry with access to unique research facilities and expertise that reduce the risk and accelerate the development and deployment of next-generation materials and manufacturing technologies
  • 14 Sustainability Summit_1308 Carbon fiber and composites • Working with industry to develop and deploy technology with significant impacts on U.S. and global energy security • Enabling deployment of low-cost technology in high-volume applications – Low-cost raw materials – Low-cost fiber manufacturing processes – High-rate, robust composites manufacturing processes • Demonstrating scalability at the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 14 ChattaRotary_1307
  • 15 Sustainability Summit_1308 ORNL is helping grow an economic development cluster around carbon fiber ORNL research Commer- cialization strategy Carbon Fiber Technology Facility Job creation Workforce development Industry collaboration
  • 16 Sustainability Summit_1308 Integrating basic research and applied technology for clean energy Lightweight materials Cellulose Lignin Biofuels High-value bioproducts for clean energy applications Ultracapacitors Chemical building blocks Plastics, industrial additives, biomedical applications Innovative processing Hemicellulose
  • 17 Sustainability Summit_1308 Discussion