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The focus of TMG is to race competitively in the NASCAR Nationwide Series with top racing talent, also give affordable opportunities to up and coming drivers; Introduce and guide new companies into building successful marketing and activation programs through motorsports.

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2013 TMG marketing partnership presentation.reed

  1. 1. © TMG – The Motorsports Group, LLC. 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Introduction: TMG, The Motorsports Group, is a multi-car NASCAR Nationwide Series team owned by successful businessman and Chesapeake Virginia native, Curtis W. Key. Key is approaching his 20th anniversary as a team owner in NASCAR’s top three divisions. The mission of TMG is to race competitively in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and ultimately the Sprint Cup Series with top racing talent and give affordable, high profile, high exposure opportunities to marketing partners. This is in an effort to build strong co-branding relationships and activation programs to help insure a better return on investment for our marketing partnerships.2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  3. 3. About TMG: The Motorsports Group’s NASCAR racing operation is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. Famously known as “Race City USA” We have a fully equipped state-of the art race shop as well as offices, conference room, reception and shop viewing area. With the multi–car program we can offer our marketing partners much more for their investment. We do everything needed to prepare our race cars in-house, and own all our own engines. We employ some of the best NASCAR mechanics and fabricators in the business and also offer full race car fabrication services to the industry that has been a successful part of our business for over 5 years.2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  4. 4. Becoming a TMG Marketing Partner: Marketing partners of TMG are well represented through our race cars, crews and equipment. We are veterans of the sport and have had many successful marketing and promotional partnerships over the years. We make sure you are well taken care of, highly visible and professionally promoted with positive results.2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  5. 5. Online Marketing with TMG: TMG has a strong internet marketing base with our Official Website, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page. We update these pages regularly with news, race results, and provide fan interaction with our drivers and teams. As a marketing partner, we have an established online fan following ready for us to market your products and services! We can do contests, promotions, sell your products and promotional merchandise! We also have public relations support with regular updates going out to both the racing and mainstream media. We can assure you will get the best exposure that is available through our multi-media presence.2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  6. 6. Trackside with TMG: As a partner of TMG, your company will have the opportunity to attend our NASCAR races as part of our team! Through your partnership you have the availability to entertain clients, employees and guests at our events, offer hospitality, pit passes, race tickets, and more! Capitalize on your brand being ‘On Track’ with the opportunity to do trackside promos, booth space, in-car cameras, show car appearances and driver appearances leading up to and during the events in your market areas!2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  7. 7. As a partner of TMG, your company will have the opportunity to work with Reed Sorenson! Reed Sorenson Highlights: Won 2003 ASA Rookie Of The Year 2004- Won 1st ARCA race at Michigan International Speedway. 2005- Won 1st Nationwide Series race at Nashville and made NASCAR Sprint Cup Debut for Chip Ganassi Youngest pole winner at Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 21 yrs old. 2011- 1st NASCAR Nationwide Series Road Course win at Road America.2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  13. 13. I. Track MarketingThe Following Outlines the Options for Developing a Marketing Program to Supplement aSponsor’s Involvement with a Race Team Competing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.These Options provide the Sponsor with a “Menu” from which to Custom-Tailor a Program toreach a Target Market on a Local, Regional and National Level. A. Race Team Sponsorship • Exclusive Sponsor • Primary Sponsor • Associate Sponsor 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  14. 14. ll. Marketing Support Program A. Advertising * Track Advertising * Special Advertising (In-Car Cameras, etc) * Race Market Advertising * Regional Advertising * National Advertising B. Hospitality * Corporate Entertainment * Vendor Entertainment * Customer Entertainment C. Show Car Program * Market Visibility * Product Point-of-Sale 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  15. 15. Advertising Support Public Relations Support ll. Marketing Support Program (cont.) D. Public Relations/Media * Public Relations/Press Releases Social Media Updates * Charity Programs/Appearances * Local/Regional/National Sports News E. Merchandising * Ads / Online Sales * Printed Materials /Premiums Online Coupons and QR Codes F. Souvenirs/Wearables * Track-Side / Online Souvenir Sales * Licensing * Giveaways/Sampling G. Promotions * Product Promotions * Cross Promotions - B2B • Vendor Support 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  16. 16. Race Team Sponsorship - Marketing Packages and BenefitsExclusive Corporate (Title) Sponsor* Receives Exclusive Identification on All Race Vehicles, Show Vehicles, Uniforms, Equipment and Promotional Materials.Provides 100% of the Sponsorship Funding to the Team.Primary Sponsor, with other Associate Sponsor(s)* Receives Primary Identification on Race Vehicles, Show Vehicles, Uniforms, Equipment and Promotional Materials. Providesthe Greatest Percentage of Financial Support to the Team.Associate Sponsor, with other Primary Sponsor* Receives Secondary Identification on Race Vehicles, Show Vehicles, Uniforms, Equipment, and Promotional Materials. Degreeof Identification is dependent upon Level of Financial Contribution to Team. Associate Sponsor cannot be a CompetitiveProduct or Service to the Primary Sponsor or other Associate Sponsors.Providing Financial Support Guarantees the Primary or Associate Sponsor the Size, Frequency and Location of their Logos onany Vehicles, Equipment, Uniforms and Promotional Materials used by the Race Team during the Length of the SponsorshipAgreement.Support also allows the Primary or Associate Sponsor to use the Likeness of the Driver, Car Owner and any Crew Membersfor Marketing and Promotional Purposes. 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  17. 17. PRIMARY SPONSORSHIP • Sponsor Web-site Link: Web-site Logo featured on the themotorsportsgroup.comPACKAGE DETAILS • Right to Merchandising: Right to Develop a Race Merchandise and Souvenirs using car and team number• Driver/Team HeroCards (5,000) • Program using the Likeness of the Race Car for the Creation of• Public Relations Services: Media Services Dedicated to Racing-Related Apparel and Items to be either Given Away or SoldProviding Driver, Team, Sponsor and Race Related Materials. as a Separate Profit Center (if Developed for Public Sale, sponsor would be Paid 10% Royalty off of the Wholesale• Driver Appearances • Price of such Items in Exchange for the Right to Release the• Honorary Pit Crew Member: 2 per Race Likeness of its Race Car and Number for such a Purpose).• Driver / Crew Uniforms • Pit Wall Banner: 2’ x 20’ Pit Wall Banner showing Designated Colors and Logos in Pit Stall at Each Race.• Race Track Hospitality (Separate Fee) • Team Equipment Signage• Painted/Wrapped Hauler / Sponsor Logos: $20,000 • Hauler Signage• Professional Photography: Included in Each Package • “OFFICIAL” Team Status• Pit Passes (12 per race) and NASCAR Licenses (2 per year) 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  19. 19. $500,000 $750,000 $1,000,000 INVESTMENT 8 Races 12 Races 16 Races $62,500 $62,500 $62,500Sponsorship BenefitsPricing 10 Race 15 Race 20 RaceDriver Hero Cards(5,000) Included Included Included Included Included IncludedPublic Relations Services Included Included IncludedDriver Appearances(2pr) Included Included IncludedHonorary Pit Crew (2pr) Included Included IncludedDriver and Crew Uniforms Included Included IncludedWrapped Hauler in Sponsor $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 Included Included Included Colors and Logos Included Included IncludedProf. Photography Included Included IncludedWeb site Link Included Included IncludedRights for Merchandising Included Included IncludedPit Wall Banner Included Included Included Included Included IncludedGarage/Pit Passes (12) Included Included IncludedNNS Hard Card (2) Included Included IncludedUse of Likeness Included Included IncludedTeam Equipment Signage Included Included IncludedHauler Signage Included Included Included Included Included Included“OFFICIAL” Team Status TOTAL $520,000 $770,000 $1,020,000 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  20. 20. YOUR COMPANY’S MOTORSPORTS PROGRAM Manufacturer Reps. /Distributors /Clients/Vendors WITH TMG Hospitality Sponsorship Special Events Agreement * Corporate/VIP Hospitality for Events at Track * Contests for * Tie Race Event in Customers/Employees Customers with other (Honorary Pit Crew Corporate Events Member, RacingIdentification Souvenirs, Driving Schools, Trip to Race Special Events• Decals* Uniforms • Contests for Reps and* Stationery Distributors (Driving School) Show Car* Banners, etc. * Season-Ending Special Program Event Golf Outing or other Special Event Tied to Final * Display at Customer Public Race of Year Plants Relations * Display at Track and Hospitality Chalets* PR Service Show Car Program• Information to to The above represents some Options * Trade ShowsCustomers/Reps * Special Outings available to YOUR COMPANY for Entertaining Customers to Increase Existing Business and Gain New Accounts.
  21. 21. Marketing/Activation This is a Summary of the Race Team Marketing Support Options. From the Options listed below , choose those which would beSupport Program Pertinent to your Business and arrange in order. This will help define the Scope of the Marketing Program and will also make it easierExample Worksheet to assign Dollar Commitments required to reach Marketing Objectives. Advertising Support YOUR COMPANY Public Relations Support Advertising Promotions Merchandising Souvenirs & Licensing Public Relations Hospitality Show car OptionsTrack Advertising Product Advertising Ad Corporate Sponsor Public Relations Corporate P. O. P. DisplaySpecial Adv. Product Promotion Souvenirs Charity Entertainment SupportRace Market Adv. Cross Promotions Printed Track Side Souvenirs Programs Vendor Ent.Regional Adv. Customer Materials Licensing Rights Electronic Media CustomerNational Adv. Promotions Giveaways Print Media Entertainment Market Visibility 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  22. 22. NASCAR Nationwide Series Race Audience FiguresOf the 33 Races on the NASCAR Nationwide Series Schedule, apprx. 28 will be Companion Events with theNASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.Based on Attendance Figures for Races in all three Series over the last few Seasons, the estimated TOTALNUMBER OF PEOPLE attending these Race Weekends when a NASCAR Nationwide Series Race will be featuredis 7,533,503 . Applying the theory that 25% of these People will watch all the Races on a given Weekend at anyof these Race Tracks and are therefore REPEAT Fans, a more conservative figure of 5,650,128 potentialcustomers has been established as the Market. 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  23. 23. Marketing Assistance and Activation Support For Primary and Exclusive (Title) Sponsors A Full-Time Representative from TMG can be made available to serve as the Liaison between TMG and YOUR COMPANY in the Development and Execution of all Activities surrounding the Sponsorship. The Representative would provide such Services as: • Serve as a Consultant in the establishment of any Promotion or Support Activity surrounding the Sponsorship. • Coordination of all Promotional Events involving Members of the Race Team including the Driver’s Personal Appearance Scheduling in each Race Event. • Manage the Show Car Display Scheduling Process. • Coordinate the Scheduling of any Promotional Photo Shoots or Commercial Shoots involving the Driver and/or the Race Car. • Coordinate any Support Advertising Activity within the Racing Industry. • Coordinate and Manage the Ground Transportation for Your Company’s Officials and/or Guests who are Attending the Races.
  24. 24. Objectives and Goals For Our Marketing Partners • Heighten Brand Awareness • Have All Divisions Participate In and Help Fund this Project • Promote Existing Products and Assist in the Introduction of New Products • Enhance Existing Business-to-Business Relationships and Establish New Ones • Reinforce Business Ties with Existing Distributors • Build Confidence in the Brand and Existing Products with Contractors • Create a Unique Theme to Existing Advertising Channels and Establish New Ones • Extend the Advertising Reach for Retail Product Lines • Target a Very Large and Very Loyal Demographic for Retail Sales • Increase Distribution • Increase Sales and Profitability • Create Excitement and Enthusiasm with Customers and Employees 2013 MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PRESENTATION
  25. 25. On behalf of The Motorsports Group LLC, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you for taking the time to review our Presentation. Should you decide to enter into a Marketing Partnership with us, you have our solemn pledge to represent YOUR COMPANY with Professionalism, Integrity, and Total Commitment to achieve our common goal of a mutually successful Program. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We welcome your questions, comments and interest in our program. Thank you, TMG – The Motorsports Group Curtis W. Key 222 Pit Road President/CEO Mooresville, NC 28115 Office 704-663-1670Web: http://TheMotorsportsGroup.com Fax 704-663-2929Email: marketing@themotorsportsgroup.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMotorsportsGroupTwitter: https://twitter.com/TMG_team40