Changing Behaviors in the Workplace - Employee Engagement at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


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  • Brought together existing initiatives, providing synergies, adding many new initiatives
  • Sustainable Campus Initiative Roadmap Owners was updated since we last talked to better meet ORNL’s needs. We wanted to share this updated version with you for your reference.
  • Also seminar series, monthly newsletter, website, speakers bureau, ASR, awards and recognitions etc
  • 2013 “Roane Beautification “ award by the Roane County Industrial Development Board for its significant modernization and sustainable campus improvements rigorously made over the past decade2013 Federal Energy and Water Management Award2013 “Green Achievers” award by GoGreen East Tennessee for its participation in the Business Recognition ProgramEnergy Efficiency in Existing Buildings: -          Energy Conservation Measure Implementation:·         Implement life cycle cost effective Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to continue progress in reducing the backlog of proposed ECMs that ORNL has accrued over the last 4 years from EISA required energy and water evaluations. To date, the average return on each dollar invested in ECMs will amount to about $2.80 over the lifecycle. In FY’13, $436,000 was dedicated to ECM implementation for an anticipated life cycle cost savings of approximately $1.23 million. In FY’14 ORNL’s ECM backlog will total approximately $2.46 million in implementation cost with an associated cost savings of approximately $789,000 annually. At current funding levels, it will take approximately 6-1/2 years to completely eliminate the backlog, missing about $1.97 million in cost savings opportunity during that period.·         ECMs are a fundamental component of efforts toward continued reduction of site energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions to comply with Executive Order 13514. Impact if additional funds are not received:The rate of ECM backlog reduction is severely slowed and energy conservation missed opportunity costs further accumulate. ORNL may be perceived as unresponsive to the recommendations of the Inspector General’s 2012 report, “Opportunities for Energy Savings at Department of Energy Facilities”.  -          Meter Installation:·         Utility metering infrastructure improvements to make necessary progress towards compliance with EISA 434(b), Not later than October 1, 2016, each agency shall provide for building level metering of natural gas and steam in accordance with guidelines established by the Secretary. Currently, only 4% of site steam consumption is metered at the building level.·         Continue implementation of advanced electrical metering infrastructure. FY’13 progress is on track for 30 new meter installations that enable energy efficiency and facilities staff to more readily identify energy conservation opportunities and track results. An additional 20 new meter installations are planned for FY’14. Impact if additional funds are not received:Significantly increase risk of non-compliance with EISA 434(b) in FY’2016. Increased potential for energy and cost conservation opportunities to be missed and/or results not adequately tracked. -          Retro-Commissioning & Energy Audits:·         Conduct energy and water evaluations (audits) as a best practice and to make required progress towards compliance with EISA 432, Energy and water evaluations must be completed every 4 years for all federal “covered facilities”; those that constitute 75% of the agency’s facility energy use. ORNL targets 25% of its covered facilities each year to make steady progress over the 4 year cycle.·         FY’13 evaluations were conducted under a new more specific statement of work with the assistance of a contractor who was selected in a competitive procurement process. This resulted in a high quality outcome with thoroughly conceived energy conservation measures.·         The FY’14 evaluation process will build on FY’13’s experience and make adjustments where necessary to optimize the outcome.·         Conduct retro or re-commissioning processes to optimize the operation of facilities’ systems where opportunities are identified in energy/water evaluations and by Facilities Engineers. Impact if additional funds are not received:Significantly increase risk of non-compliance with EISA 432. Failure to identify and properly quantify energy and cost conservation opportunities. Compromise the potential to optimize the performance of systems to better support the facility mission with increased efficiency.
  • Received seven external awards and certificates (e.g., from the DOE Sustainability Performance Office [SPO], Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and East Tennessee US Green Buildings Council)
  • Changing Behaviors in the Workplace - Employee Engagement at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    1. 1. Changing Behaviors in the ORNL Workplace: Employee Engagement ORNL’s 3rd Annual Southeast Sustainability Summit Melissa Lapsa Energy and Transportation Science Division Sustainable Campus Initiative August 22, 2013 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2. 2. 2 Sustainability Summit_1308 Goal Timeframe Sponsors Focus areas • Achieve benchmark sustainability in campus operation and in research, development, and deployment of key technologies • 10 years (2020) to correspond with Executive Order 13514 • Senior management • Integration of operations and research − Facilities and land − Transportation − Utilities and infrastructure − Transformational − Waste − Employees and systems ORNL Sustainable Campus Initiative Employee engagement follows from institutional commitment
    3. 3. 3 Sustainability Summit_1308 • Lead team – Melissa Lapsa – Teresa Nichols – Roadmap owners • Sponsors – Martin Keller – Herb Debban Energy Storage Michael Starke Small Modular Reactor Paula Flowers Peak Power Management Michael Starke Central Energy Data System Terry Heatherly Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Curt Maxey External Application Melissa Lapsa Green IT Bob Beane / Rachael Jackson Wireless Energy Data Teja Kuruganti Smart Grid Isabelle Snyder Clean and Renewable Energy Sources Curt Maxey Sustainable Employee Transportation Diane Davidson Transformational Technology Leading-edge Technology Purchase Renewable Energy Credits Melissa Madgett Sustainable Vehicle Fleet Kathye Settles Sharing Successes Julia Kelley High-Performance Sustainable Buildings – New Construction Warren Thomas Sustainable Landscaping/ Land Use Pat Parr Sustainable Acquisition Brooks Baldwin High-Performance Sustainable Buildings – Existing Buildings Bryce Hudey Known Technology Employee, Family and Community Engagement Teresa Nichols Recycle and Reuse Construction Waste Susan Michaud Employee Wellness Joan Lawson Recycle and Reuse Office Waste Susan Michaud Water Management Dan O’Connor Greenhouse Gas Management Teresa Nichols Annual Sustainability Reports Teresa Nichols Energy Efficiency in Existing Facilities Bryce Hudey Foundational Methods Sustainable Campus Initiative roadmap owners • Collaborators – Battelle – World Resources Institute – Regional partnerships – Subject matter experts
    4. 4. ORNL has 14 LEED-certified buildings • LEED Gold: 5 new, 1 existing • LEED Silver: 2 • 19 High-Performance Sustainable Buildings • Among the largest collections of LEED-certified buildings in the region LEED LEED silver LEED gold LEED LEED silver LEED gold LEED LEED gold LEED gold LEED gold LEED gold
    5. 5. 5 Sustainability Summit_1308 • 2 high bays for building envelop and HVAC system research • 2 flexible research platforms with data connectivity to simulate: – Low-rise shopping centers – Mid-rise commercial buildings First light commercial test buildings installed on FRPs Maximum Energy Efficiency Building Research Laboratory: MAXLAB
    6. 6. 6 Sustainability Summit_1308 Integrating sustainability Corporate Strategic Business Plans Statements of corporate commitment Interview and selection process Web pages Recruiting materials Sustainability reporting Recognition programs Employee communi- cation Employee participation (~4,000 staff) Sustainability observations Process redesign Life cycle assessment Work control process LSM checklist Sustainability projects Communicating expectations New employee training and handbook Site access training R2A2s Job descriptions SBMS procedures SBMS expectations
    7. 7. 7 Sustainability Summit_1308 New employee awareness campaign: The personification of sustainability
    8. 8. 8 Sustainability Summit_1308 Tools for employee engagement Quarterly seminars • Topics suggested by staff • Encourage discussion Monthly newsletters • News and updates on ORNL and regional sustainability events • Offer seasonal sustainability tips
    9. 9. Sustainable employee transportation “Bike it green” program Carpooling Flexible work schedules • Shared bikes available at multiple locations across ORNL campus • Supports employee wellness and reduces on-campus gasoline usage • Super Commuter web site: Promotes carpooling • Participating in regional Smart Trips Program: −Promotes alternatives to driving alone −>60 employees involved • Alternative Work Location policy: Telecommuting option • Alternative Work Hours agreements: 180 ORNL employees participating 9 Sustainability Summit_1308
    10. 10. 10 Sustainability Summit_1308 Charging stations accommodate employees with EVs • 22 Nissan Leafs • 5 Chevy Volts • 1 plug-in Toyota Prius • 2 Ford C-Max
    11. 11. 11 Sustainability Summit_1308 Employee suggestions have resulted in improvements to sustainability Solar-powered wireless emergency call boxes Intelligent waste/ recycling receptacles Blood pressuring monitoring • Developed by ORNL staff • Can be placed almost anywhere at a fraction of the cost of wired units • Direct contact with Lab Shift Superintendent’s Office (24/7) • 2 BigBelly Solar collection systems installed −Solar-powered trash compactor −Bottle and can recycling bin • 4 blood pressure monitors purchased by ORNL Wellness Program encourage employee health
    12. 12. 12 Sustainability Summit_1308 Community engagement Earth Day festivities in Oak Ridge and Knoxville Centennial Knoxville Conservation Exposition (October 2013) Several presentations annually to internal and external audiences 12 Presentation name
    13. 13. 13 Sustainability Summit_1308 Sustainability Summits Southeast Sustainability Group Regional education outreach International education outreach • Annual events to advance regional deployment of sustainable technologies • 2011 and 2012 summits: >110 attendees each • Nonprofit company established to advance sustainability in Southeast U.S. • Representing 8 states • ORNL is supporting development of a Sustainable Campus Initiative at Indian River State College, Florida • ORNL and Indian Institute of Technology at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, are sharing sustainability lessons learned and best practices Regional and international outreach
    14. 14. Southeast Regional Initiative Primary goal Broader goals Primary mechanism Process • Advance sustainability across the region in 4 areas: − Energy efficiency − Transportation − Low-carbon power generation − Waste reduction • Use sustainable technologies to − Lower costs for businesses, municipalities, universities, and consumers − Decrease dependence on foreign oil − Advance economic development − Create a cleaner environment • Regional leadership team working with states, businesses, NGOs, universities, and municipalities • Determine current state • Set goals for future • Identify mechanisms for reaching desired future state 14 Green Economy 1302 Southeast Sustainability Group established on behalf of initiative
    15. 15. 15 Sustainability Summit_1308 Communicating our progress Distributed to 9 surrounding communities
    16. 16. 16 Sustainability Summit_1308 Previous awards 2011 2012 2013 • DOE Office of Science • President’s ―Closing the Circle Award‖ for Leadership in Environmental Stewardship • EStar Award: Building 1059 • DOE FEMP Award: GreenIT • DOE EStar Awards −Energy and Fleet Management −LEED Existing Buildings • East Tennessee USGBC — Green Light Award for Exemplary Contributions to Sustainability in the Built Environment • Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award for Comprehensive Environmental Excellence • DOE Bronze GreenBuy Award for Sustainable Acquisition • DOE Outstanding Sustainability Projects for water resource management • Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry Air Quality, Water Quality and Environmental Excellence • GoGreen East Tennessee Green Achievers award for participation in Business Recognition Program • Roane County Industrial Development Board Roane Beautification award for significant modernization and sustainable campus improvements rigorously made over the past decade • Federal Energy and Water Management Award ORNL has earned national recognition
    17. 17. Space >10 years old: 100% Space >10 years old: 52% Space <10 years old: 48% 2002 Today Location of staff 17 In 2012Since 2010Since 2007Since 2002 17 Sustainability Summit_1308 Procurement electronic filing initiative (ROI: 14%) >65% of construction and demolition waste, 28% of municipal waste diverted each year 35.5% decrease in water use 1.27 million SF of new space (46% increase in campus size, 4% decrease in energy use) Modernizing ORNL
    18. 18. 18 Sustainability Summit_1308 Discussion