Listing + Selling Your Chicago + North Shore Home


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Realtor Tom McCarey has a proven and effective system to sell your home in Chicago and the North Shore. Using an assertive and intelligent mix of market knowledge, social media and marketing, Tom positions your home to gain the goal you want - a quick and seamless sale. Find out how Tom does this by calling him at 773.848.9241.

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Listing + Selling Your Chicago + North Shore Home

  1. 1. Trust is believing that what you are told is true is true. When you are ready to buy or sell your home, there is no trait more important in the person you choose as your Realtor than trust. For more than 10 years clients of Tom McCarey and The Real Estate Lounge Chicago (affiliated with @properties) have trusted us to help them in every facet of the home-selling and home- buying process. This trust has established us as one of the Chicago area’s top echelon teams in the residential real estate market with the region’s top residential brokerage. I look forward to gaining your trust and assisting you to navigate the current oddly textured . 773.848.9241 .
  2. 2. Tom McCareyThe Right Choice!For more than 10 years I have met my clientsin one of three ways: referrals, open housesand online.And no matter how we meet the one traitunifying all of my clients is they trust mewith their biggest economic decisions.Why this faith? Because I give you clear +accurate advice based on unparalleledmarket knowledge. There’s simply no onebetter at helping you deal with the contoursof today’s real estate market.And when it is time to negotiate, I give youthe soundest and most advantageous advicepossible.Bottom line, when it is time to sell yourhome I am the right and trusted choice. . 773.848.9241
  3. 3. Market ShareSize MattersFor the last two years we expanded our marketshare in the entire Chicago market (includingthe North Shore), outpacing our nearestcompetition by more than 30%.Why does this matter? For the same reason whyheight matters to a basketball player. The talleryou are the more you control the paint. In realestate “taller” means controlling the market.Which is what we do. Year after year.More market share means more exposure - inprint media and online. The bottom line of thisexposure means more showings which meansgreater interest which means a quicker sale(and a higher price) and a shorter market time.Sounds like a slam dunk! . 773.848.9241
  4. 4. Market AnalysisThe tipping point?The tipping point is when something offeredto the market catalyzes the market to act. Inreal estate this is when the home for sale hasa feature, often price, that galvanizesconsumers to not only consider the home butto act on the home. With contracts in handconsumers express their desire to make thehome their own.Though the current real estate market featuresodd contours one thing that is most certainlytrue is right priced homes sell. On the basisof this truth I concentrate on the metrics ofthe market to determine the home’s value.This activity, this intelligent analysis, is ofcritical importance and a primary piece ofmy professional counsel to you. . 773.848.9241
  5. 5. A Thousand WordsThe Importance Of PixIt seems like forever ago all it took to sell ahome was to pop a sign in your front yard. Notany more. In today’s oddly contoured market ittakes a plan and a healthy dose of creativity toget the job done.I start with a nearly obsessive crunching ofnumbers to establish your home’s true value.Then I introduce our analyzed and properlypriced home to the market after my acephotographer snaps photos that I then widelyand aggressively syndicate through a variety ofprint and online resources.These pictures are critical to my process asthey allow us to establish an attractive pictorialnarrative to the more than 9 in 10 consumerswho rely on their computers to commence andcontinue their searches for new homes. . 773.848.9241
  6. 6. 360 DegreesFull Circle MarketingWith pictures in hand I engage in a 360 degree approach which consists of featured listingsand other placements that filter to the top of search engines and include (but are not limitedto) the following:๏ postlets๏ website๏ slideshare or scribd๏ craigslist๏ geo-tagged pix at picasa๏๏๏๏ trulia + zillow๏ Leading RE Companies๏ Luxury Portfolio๏ Facebook๏ twitter . 773.848.9241
  7. 7. Guerrilla Style...postletsWith so many home seekers gravitatingonline it is essential to ensure we have afull throttle web presence. One suchconduit with a professional and attractiveexpression and multiple applications ispostlets.This full color HTML device dwells onlineas a de facto website and cross pollinatesto twitter, facebook and craigslist (wherewe syndicate listings several times weekly).All of this is important as it perpetuates topof mind awareness among the many wholook at the world through the prism of theircomputers. . 773.848.9241
  8. 8. Big DogsRealtor.comTribune.comIt seems most online home searchers try tofind something that only they can find.They want exclusivity or the hidden gem.And while they look low and high inChicago they continuously return to twowebsites for basic data and information and both instances @properties enjoyspreferred vendor status which enables usto gain easier and greater online visibility.This is great news in a crowdedmarketplace! sees 10m unique monthlyvisitors and has nearly 3mgeographically specific monthly visitors. . 773.848.9241
  9. 9. Growing PlayersZillow + TruliaWe also enjoy preferred status at zillow andtrulia, two online listing aggregators whoare gaining in stature and importance to theactivities of online home seekers.We gain and maintain our market sharethrough continuous efforts to place ourproduct, your home, with tech players suchas these. Our enhanced status pushes ourlistings to the front of the pack and allowsus to add pictures, describe the propertyand, as with all of our online resources, tobump listings into our social media universeat twitter and facebook.The big deal, though, is our presence hereintroduces us to zillow’s 11m+ uniquemonthly visitors and trulia’s 7m uniquemonthly visitors. . 773.848.9241
  10. 10. Bang For The Buck@properties.comFueled by the same energy that has propelledour brokerage into the top spot in Chicago,the North Shore and the Western Suburbs(and among the top 40 brokerages in thecountry), our website reflects a degree ofintelligence and utility rarely seen in the realestate marketplace along with nearly 2.5munique visitors per month.And so a quick visit turns into a long stay andreturn visits as consumers find out aboutlistings, where they’re located, what’s nearbyand why a home is perfect.Through the dedicated efforts of a brilliant ITstaff our website is always reviewed to makesure that it is doing what it is supposed to do- get your home in front of millions ofconsumers. And that is exactly what it does. . 773.848.9241
  11. 11. Smart TechnologiesScribd + SlideShareI constantly seek out methods to better servemy clients. Two such technologies that lendoomph to my marketing punch areSlideShare and Scribd, two onlinecommunities where I upload as pdf’spresentations I create.A mixture of aesthetics, text and pictures,these presentations look great and they gainenormous traction with search enginesbecause of search engine optimized phrasesI affiliate with the pieces. This allows us tointroduce properties, announce openhouses and broadcast price reductions in aneffective manner to the online universe. . 773.848.9241
  12. 12. Planting Seedspicasa + FlickrAnother interesting tool I have discoveredthat lends legs to our online presence comesfrom photo sites picasa and flickr.In essence these uploads constitute demi-websites comprised of photos, descriptionsand, most interestingly, a geo-tagging featurethat locates the property by address.Given that picasa is part of the googlecomplement of tools this enhances theprospect of listings being identifiable viagoogle searches and search engine optimizedterms.Picasa links also populate the side column atour blog, enhancing the blog’s “findability”on google and thus your listing’s visibility. . 773.848.9241
  13. 13. InnovationThe Real Estate Lounge ChicagoThe Real Estate Lounge Chicagois my “organically grown” blog.This award-winning vehicle(named by zillow one ofChicago’s best real estate blogs)provides an ever-present avenueto share my thoughts, ramblingsand insights. It is a critical onlinemarketing piece.The blog pertains primarily to realestate but is seasoned by family,urban living, philosophical tidbitsand occasional irony. It offers avery personal and intelligent viewof the Chicago market and fostersrelationship building with knownand unknown parties. . 773.848.9241
  14. 14. Tangible MarketingUnparalleled In-house Production@properties and The Real EstateLounge Chicago are homegrown commodities that areunparalleled in the Chicagoand the North Shore market.Nobody works as hard as wedo, as smart as we do and aseffectively as we do. And fewcan keep up the pace that weset both before we list yourhome and after it is part of ourportfolio.This includes our design andprint departments. Becausethey are in-house we have thematerials we need on time andready to go. . 773.848.9241
  15. 15. And In Conclusion...Thank You!Thank you for the opportunity to discuss listingyour home with you. Though there are many realestate brokers in Chicago, few take the time tounderstand the market as we do and have theforesight and intelligence to develop the tools thatthis market demands.I love what I do. It’s like a never-ending crosswordpuzzle with new and intriguing clues that demandintellectual acumen, persistence and a uniquenimbleness of mind and spirit.And like the guy that spins 6 plates at the sametime on sticks, the goal is to do all of this withoutbreaking a plate. The goal is to sell your home asquickly as possible for as much money aspossible. And to do it with grace and equanimity.And that is exactly what we will do (because thatis exactly what we always do). . 773.848.9241