Creating an engaging art museum experience


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Creating an engaging art museum experience

  1. 1. an engaging art museum CREATING experience
  2. 2. ART is emotion it TOUCHES us and MOVES us
  3. 3. Van Gogh Museum
  4. 4. An experience A destination Global but local Broad competitive set
  5. 5. 40 Dutch Museums TNS Museum Monitor – TRI*M Friendly to visitors Info about objects Temporary exhibits Permanent collections Presentation & Design Rates well Rates poorly Friendly to visitors > > > > > > Impact on loyalty > > > > > > Aspects of offer and service:
  6. 6. 40 Dutch Museums TNS Museum Monitor – TRI*M Rates well Rates poorly > > > > > > Impact on loyalty > > > > > > Makes me think Learning, a cquiring knowledge Surprises me Touches me Inspires me Aspects of the experience:
  7. 7. Make the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and the art of his time accessible to as many people as possible in order to enrich and inspire them
  8. 8. “Let‟s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.” Vincent van Gogh our underlying driver EMOTION
  9. 9. Understand EMOTIVE needs SEGMENT visitor needs Evaluate current BRAND DELIVERY >>> Apply LEARNINGS to the brand
  10. 10. Identity needs Social values Emotiveneeds Symbology CONSUMER NEEDS BRAND IMAGE Product features Functional needs Consumer-Brand Relationship Model Projective Approach Psychological Model Carefree Dynamic AssertiveFriendl y Caring Competent NeedScope to uncover EMOTION
  11. 11. The museum EXPERIENCE stimulating connecting enriching individuality
  12. 12. Stimulating Enriching Connecting Individuality INTERACTIVE, INTROSPECTIVE, DISTINCTION,WARMTH, Museum EXPERIENCE sharing the the best in search of depth open-minded, new experiences experience for you and meaning experience
  13. 13. SIX distinct segments Wilful Discoverer Classic Connoisseur Intellectual Specialist Trendy Hedonist Easy-going Connector Docile Admirer 14% 15% 18% 18% 14% 18% Some SIZE variation
  14. 14. Van Gogh Museum The VAN GOGH MUSEUM brand image
  15. 15. The COMPETITIVE context
  16. 16. Should VAN GOGH MUSEUM try to offer something for everyone?
  17. 17. CREATE a unique brand that sets EXPECTATIONS and deliver to those
  18. 18. Easy-Going Connector
  19. 19. “… We must ensure that we convey a spark, move people, guide them, and think about things they might not initially give much thought. … we do not need to simplify our expertise. But, we have to take into account the needs and interests of our audience.” Let 'our' voice resound: make all objective comments more personal („we think‟, „we show‟ instead of „the Van Gogh Museum thinks, shows‟ etc); choose emotional accents (Van Gogh's insecurities, his psychological condition etc) and quotes to bring Van Gogh closer and to involve the visitor more.” Clear guidelines
  20. 20. Managing RENOVATION and RELOCATION
  21. 21. A new WAY IN to the Van Gogh Museum
  22. 22. an engaging art museum experience to create Using RESEARCH Thank you Our thanks also to: NeedScope International: Roz Calder & Colin Ingram
  23. 23. The END