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Mobile life about the infographics

  1. 1. Mobile Life: About theinfographics ©TNS 2012
  2. 2. More on the infographicsWe hope that you have found Mobile Life to be interesting and enjoyable. This site contains just asnapshot of the information we have collected, and is shown for illustrative purposes. You can findmore details about definitions and approaches below, but to truly understand the study please getin touch.Global view Country viewMobile usage is changing over time with Here we take a closer look at each countryconsumers constantly evolving and expecting that we surveyed for Mobile Life. We askedmore from their phones. mobile users what mobile ‘apps’ and ‘features’ they were currently using on their phones asWe asked mobile users to think about the well as those they are not using but would likemobile applications (‘apps’) and ‘features’ that to in the next 12 months.they are not currently using and to tell us howinterested they would be in using them in the This provided a clear picture in each of the 58next 12 months, if they were made available. markets of current feature and applicationThe results have been illustrated here across usage as well as the potential for growth incountries, age groups and phone types. the future. This data relates to overall mobile users in each market, so all consumers who‘Features’ includes functionality that is built own a mobile phone. Select two countries ofinto the phone, while ‘apps’ refers to software interest to make comparisons betweenprogrammes that often run on phones and different markets.allow you to do a variety of activities such asplaying games or getting news updates.FiltersYou can filter by ‘features’ or ‘apps’ and then select the specific service that you are interested inknowing more about. You can also filter by age, to see how the picture changes and again bySmartphone users, non-Smartphone users, or both. ©TNS 2012
  3. 3. More on the numbersMobile Life surveys 48,000 consumers in58 different markets including: Argentina,Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon,Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, CoteD’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt,Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia,Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya,Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, NewZealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan,Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore,Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Uganda,UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.TNS used a number of different methodsfor collecting data. These included face toface, CAPI, online and web CLT, tailored toeach local market based on mobile andinternet penetration levels. The fieldworkwas undertaken in all 58 markets betweenNovember 2011 and January 2012. ©TNS 2012