TNAU CRMD - A Customer Relationship Management datahouse for TNAU


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Every great business starts with a great relationship. Every great relationship starts with You.
The strategy for establishing, developing and maintaining these relationships is CRM. (Customer Relationship Management).
The system that support this strategy is TNAU CRMD software.
TNAU CRMD offers unrivalled flexibility to design CRM applications and processes based on our needs.

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TNAU CRMD - A Customer Relationship Management datahouse for TNAU

  1. 1. TNAU CRMD- A CustomerRelationship ManagementDatahouse for TNAUUnder the Guidance of ByDr.N.Senthil (Professor) V.NeethikumarBTI-09-018TNAU Genomics –
  2. 2. Introduction• Every great business starts with a greatrelationship. Every great relationship starts withYou.• The strategy for establishing, developing andmaintaining these relationships is CRM.(Customer Relationship Management).• The system that support this strategy is TNAUCRMD software.• TNAU CRMD offers unrivalled flexibility to designCRM applications and processes based on ourneeds.TNAU Genomics –
  3. 3. Objective• To provide an easy user friendly integrated multi userinterface for easy accessing and retrieval of data.• To provide an Customer RelationshipManagement(CRM) oriented applications and toolsusing open source sugarCRM technology.TNAU Genomics –
  4. 4. Designing of TNAU CRMD• TNAU CRMD is designed using SugarCRM software(Opensource sugar community edition).• Downloadable from• It was an Database designed using HTML,PHP web languages.• Hosted in web server• After hosting, the source code is fully customized.• Setting search options• Importing data in.CSV format.TNAU Genomics –
  5. 5. Why sugarCRM?• Open Source• Customizable without restriction• Run and Access anywhere• Multiple users at same time• Multiple Deployment option• More Powerful Search• Multilingual support -27 languages• Faster Performance• Mobile Versatility• Integration of Multiple softwareprogramsTNAU Genomics –
  6. 6. Applications of TNAU CRMD• Storing student information student passport information Hostel and mess fee payment Tuition fee payment Scholarship details Professors & Scientists salary details• Organizing Placement coordination Alumni movement• Calendar-scheduling meetings and events.-Inviting and reminding using email and sms.TNAU Genomics –
  7. 7. Current status of TNAU CRMD• Total =742• UG=486• PG & PhD=165• Scientists & Professors=91TNAU Genomics –
  8. 8. Search PageTNAU Genomics –
  9. 9. Result-List ViewTNAU Genomics –
  10. 10. Result-Detail ViewTNAU Genomics –
  11. 11. Future expansion of TNAU CRMD• Call center- call center application gives anincredibly fast, multi-channel Agent Desktopapplication to access all relevant customerinformation from within a single application.• Email integration-integrating with MicrosoftOutlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail.• Google Apps Integration-integrating Gmail, GoogleDocs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, andAndroid mobile devices.• MobileCRM- Supports iphone, ipad, android phonesand tablets.• Social CRM- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,.TNAU Genomics –
  12. 12. Conclusion• Datahouse has huge expansion properties in bothhorizontal and vertical direction.• More Students, Staffs, Professors, Scientists andemploys data will be added frequently.• More features like email ,social CRM, MobileCRM, Google integration will be added in comingdays.• SugarCRM continuously working on developmentof new technologies and integrating all in onecomprehensive platform. TNAU CRMD willprovide an one stop solution for TNAU.TNAU Genomics –
  13. 13. Reference•