DNA://14 Connecting Consumers, Connecting Brands, Connecting Life by Alistair Leathwood


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ConnectedLife2014 is the landmark new study from TNS Australia. The evolution of TNS’ DigitalLife and MobileLife annual multi-market research studies, ConnectedLife explores the ways in which people are engaging with each other and brands in a digital world, examining the interplay between online and offline behaviours; and identifies specific opportunities to build winning marketing strategies in a digital world.

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  • Yes, it is a US image, but I am impressed at how the display actually matters – you don’t need a speedometer when you’re parked, while the tachometer is a prompt that the car is running. It’s the details…

    Anyway – the Connected Car is at it’s most rudimentary some connection between the car’s electronics, and your phone or iPod. We’re now talking about controlling some car functions remotely… and undoubtedly collecting data. How long until 1989 comes about?

    GM has launching a 4g

    Mercedes connecting with Gear
  • Here we go: Wattcost is an Aussie home grown product that should reduce the friction of adopting connected home benefits – You buy the gizmo, literally stick it to the electricity meter, install the app (and set it up, naturally) – and it begins tracking usage, using location to prompt for appliances left on as you leave the house, and includes extensibility through software upgrades and other data links.

    NEST labs owned by google makers of the smart thermostat. Jan this year Google bought for 3.2bbn and smoke sensors


    Belkin WeMo switch
    The really cool part of this (as though that’s not enough) is the approach to how users’ data is stored and available – The company claims to emphasise user ownership and control of the data, which means that even if the retailer or provider won’t or can’t provide access to your data in an open format, you can just make it yourself and use it anywhere it can be read. Of course, Wattcost can undoubtedly also leverage that information… it’s not launching til 2015, so there’s plenty of time for the business model to evolve.
  • Media is Online is Mobile- and that’s OK. If you’re not mobile, you’re dead
    Know your audience – when where how who
    Be part of their lives – be relevant, appropriate and valuable to them
  • DNA://14 Connecting Consumers, Connecting Brands, Connecting Life by Alistair Leathwood

    1. 1. Connecting Consumers Connecting Brands Connecting Life Alistair Leathwood, TNS #digitalaus
    2. 2. Jack
    3. 3. Connected Life™
    4. 4. Connected Australia Connected Customers Connected Pathway to Purchase Connected Future 1 2 3 4
    5. 5. 1 Connected Australia
    6. 6. Australia is one of the most connected countries in the world
    7. 7. Why? Device infrastructure Cost and speed of data Digital engagement Device legacy
    8. 8. 75% Smartphone penetration
    9. 9. Rapid adoption 46% Tablet penetration (up from 21% in 2013)
    10. 10. 4.8 # of online devices (average) Smartphone Tablet Laptop Desktop Smart TV i Gaming Console
    11. 11. 3.3Average daily hours online
    12. 12. 23% 64% 2.2 HOURS Online Television 13% Total (non-work) time spent daily 3.3 HOURS
    13. 13. Online vs TV
    14. 14. ONLY of TV watching time holds undivided attention 54%
    15. 15. Insert pic of nerd – “its not this guy… its these people”
    16. 16. 19
    17. 17. 2 Connected Customer
    18. 18. HighLow Low High Observers Functionals Connectors Leaders Social engagement 33% 16% 32% 19% Digital influence
    19. 19. 3 Connected Pathway to Purchase
    20. 20. For more digitally advanced consumers, the number of touchpoints grows 84 MilestoneOnline touch point Offline touch point Post-purchaseDiscovering PlanningWho Deciding
    21. 21. Willing to engage with brands Less willing to engage with brands Research online No online research
    22. 22. 4 Connected Future
    23. 23. Quantified self 35%18%
    24. 24. Connected car 16% 34%
    25. 25. Connected home 19% 47%
    26. 26. In summary 33 Media is Online is Mobile Know your audience Be part of their lives