Career Services Report 2011


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Placement Stats for setFocus for 2007 - 2010

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Career Services Report 2011

  1. 1. S E Q U O I A C L U BComprehensive Career Services& Placement Success
  2. 2. S E Q U O I A C L U B “From the up-to-date technical instruction to the career guidance and employer connections, this program was exactly what I needed to move to a new phase of my career.” -Francis Khoury, Alumnus Comprehensive Career Services Yield Placement Success Since  1997,  SetFocus  has  helped  more  than  2,000  IT  professionals  launch,  revitalize,  or  propel  their  careers.   We  have  a  proven  track  record  of  understanding  current  job  market  needs  and  selecDng  the  best  candidates  to  re-­‐train  for   these  posiDons.    An  integral  part  of  The  Masters  Program®  is  our  comprehensive,  customized  Career  Services.    Every  Master’s   Program  candidate  receives  individualized  career  services,  coaching,  and  placement  assistance  as  part  of  their  experience.   SetFocus  has  spent  14  years  developing  and  refining  its  formula  for  re-­‐tooling  and  re-­‐introducing  IT  professionals  to  the   workforce  –  doing  what  they  love  to  do.    Let  us  help  you  to  do  the  same  today! This  document  describes  how  our  Career  Services  team  works  directly  with  Master’s  Program  candidates  to  improve  their   placement  success.    In  it,  we  also  share  our  placement  staDsDcs  –  proof  that  our  formula  produces  results.    2
  3. 3. S E Q U O I A C L U BImprove Your Marketability & Earning PotentialBased  on  over  a  decade  of  experience  with  both  candidates  and  hiring  companies,  SetFocus  is  acutely  aware  of  the  keys  to  career  growth  and  success  in  the  IT  marketplace.      We’ve  idenDfied  3  factors  proven  to  improve  your  marketability  and  earning  potenDal  -­‐-­‐  not  just  for  your  next  posiDon  -­‐-­‐  but  for  the  enDre  course  of  your  career.1. Insight.Understand  who  you  are,  where  you  are  now,  and  where  you  want  to  be  in  the  future.Evaluate  your  current  state.    Define  your  desired  career  path.    Create  a  specific  plan  of  acDon  by  seYng  well-­‐defined  goals  and  objecDves.    Give  yourself  a  reasonable  Dmeframe  in  which  to  effect  change  and  aain  your  goal.    As  an  IT  professional,  you  need  to  conDnually  re-­‐evaluate  your  technology  focus  over  Dme.    In  a  field  where  new  technologies  evolve  exponenDally,  learning  something  once  and  sDcking  with  it  for  20+  years  has  become  a  thing  of  the  past.    Up-­‐to-­‐date  marketability  is  key  to  conDnued  success.    2. Knowledge.Become  a  lifelong  learner.    Invest  in  yourself…always.Warren  Buffe,  one  of  Americas  wealthiest  people,  is  revered  as  one  of  Americas  leading  voices  in  investment  advice.  So  what  does  he  say  is  the  best  investment  you  can  make?  The most important investment you can make is in yourself.Anything  that  builds  on  your  own  talents  cannot  be  taxed  or  taken  away  from  you.  Huge  deficits  can  drive  down  the  value  of  the  dollar.  All  kinds  of  things  happen.  But  if  youve  got  talent  and  youve  maximized  that  talent,  youve  got  a  tremendous  asset  that  will  return  ten-­‐fold.   3.Confidence and Communication. Know  your  brand  and  how  to  sell  it.     Understanding  who  you  are,  acquiring  a  new  skill  set,  and  developing  your   own  brand  is  a  mulD-­‐faceted  process  that  takes  Dme  and  effort.    It  includes   preparing  materials  to  demonstrate  your  background  and  abiliDes,  honing   your  message  for  networking  and  interviewing,  and  effecDvely  presenDng   yourself  online.    We  will  prepare  you  to  exude  confidence  and  make  yourself   stand  out  from  others  presenDng  themselves  for  the  same  posiDon. “Coming to SetFocus is more than just about learning. It’s about building a valuable relationship for your career with a company that really wants you to succeed.” -Julien Jeng, Alumnus3
  4. 4. S E Q U O I A C L U BCareer Services at SetFocusA  Mul?-­‐Faceted  Approach  to  Achieving  Placement  SuccessJoin  SetFocus  and  become  part  of  a  team  dedicated  to  your  professional  growth.    Our  Career  Services  team  integrates  Career  Development,  Placement  Assistance,  and  life-­‐long  Alumni  Support  to  ensure  a  high  rate  of  placement  success.    In  addiDon,  we  focus  on  Corporate  Outreach,  working  directly  with  hiring  companies  as  a  source  of  new  employment  opportuniDes  to  help  them  achieve  their  growth  iniDaDves.CAREER DEVELOPMENT do.  Find  out  how  they  like  the   In  addiDon,  Placement  Specialists   work;  how  they  found  their  job.   conDnually  develop  relaDonships  with  Finding  the  right  opportunity  requires   Talk  to  people  you  know;    explore   new  hiring  companies  to  expand  the  discipline,  commitment,  and  …  a   their  connecDons. universe  of  potenDal  opportuniDes  for  formalized  job  search  strategy.     you.    Your  SetFocus  Placement   • Learn  to  apply  the  25/75  rule  of   Specialist  will  help  market  you  to  our  With  the  advent  of  social  media  and   Passive  vs.  ProacDve  Job   growing  list  of  company  contacts.increased  use  of  the  internet  to  form   Searching.and  promote  relaDonships,  a  comprehensive  job  search  strategy   • Employ  a  mulD-­‐part  job  search   ALUMNI SERVICESincludes  effecDve  use  of  social   strategy:  resume  posDng,  job  networking  sites  such  as  LinkedIn.     searching,  target  markeDng,   A  key  benefit  of  successfully   networking,  and  working  with  There  you  can  feature  your  skills  with   compleDng  The  Master’s  Program  is  porcolios  and  seek   our  extensive  program  of  life-­‐long  recommendaDons  from  others  in  your   Alumni  Services.field.     • Learn  not  to  take  rejecDon   personally,  but  to  use  it  as  a   learning  tool. Our  goal  is  to  remain  your  premier  New  Web-­‐based  tools  combined  with   career  development  resource  -­‐-­‐-­‐  the  classics  -­‐-­‐  a  revamped  resume;   • Learn  the  art  of  “ The  follow  up”. offering  you  opportuniDes  to  network  polished,  pracDced  interviewing  skills;   with  your  fellow  SetFocus  Alumni  and  and  personal  and  professional   the  organizaDons  seeking  to  hire  networking  -­‐-­‐  form  the  foundaDon  for   • Adopt  a  holisDc  approach  -­‐-­‐   “Finding  a  job  is  a  full-­‐Dme  job.” SetFocus  effecDve  job  search  strategy.     PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE BENEFITSYour  Career  Development  Specialist  will  work  closely  with  you  to  master  the  tools  and  maximize  their  potenDal   Once  you  have  acquired  new  technical   Con$nued  Career  Servicesso  you  can  reach  yours!     skills,  polished  your  sop  skills,  and   SetFocus  Career  Development  support   developed  your  job  search  strategy,   is  available  for  a  lifeDme!    Whenever  Career  Development  Specialists  help   it’s  Dme  to  start  your  job  search  in   you  need  help,  whether  you  are  you: earnest.       seeking  a  new  job  or  need  advice  on   conDnued  career  development,  • IdenDfy  your  transferrable  skills   Our  Placement  Specialists  will  be   cerDficaDon,  training  or  negoDaDon,   and  how  to  market  them. there  to  assist  you  every  step  of  the   we  are  here  to  help.    Resume  wriDng   way  -­‐-­‐  a  second  pair  of  hands  and  eyes   in  your  quest  to  start  a  new  career.     assistance,  cover  leer  maintenance,  • Define  exactly  what  kind  of  work   job  search  strategy  revamps,  and   you  want  to  do. They  stand  as  a  ready  resource  as  you   implement  your  personal  job  search   more! strategy.• Embrace  Social  Media  &   Networking  -­‐  Talk  to  people  who   are  doing  the  work  you  want  to  4
  5. 5. S E Q U O I A C L U BNetwork  of  Peers   User  GroupsStudies  show  that  80%  of  posiDons  are   SetFocus  hosts  monthly  meeDngs  of  found  through  networking!  Many  of   the  Northern  NJ  .NET  &  the  SQL   The Master’s Program gave my career a muchour  students  have  developed   Server  User  Groups.    You’re  always   needed jump start! TherelaDonships  and  found  opportuniDes   invited  to  our  Parsippany   instructors are extremelythrough  their  Master’s  Program   headquarters  to  aend. knowledgeable and hardclassmates  and  alumni  from  other   working. The hands-onsessions. assignments that were Access  to  latest  technologies given were realistic - my Need  extended  use  of  a  Virtual  Recommend  &  Hire  Graduates   first project out of the Machine  to  keep  your  skills  sharp?   program turned out to beSupport  your  organizaDon’s  hiring  and   SetFocus  offers  alumni  the   just like what we did inrecruiDng  efforts  by  submiYng  your   opportunity  to  rent  a  Virtual  Machine   class. And the Careerjob  openings,  hiring  and  contact   with  a  standard  current  Master’s   Development teaminformaDon  to  our  Career   Program  class  image. provides quality leads,Development  Team.     whether its your first The  GRID®  Community position or your 10th.Educa$onal  Discounts Stay  connected  to  fellow  alumni   My only regret is that IIn  addiDon  to  The  Master’s  Program,   through  The  GRID  Community!   didnt look into theSetFocus  offers  individual  day  and   program years earlier!evening  courses  on  the  latest  .NET,  SharePoint,  Business  Intelligence  and   OUR FORMULA YIELDS Laura LaRegina - Alumnus,SQL  Server  topics.    As  a  SetFocus   RESULTS Former Cobol Developergraduate,  you  will  receive  discounts   By  evolving  our  technical  training  on  all  of  these  courses.   and  placement  services  to  meet   the  needs  of  the  employment   marketplace,  SetFocus  remains  Social  Networking a  trusted  and  essenDal  resource  Each  of  our  staff  members  and  most  of   for  both  our  graduates  and  our   clients  who  hire  IT  talent.  our  alumni  are  members  of  various  online  social  networks.    We  encourage  you  to  join  each  network,  connect   Amidst  a  great  recession  and   high  unemployment  rates,  with  SetFocus  students,  staff,  and   Master’s  Program  alumni  -­‐-­‐  in  alumni. partnership  with  SetFocus   Career  Development  and  SetFocus  Email Placement  professionals  –  sDll   succeed  in  finding  employment  You  will  always  be  able  to  access  your   in  their  desired  areas  of  SetFocus  email  account. experDse.Referral  Bonus The  remainder  of  this  report   presents  the  results  achieved  by  Know  a  friend,  family  member,  or   our  alumni.    We  hope  you’ll  colleague  who  could  benefit  from  The   choose  to  join  The  Master’s  Master’s  Program?    Refer  them  and   Program  to  share  in  the  focus  earn  a  cash  bonus! and  fervor  we  can  bring  to  your   road  to  success.5
  6. 6. Placement SuccessOpportunity on the ReboundAccording  to  Robert  Half  Technology1,  IT  is  poised  for  a  skills-­‐driven  rebound.  A  wave  of  new  and  deferred  projects,  especially  those  that  will  deliver  high  return  on  investment,  is  driving  demand  for  applicaDon  developers,  .NET  developers,  systems  administrators,  database  administrators,  and  desktop  support  professionals.    While  specific  requirements  for  IT  posiDons  vary  across  industries  and  regions,  there  is  consistent,  widespread  demand  for  the  following  skill  sets:Programming  -­‐  Knowledge  of  .NET,  Java,  mySQL,  PHP,  Silverlight,  Flex,  and  portal  technologies  such  as  SharePoint  are  highly  sought  aper.    Prepare  for  these  opportuni$es  with  The  Master’s  Program  .NET  Track  or  SharePoint  track!A  business  mind-­‐set  -­‐  Companies  seek  mulD-­‐faceted  IT  professionals  with  business  analysis  and  project  management  skills,  combined  with  the  ability  to  understand  how  technology  supports  broader  business  objecDves.    Join  The  Master’s  Program  BI  Track  or  SQL  Server  track  to  prepare  yourself  for  these  openings!SetFocus Graduates SucceedThe  emerging  rebound  in  IT  opportunity  coupled  with  strict  entry  requirements  for  The  Master’s  Program  enabled  SetFocus  graduates  to  realize  placement  success  -­‐-­‐  even  amidst  tough  economic  Dmes,  a  deep  recession,  and  high  unemployment  rates.Between  January  1,  2007  to  September  30,  2010,  more  than  500  IT  professionals  joined  the  full-­‐Dme  Master’s  Program  to  improve  their  marketability  and  earning  potenDal.  The  following  data  reflect    the  percentage  of  individuals  who  engaged  in  and  successfully  completed  their  job  search  by  accepDng  a  new  IT  posiDon.  2 Placement  Rates  Summary Placement  Rates  by  Track 2007-­‐2010 2007  -­‐  2010 82% .NET 82% 2010  (Q1-­‐Q3) 83% SQL 85% Business  Intelligence 81% Time  to  employment SharePoint   80% Prior  to  graduaDon 10% 1-­‐  13  weeks  post  graduaDon 61% 13+  weeks  post  graduaDon 29%1 Based on candidates who successfully completed the full-time Master’s Program and engaged with our Career Services Department between January 1, 2007 and September 31, 2010.6
  7. 7. S E Q U O I A C L U BCandidate Demographics PhD Assoc. 1% HSPrior Level of Education 7% 6%In  addiDon  to  technical  skills,  employers  seek  professionals  who  possess  both  the  ability  and  the  desire  to  learn.     Master’s 17%Candidates  who  join  The  Master’s  Program  believe  in  the  power  of  knowledge  and  the  need  for  career-­‐long   BachelorsconDnuing  educaDon.    Thus,  it’s  no  surprise  that  87%  of   69%individuals  who  join  our  program  have  a  Bachelor’s  degree  and  18%  a  Master’s  Degree  or  higher.Prior  Work  ExperienceTo  be  accepted  into  The  Master’s  Program,  candidates  must  already  know  how  to  program.      Though  we  will  accept  recent  college  graduates  or   Midindividuals  with  limited  relevant  work  experience,  only  11%   22%of  our  student  body  falls  into  to  this  category.    Over  55%  of  our  candidates  have  7  or  more  years’  experience.  Eighteen   Jr.percent  of  Master’s  Program  candidates  have  20+  years  on   12%the  job. Entry Level Entry 0-­‐2  years 11% Senior 55% Junior 3-­‐5  years Mid 5-­‐7  years Senior 7+  yearsLoca$onWith  The  GRID,  all  of  our  students  enjoy  the  benefit  of  aending  The  Master’s  Program  from  the  convenience  of  their  home  or  office.    The  following  is  a  breakdown  of  where  our  students  were  located  during  training -­‐  18% -­‐  17% -­‐  38% -­‐  27%7
  8. 8. Candidate Marketability and Earning PotentialPartner  with  SetFocus  and  you’ll  be  on  your  way  to  improving  your  marketability  and  earning  poten?al.    Time  to  EmploymentA  key  indicator  of  the  success  of  this  partnership  is  the  Dme  it  takes  for  individuals  to  aain  a  job. Breakdown  of  Job  Type Full-­‐Dme  Employment 82%During  the  2007-­‐2010  Dmeframe,  71%  of  individuals  who  engaged  with  our  Career  Services  team  aained  a  posiDon  within  13  weeks  of  the   ConsulDng 18%start  date  of  training.  A  full  10%  aained  a  posiDon  PRIOR  to  graduaDon. Job  Titles 40% 38% Developer 30% Junior  Developer 29% Senior  /  Lead  Developer 20% 23% Analyst 10% 10% Database  Administrator 0% Systems  Architect During  Training 1-­‐6  weeks 7-­‐13  weeks   13+  weeks Project  Manager Time  to  employment  post  training Salary  Ranges Individual  salaries  are  based  on  locaDon  of  posiDon,  company  size  and  candidate’s  prior  work  experience. $200,000 $200,000 $150,000 $150,000 $100,000 $100,000 $50,000 $50,000 $0 $0 .NET SharePoint SQL BI Entry Jr. Mid Sr. Sr.+ Track Level  of  prior  work  experience Average  Salary Max  Salary8