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DNA 2014 Content Marketing vs Advertising Marketing by Margaret Key (Burson-Marsteller)
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DNA 2014 Content Marketing vs Advertising Marketing by Margaret Key (Burson-Marsteller)

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Content Marketing vs Advertising Marketing ...

Content Marketing vs Advertising Marketing
‘Content is king!’ We have all heard this, but how well has content been managed given the explosion of channels and increased sophistication of consumer engagement with brands? In Australia, we see the US Federal Trade Commission more invested in what marketers are doing and brands that mislead consumers through native advertising may face legal action in 2014.

With greater scrutiny by consumers and regulators, is there a ‘sweet spot’ between content and consumer engagement? What is the difference in native and content marketing and what categories and brands are seeing the most impact and success? What trends are taking place that speak to the future of success for push-pull content delivery?

In this session, in highlighting specific brands and categories, we will review the best approaches to consumer engagement and the marketing way forward with particular focus on ‘taking the bland out of the brand.’

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  • JULIE <br /> <br /> WHY RESEARCH: <br /> Evaluates the current landscape and gives you an action plan to operate successfully within it <br /> Determines what motivates stakeholders and drives their behaviors <br /> Helps you create an effective messaging strategy that will move people to action <br /> <br /> DON’T GUESS – GET IT RIGHT. <br /> Taking action without the benefits of research-based insights is akin to a strategy of “ready, fire, hope for the best.” Instead, positioning and messaging research allows us to take the approach of “ready, aim, fire.” <br /> <br /> Our structured approach delivers the following advantages: <br /> WHO: Identify which audiences and customers you can win. <br /> WHAT: Determine what will move them. <br /> HOW: Craft the messages that will win them over. <br />
  • Our data capabilities define <br /> Audience profiles (upper 2/3 of slide); <br /> Persona groups based on audience behaviors/emotions online (left column) <br /> Where to find those audiences across the internet w/laser precision (lower 1/3) <br />
  • JULIE <br /> <br /> The Content Factory serves as a funnel for quality and consistently and provides a way to measure how existing channel efforts measure against the central idea and key commitments (i.e. Simple, Convenient, Trusted)
  • MICHAEL/SUSANNAH <br /> <br /> Content Factory allows for: <br /> Defined pathways of freedom (operation in a corridor of freedom) <br /> Quick response to internal/external storylines; Become part of the story while it’s a story, today <br /> Agility to course correct <br /> Possible on-site operations model with “story of the day” drumbeat <br /> <br /> Example: ACA, SUSANNAH
  • CAITRIN <br /> <br /> As evidenced by Ford, the most important brands are always listening. C change. Like a political campaign, big brands are listening to find an authentic was to weave themselves into the conversation. The time when being nimble and aggressive in the most important when a company is in a crisis…


  • 1. Content Marketing: The Communications Way Forward. It is Simple.
  • 2. Content Marketing: The Communications Way Forward. It is Simple.
  • 3. I’m a great lover! Marketing
  • 4. “I’m a great lover! I’m a great lover! I’m a great lover!” Advertising …
  • 5. “Trust me, he is a great lover!” Public Relations…
  • 6. “I am going to tell you a story…about why I am a great lover!” Content Marketing…
  • 7. Marketing, a long time ago…
  • 8. Story telling, a long time ago…
  • 9. Story telling, now…
  • 10. Content Marketing has become…
  • 11. Cutting through the Clutter… “ Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.” It is the art in communicating with your customers. Its purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content.”* “ *Source: What is Content Marketing?, Content Marketing Institute”
  • 12. Cutting through the Clutter… May include:  news  videos  white papers  infographics  case studies  photos  e-books  native advertising
  • 13. Pioneer of Content Marketing John Deere, Farming Never was Cooler:  The Rolling Stone of magazines for farmers  First issue printed in 1895  Circulation grew to reach more than 4- million consumers at its peak in 1912.  Today, the magazine reaches about 570,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada, and about 2 million globally
  • 14. Content Marketing: Re-Defining Brands  Red Bull Stratos was a space diving project involving Felix Baumgartner  In Oct. 2013, Baumgartner flew approximately 39 kilometres and parachuted to earth. He broke the sound barrier, becoming the first human to do so without any form of engine. I know the whole world is watching now. I wish you could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to be up really high to understand how small you are... I'm coming home now." “
  • 15. Content Marketing: Re-Defining Brands  NYSE has launched a standalone site, called The Big Stage.  Photo-driven that mimics other high entertainment, visually rich platforms. Includes videos, feel-good profiles and Q&As around NYSE-listed companies and their executives.  Material is created by Time Inc Content Solutions. Staffers work in the division’s so- called brand newsroom, a team of editors that was recently formed to provide dedicated service to individual clients.
  • 16. Native Advertising…
  • 17. Content Marketing is making waves but how about in Australia?
  • 18. Australia and Content Marketing In early 2013, the Association for Data- driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) and the US-based Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducted a survey of 216 marketers to evaluate the state of content marketing in Australia. To validate these findings against in-the- field experience, the ADMA, in partnership with content marketing agency Edge, convened a roundtable of senior B2B and B2C marketers in March 2013 to discuss the survey results. Source: The State of Content Marketing, ADMA, 2013
  • 19. Most Common Challenges  Delivering to one vision and strategy;  C-level buy-in and the creation of a business case for content marketing;  Structuring and resourcing for success;  Distribution challenges; and  Effective measurement. Source: The State of Content Marketing, ADMA, 2013
  • 20. Top Approaches to CM  CM is owned by someone at a central point of responsibility.  It is developed on a department-by- department basis, according to business needs.  It is developed and executed by the organisation’s marketing department.  In Australia, most CMOs say the business has no single owner for a content marketing strategy and/or no strategy.
  • 21. Top Approaches to CM  97% of Australian B2C marketers tailor their content in at least one way.  88% of Australian B2B marketers tailor their content in at least one way.  Only 25% of Australian marketers personalise content to individuals.
  • 22. Authenticity is critical… Yet, Personalisation is Key in Australia As an egalitarian society, Australians expect brands to behave like them. Key values to consider are (being) down- to-earth, genuine, honest and real.” Dominic Walsh, Landor MD “ Authenticity the key to unlock Australia,” Campaign Asia June 2014 Madeleine Ross “
  • 23. Content Connecting: Behr and Buzzfeed
  • 24. Content Connecting : Behr and Buzzfeed
  • 25. Content and Connecting: Behr and Buzzfeed
  • 26. Content and Connecting: Behr and Buzzfeed
  • 27. Content and Connecting: Behr and Buzzfeed
  • 28. Content Connecting: B2B  Australian accounting firm MYOB has been successful in positioning its must read blog to its core audience – Australian small businesses  Called The Pulse, the blog provides “news, views and ideas” written by both in-house staff and subject matter experts  Popular because of diverse topics at the top of mind for business owners  Simple, low cost and direct
  • 29. Content Connecting: B2C  Intrepid Travel, started by two friends who were inspired to share their low-key style of eco-friendly adventure  Focused on “real travel, real traveller tales” with photos and stories, travel ideas, tips and advice  Formed a partnership with The Perennial Plate, the chef and documentary- maker duo, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine – to produce a series of videos under the ‘Real Food World Tour’ banner  Google+ (over 1.1 million), Facebook (175K) and Twitter (40K) are clear evidence this is a brand that knows how to build its community through connection and storytelling
  • 30. DATA-DRIVEN & AUDIENCE-FOCUSED | MESSAGE TESTED & OPTIMIZED | INTEGRATED 360° | 24/7| PERMANENT/SUSTAINABLE Messages are developed and tested through a qualitative and quantitative process to determine most effective messaging. Message Tested & Optimised Formulation  Brainstorming  Review of existing research and materials  Development of first draft messaging for focus groups Exploration  Open feedback from consumers on whether or not messages work and why  Input used to refine messages before quantitative testing Validation  Quantitative testing using Message Master™  Index scores to gauge relative performance  Highlighting to understand what is driving messages and how to make them better Qualitative Focus Groups Quantitative Messaging Internal
  • 31. Build Segment Models to Recruit Supporters Deliver Personalised Content to Retain & Mobilise Support Data-Driven & Audience-Focused: Defines Persuadable Audiences DATA-DRIVEN & AUDIENCE-FOCUSED | MESSAGE TESTED & OPTIMISED | INTEGRATED 360° | 24/7| PERMANENT/SUSTAINABLE Data – once considered unstructured noise – now reveals a target’s potential Demographically Build Profiles of Supporters, Persuadables, Detractors Psycho- graphically Emotionally Behaviourally
  • 32. DATA-DRIVEN & AUDIENCE-FOCUSED | MESSAGE TESTED & OPTIMIZED | INTEGRATED 360° | 24/7| PERMANENT/SUSTAINABLE The Content Factory is an organising principle that serves to coordinate and integrate communications by aggregating content across all channels. Message Tested & Optimised: Content Factory Key Commitment #3 Key Commitment #4Key Commitment #1 Key Commitment #2 NEW FACES MULTIMEDIA CONTENT RELEVANT VISUALS CREATIVE STORYLINES NEW CREATIVE
  • 34. Burson Market Intelligence/ Crisis War Room/ Rapid Response Burson Corporate/ Palisade Media Ventures (PMV) Executive Visibility In-House Newsroom Media Relations Direct Impact Grassroots/ Hyper-Local Burson Digital Digital Penn, Schoen Berland (PSB)) Polling Integrated 360°: The Campaign Structure S T R A T E G Y & M E S S A G E DATA-DRIVEN & AUDIENCE-FOCUSED | MESSAGE TESTED & OPTIMISED | INTEGRATED 360° | 24/7| PERMANENT/SUSTAINABLE Campaign Management Coordinates across all business functions & drives strategy 3
  • 35. 24/7: Nimble & Aggressive 3 DATA-DRIVEN & AUDIENCE-FOCUSED | MESSAGE TESTED & OPTIMISED | INTEGRATED 360° | 24/7| PERMANENT/SUSTAINABLE Television, print and digital are all integrated, sharing content and distribution across multiple platforms, media, & partnerships Strategic Story Development Editorial Campaign & Op-Ed Placement Media Training & Tour Targeting Audience & Consumption 24/7 Newsroom Always Listening
  • 36. “I am going to tell you a story…about why I am a great lover!” Content Marketing…
  • 37. Lesson One: Research Your Target. Define Your Objective  Do I understand my customers? Clear customer profiles, Attitudes, habits, media consumption, competitors/benchmarks?  What actions do we want people to take?  Do we have the right message that will resonate with our targets? Does the message connect to the brand DNA?  Is our potential content newsworthy? Does the content align against best practices, objectives? Is this novel and innovative? Insightful and perspective?  Is it interesting? Be real. The best content is natural but disruptive. It should "surprise and delight."
  • 38. Is the organisation silo-ed in terms of its communication disciplines? Do we have a senior function to integrate the multiple stakeholders? Do we have buy-in? What kinds of content can we share and do we have the right mix of staff to build more? Do their skills and experiences lend themselves to writing about certain areas of your business over others? How will the new content primarily be used? Lesson Two: Integrate Resources. Think Content Factory
  • 39. Lesson Three: Think Long-Term. Be Consistent Think John Deere. Are we tied to the vision of the brand/company? Is the organisation appreciative of a balance between short and long term goals? Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. How do we measure success? The goal is to change the perception. Measure everything. Think about “people” not “visitors.” Measuring by “click” is dead. Do we have proper measurement against process of content marketing? Monthly, yearly and with 2-3 year plan?
  • 40. Cutting through the Clutter… Source: Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web, New York Times, March 10, Steve Lohr There has been a shift in our thinking. A part of our resources are now more human curated.” Scott Huffman an engineering director in charge of search quality at Google “
  • 41. You’re never going to kill story telling, because it is built into the human plan. We come with it.” Margaret Atwood, Author It is Simple “